WhatsApp Web Tips and Tricks All Users Should Know in 2022

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    WhatsApp Web lets you transmit and read WhatsApp messages online from Your Desktop PC or tablet. WhatsApp Web can be described as the browser-based client for PC for WhatsApp messenger. It’s not an additional account but the same one in a web browser. You’re simply connecting to the same account via the two devices.

    What is WhatsApp Web?

    WhatsApp Web
    the web version of WhatsApp

    WhatsApp Web is similar to the WhatsApp app on your phone and allows you to instantly communicate and send messages using WhatsApp Web. All messages from the WhatsApp account sync across both devices, and you can view all messages on both devices. Any message you send through WhatsApp Web will be accessible via WhatsApp via your cell phone. WhatsApp Web is available for the majority of Android phones and iOS Smartphones.

    How to use WhatsApp Web for iOS 15

    Utilizing WhatsApp on iOS 15 is easy; simply go through these instructions.

    1. to launch WhatsApp Web, simply click the URL in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Edge and scan the QR code displayed on the page using your WhatsApp mobile app that you downloaded from your mobile. WhatsApp Web automatically launches in the browser and stays in operation until you close the browser from your phone or computer.

    2. Visit the WhatsApp website to connect WhatsApp Web with your mobile phone application.

    3. Start WhatsApp using either your iPhone or Android mobile phone.

    4: Scan the QR code displayed on the page by opening your phone to WhatsApp.

    5: In the iPhone, choose the Settings menu and WhatsApp Internet/Desktop.

    6. Select the QR Code and then hold your phone near the QR code to connect it.

    How do I access WhatsApp Web via web browser on a laptop or computer

    whatsapp web
    WhatsApp web qr code

    If you are using a smartphone, launch WhatsApp, then select the icon with three dots (or the setting cog on the iPhone), and then select Linked Devices

    Tap ‘Link a Device’

    On the device, you’d like to connect to WhatsApp, go to in your browser of preference. It’s even compatible with Safari using the iPad if you wish to access it via your tablet.

    You should notice a QR code appearing on your tablet or computer display. Point your camera on your phone at this to connect both.

    WhatsApp Web will automatically launch within the browser and stay in use until you log off either on your PC or mobile.

    It is possible to do this on your phone by going to the screen of Linked Devices within Settings, clicking on the device, and then Logging out. Alternately, you can accomplish this on the browser screen by pressing the three dots on the right side of your list of conversations and then selecting ‘Log Out.’

    How do you install the WhatsApp desktop application?

    Instead of logging into using the web browser WhatsApp can also be used as a desktop application that can be used on PC or Mac and comes with extra features with full notifications support for those who love desktop chat. If you’ll be using WhatsApp Web daily, it’s the easier option, and it can be downloaded from right now.

    Hit the Download green button and download the installation onto your computer. Once downloaded, you can locate the file (usually within the downloads directory) and double-click to install it.

    If you’re using a Windows PC, you should follow the instructions in the installer. On the Mac, you can simply click and drag WhatsApp’s icon into the Applications folder to complete the installation.

    Open the WhatsApp desktop application, and you’ll be presented with a similar WhatsApp website interface. Similar to its counterpart in the browser, you’ll need to look up a QR code; therefore, take your phone, access the settings menu, and select Linked Devices. Then, point your phone’s camera towards the QR code you see on the screen.

    Similar to the browser app, it will allow you to remain logged in to WhatsApp until you decide to exit. In addition, it is now possible to chat with your WhatsApp friends while on your laptop or PC and have the capability to transfer media and receive it in addition to typing messages faster using the keyboard of a laptop or PC.

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    How to logout from WhatsApp web using iPhone

    • Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and then go to the settings.
    • Click on the second option at the top, ” WhatsApp Web/Desktop.”
    • If you are presented with a screen asking to take a picture of a QR Code, you’re not logged into WhatsApp. WhatsApp web.
    • Instead of scanning QR codes, if you notice a browser’s icon and “Currently Active,” you can click on “Log out from all computers” to exit.
    • The screen will prompt you to verify your identity before logging out. When you click “Logout” again, you will be removed from the WhatsApp web.

    That’s it! You have successfully logged off on the WhatsApp website by using your iPhone.

    How to Update Status on WhatsApp Web?

    whatsapp web
    • To change your status on WhatsApp Web, open the application and click on the Status tab.
    • Write your message into the text box on the right side of your screen.
    • Additionally, you can add emojis, videos, and images to your profile.
    • After you’re done, you can click your Post button.


    It’s easy to utilize WhatsApp Web. It’s very simple to use the WhatsApp Web feature, but the majority of people are unaware of the feature. Prior to this feature, I utilized WhatsApp on my mobile. However, I’m now making use of it through my PC. Therefore, I would also suggest that you utilize it on your PC in order to increase your productivity.

    The primary reason is that we are required to pick up our phone to respond to messages and then begin using social media applications that divert us from doing our job each time.

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