9 Tips To Write A Product Description That Force Customers To Buy

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    What are the first steps you take if you’re looking to purchase something from the internet? First, go to the product’s description to learn more information you think.

    This is why introducing your service or product is an important marketing element. It’s an opportunity to make a purchase, build trust in your company, and reduce the number of emails sent to customers by answering frequently asked questions in advance.

    What are Product Descriptions?

    Product descriptions are a type of marketing copy used to explain and describe the advantages of your products. It gives all the details and information about the product you sell on your website.

    These product specifications could be a single sentence, a brief paragraph, or bulleted. They could be humorous, serious, or even funny. They could be placed under or next to product titles and images. They may be scannable selling points or possess a high level of readability.

    There are a variety of designs and methods for making the descriptions of your products work well for a shop; however, there’s more to them than simple copywriting.

    How to write a description of a product

    1. Know your audience

    Understanding your customer’s needs is essential in creating a compelling product description. If you’re not yet creating a Buyer Persona, then you must. Creating a profile for your ideal client can assist various teams in your business. In terms of product descriptions, a great customer profile can help you understand what is important to them.

    If, for instance, you offer high-end professional headphones (like those mentioned in the following section), you likely target a different market than someone selling gamer or trendy designer headphones. Therefore, understanding your customers’ needs and motives for purchasing these headphones is essential to the way you describe your product.

    If you’re in a specific market or industry, you’re already aware of how crucial it is to pay attention to your primary customers and “speak their language.” If your target audience isn’t niche and you’re unsure if it’s best to stay clear of technical or industry-specific language.

    2. Make it easy to read Use bullet points

    product description
    bullet points

    Generally speaking, lengthy descriptions of products aren’t required. However, in this instance, it’s a product that is selling at a high cost, so it’s appropriate that the description for the product be slightly longer than normal.

    In most instances, however, you’ll need to make your product’s description much shorter and easier to understand. Again, bullet points are a great way to help to achieve this.

    On the product page, Dotty Fish does this extremely well. Alongside the comprehensive images of the products and clean layout, The product description is a fantastic way to highlight the product’s features within these brief paragraphs.

    3. Optimize for SEO.

    product description

    SEO is crucial in the description of your product. Your product needs to be found when customers are online shopping.

    To improve the quality of your descriptions for your products To improve your product descriptions, conduct Keyword research and learn what the people are looking for.

    Keywords should be used in the title of your page, meta descriptions, images, alt tags, and in the copy of your product description.

    Utilizing keywords will help your product to find on the internet.

    4. Include social evidence.

    When someone makes an online purchase, it is important to read reviews on the internet. The higher the quality of the reviews, the more likely they will make a purchase.

    Incorporating social proof into your description of your product or your page for products makes this process simpler.

    Minimizing the requirement for your customer to conduct the additional study is crucial. All the information they require is on the product’s page.

    Certain brands offer social evidence in the form of quotes. Some brands simply include reviews under the description of the product. Whatever the case, social proof must be easily found.

    5. Tell the whole story

    A well-written product description must provide all pertinent information to convince buyers of the benefits of purchasing it and provide an emotionally charged punch.

    Emotions influence buyer behavior, So your product description is the ideal location to trigger emotions.

    In addressing any information gaps, buyers might have regarding the product.

    Sivana Spirit does an excellent job in this description of their Natural Amethyst Ring.

    The product description contains some features, and yes, it also tells the background of the most important element, the amethyst.

    It accomplishes it by emphasizing the classic spiritual qualities of amethyst. In addition, it concentrates on how it can be utilized to make it easier for the consumer to envision having this ring in his or her daily life.

    product description
    Tell the whole story

    A different example of telling stories within the product description can be at Teema Teas.

    In the description of the product for”Immortality Tea,” “Immortality Tea,” we discover the significance of the past of this tea and its numerous benefits.

    By including the story of its history, The reader instantly visualizes how tea has been nurtured for hundreds of years and distributed among the people living in rural China.

    It lets you envision your life in this tea. It can make you want to drink the tea you love daily.

    If you tell a short story about your product, you’re likelier to engage with prospective buyers emotionally than a transactional one. This is crucial to converting potential buyers into customers.

    6. Add Creative Taglines Wherever Possible

    Creative taglines for your product descriptions aren’t meant for the mass market, which allows you to write keyword-focused content.

     Luxury or luxury brands offer a distinct set of consumers that they can reach only via social media platforms or email. This is why creativity matters much more important than keywords.

    7. Do a Detailed Competitive Analysis

    Competitor analysis doesn’t require you to research how they’ve created descriptions of products.

    Be a buyer and find the weaknesses in convincing or educating the customer, not as an opponent to copy and replicate.

    Make a list of any mistakes you discover using the “customer hat” and transform them into a checklist.

    You can go back and review it once you’ve completed your own version and make sure you’re not making the same mistakes that your competition is.

    8. Utilize images and graphics.

    product description
    Utilize images and graphics.

    There are times when you might be enticed to provide a lengthy list of bulleted points. But, it isn’t the most efficient method of getting the message out.

    If there’s something that you would like to convey to your audience that you don’t wish to mention in your text, design an image.

    You may include graphics or symbols above the description of your product. For instance, if the product you are selling is vegetarian, maybe you’d like to add the vegan symbol in the description of your product instead of writing about the characteristic in the description in the description itself.

    9. Do you do A/B testing

    Certain product descriptions may result in higher conversions than others.

    To determine the most effective alternatives, you must conduct A/B testing. This method allows the comparison of performances of two to three variations of a website.

    With platforms for e-commerce like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento, Testing is easy. It is as simple as writing multiple product descriptions on the same webpage and then running tests.

    • Things to test:
    • Text length
    • Humor
    • Storytelling
    • Bullet point list
    • Sensory words

    Test results will demonstrate that certain versions perform better than others, which is why you will know which one will yield the best conversion.


    Tipsy Elves

    product description
    Tipsy Elves

    Tipsy Elves can be a fantastic example of highlighting the product’s benefits. Their brief two-sentence description states that this dress is ideal for lazy days in the living room, USA events, and skiing. The dilemma is solved if you’re seeking a suitable outfit to wear on the 4th of July celebration since it states that this dress is suitable for the occasion. Note that the first word in the description is freedom. Freedom is a positive word that is frequently used in connection with American pride merchandise. Their product specifications aren’t particularly accessible. But, they highlight the advantages of certain features, for example, the fact it is lighter to withstand wear and tear over the entire year.’


    product description

    The DeWalt description of the product includes a wealth of useful information in a comparatively short paragraph. In just a few sentences, DeWalt explains why you should purchase the drill. It’s lightweight and lightweight; it’s able to fit into small spaces, comes with a long-lasting battery, and delivers excellent performance. In just 30-seconds, the user has an idea of whether this drill is the perfect fit.


    product description

    Chubbies is a fantastic description of a product that is creative. The shorts in the above image are referred to as “The Mojitos,” likely because of their minty green hue. Their description in the opening is the theme of mojitos; however, their images of the product do not depict a mojito, which is likely to blend quite nicely. They also mention the benefits of their products, such as “keep you cozy.’

    Game Bibs

    product description
    Game Bibs

    Gamebibs does not spend much time discussing the fabric structure of their vibrant merchandise, but they do feature real-life people using the product in their pictures and include helpful usage examples in their descriptions of the product. This isn’t a tactic that every online store could employ in their descriptions of their products. UGC user-generated content is difficult to create organically, but when you have a solid image and appeal to those who are active on social media, such as college football fans, It could make a huge difference to your pages for products.

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