How to Use TikTok: Can you Make Money with TikTok in 2022?

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    TikTok is now loved not just by teens who lip-synch. However, it is also adored by actors, comedians, and, indeed, by brands. Large corporations such as Coca-Cola, Nike, ABC, and Google have had ads on TikTok. However, the app isn’t only the home of ads: TikTok is also grounded in some of the web’s most well-known memes.

    It’s okay to feel like you do not understand TikTok. It’s fast-paced and chaotic, combining the best features that are a part of Spotify, Snapchat, Vine, and Twitch into one social network. Here’s what you should be aware of before you begin in the game, starting with TikTok “Challenges” to Coins and original sounds.

    How to use TikTok

    Setting Up Your Account

    Use TikTok
    Setting Up Your Account

    1. Download the app and then sign up.

    Visit your App Store or Google Play and download TikTok. After opening it, TikTok makes it pretty simple to sign up. It is possible to instantly register using Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter or use an existing username and password if you do not want any of these accounts linked.

    2. Create your profile.

    After you’ve logged in, you’ll immediately be taken to the video feed. I’ll explain how to use it in the third step. First, click the icon in the lower right corner that looks like a person’s outline. You can then check and modify your profile.

    When you’ve created your profile, click your Edit Profile button, then choose a profile picture or video. Also, you should include your username and bio details. If you’d like to showcase all of your different social media accounts, You can connect your YouTube or Instagram pages. If you’re a professional, this can be a great method to promote your other platforms that are visual.

    3. Check out the video feed.

    After you’ve set up your profile, go back into the initial tab, which displays your video stream.

    Imagine this feed as Twitter’s, but with video as the main content. When you aren’t a follower or have followers, it will send you random videos that are trending. Then, when you start connecting and following more people, your feed will be more tailored to your needs.

    4. Like, comment, or share your favorite videos.

    When you see an image you like, then you can use the heart button to take it to your favorites or use the speech bubble to leave a comment on the video. If you want to share the clip, click the forward symbol under the comment icon to reveal the options for sharing. These icons are all on the right-hand side of the right side of the film.

    If you are really enjoying the video and would like to check if the person has other posts that you like, you can swipe left to go into their personal profile.

    Use TikTok

    5. Find videos.

    Click on the second tab or magnifying glass to open the search area of the app. In this tab, you can search for videos or accounts or look beneath the search bar to view videos based on the most popular topic.

    6. Follow users by directly searching their names or from videos.

    If you’d like to stay up-to-date with an outstanding video maker, You can follow their progress by pressing the icon which displays their profile photo and a plus sign over the heart button in their video.

    If you already know someone on a TikTok account or user you would like to follow, search for them using the search bar. Then, click on the “Users” filter.

    Features of the TikTok app, What can you do on TikTok

    Free Music to Create Content

    One of the best advantages to using TikTok is the access to an abundance of free music videos and sounds. In addition, TikTok frequently creates playlists of featured music that users can select from to make videos. These playlists feature the most popular tracks from every category, from hip-hop to EDM to rock, pop, and rap. Another great feature is the capability for creators like you to create and share original music.

    Free Emojis and Stickers

    Use TikTok
    Free Emojis and Stickers

    Social media platforms wouldn’t be as exciting without emoticons. TikTok has more than 100 stickers with emojis, providing you with various options to enhance your videos. Additionally, you can access facial filters and beauty effects that can be used to make your videos stand out.

    Free and Easy-to-Use Editing Tools

    Making an app similar to TikTok isn’t as effective without the ability to capture the world around you. TikTok allows you to create content and edit it, as well as include emojis or face-filters, and finally publish your content to the world.

    Access to Tons of Free Videos

    TikTok is packed with tons of incredible content. It is possible to watch everything from entertaining to informative and funny videos. There are so many things to see it’s not necessary to worry about your feed being filled with irrelevant content.

    Live Stream


    Live streaming has become a standard aspect of social media, and you are able to join in on the action by using TikTok. When you are in a Live stream, you can apply filters to improve your videos.

    Be Your Most Creative Self

    While TikTok is advertised as a music social application, it’s far more than just that. It can be used to share comedy, dance, vlogs, make vlogs, share recipes for food DIY projects, and much more. There are also numerous categories of content that you can explore. TikTok relies on machine learning, which detects the kind of video you will most likely enjoy. As it gains more information about your habits of watching, TikTok begins to fill your feed with more content you love.

    Use TikTok
    How to Use TikTok: Can you Make Money with TikTok in 2022? 8

    How to use TikTok to make money

    1. Publish Sponsored Posts

    Another way to earn money from the value of your TikTok account is to use sponsored content. Brands contact you (or you ask them) to showcase their products in your videos. In exchange, they will pay you a fee in exchange for the service.

    It’s possible to start by working with smaller companies to build your portfolio. Contact small businesses within your neighborhood to determine if they’re interested in having their name listed on TikTok. It could be an ideal idea to set an initial fee at the beginning and then increase the amount when you begin to gain popularity as a TikTok creator.

    2. Sell Your Own Products

    If you’re in either the US, Canada, or the U.K. and have an account on TikTok for Business account, you may be able to include a shopping tab as well as products links in your profile.

    Shopping is the latest feature brought about by TikTok’s alliance with Shopify. It’s intended to help TikTokers promote their products via the application by using the Shopify store. Customers who click on a product link will be redirected to the retailer’s Shopify store for purchasing.

    3. Partner with a brand you trust  

    Content sponsored by sponsors available on TikTok refers to content in exchange for which you are provided with something valuable. This is the aim, right? So, for instance, a company could pay you to make a TikTok video describing the amazing way their soy candles smell, or perhaps you’ll get an opportunity to skydive for free as a reward for writing about it. (Though we don’t recommend taking any free skydiving offer).

    Brands are also keen to enter into these paid collaborations. An analysis of influencer marketing revealed that in December, 16 percent of U.S. marketers had plans to make use of TikTok to promote influencer marketing. However, in March 2021, the number was up to 68 percent. That’s right; the influencer market is growing on the platform.

    4: Use  TikTok  creator Fund

    The app-sanctioned cash-making method that we discussed earlier. On the 22nd of July in 2020, TikTok unveiled their brand new Creator Fund, pledging to donate $200 million U.S. in order to “encourage those who dream of using their voices and creativity to spark inspirational careers.”

    The internet and the world ate the whole thing up. And just one week after, they announced the fund would increase to $1 billion U.S. by 2023. How do you gain access to the sweet creator cash? The application has several boxes you must check before you can submit an application:

    • Find yourself within either the U.S., UK, France, Germany, Spain, or Italy
    • You must be the age 18
    • You must have a minimum of 10,000 followers.
    • You must have at the very least 100,000 video views within the past 30 days

    You must have an account that is governed by the TikTok guidelines for Community and the terms of service

    How to use TikTok to make videos

    Use TikTok
    Source- Businessinsider

    1. Click the plus symbol located in the middle of the buttons located at the lower right on display. When you first try this, you’ll need to grant the app permission to make use of your microphone and camera. The permissions may look different for Android as well as iOS; however, the key is to allow permission.

    2. TikTok allows you to create videos from 1 to fifteen seconds and up to 3 minutes long. Depending on the length you’d like to record to make, click 15sec60sec, and 3 min

    After pressing the plus symbol to select the length, you would like your video to last.

    3. Tap and hold the red button to record. Keep the button in place until you are able to record your video. However, you can also let the button go and record more clips.

    4. You can stitch the clips together up to the length you have set for your videos. Each when you click the red button, you’ll record more, and you can monitor the length of your total video by checking the gauge on the upper right-hand side right of your screen.

    5. If you want to delete the last video you recorded, press the Backspace icon located just to the left of the button.

    6. To add effects to your video, click the buttons that appear onscreen.

    Use TikTok
    Source- Businessinsider
    • EffectsFlip The effect is located at the top-right of the display; it switches the cameras in front and back.
    • Speed
    • Beauty The effect is to add the soft-focus filter to soften your appearance.
    • Filters
    • Timer

    7. When you’re ready to go on, click on the Checkout in the lower right.

    8. On this preview page, you will be able to view the video that you have recorded if you’d like to return to recording, for example, to take out an entire clip to record it again by using the back to start over in the upper left.

    9. On the preview page, you are able to include music, sound, or other kinds of effects. Here are a few of the best choices:

    • It sounds at the bottom left of the screen; the Sound button allows you to add sound effects and music to the video’s background.
    • Text.
    • Stickers
    • Modify clips
    • Voiceover
    • Caption

    10. When your video is finished, click the Next button. Complete the posting page by including a brief explanation of your video. You can also add selecting who is allowed to view it and set settings such as the number of comments and duets permitted. Once you’re done, click to post.

    How to Create TikTok Live Photos

    TikTok Live Photos gives you the possibility of saving your most loved video to be your smartphone’s home screen or screen for your lock. To utilize this option, you’ll have to download TikTok’s Wall Picture app. After installation, it’s possible to choose the live Photo feature in the Share icon choices. To save a movie as your phone’s home or screen for locking, simply tap on the Live Photo icon.

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