How To Sell Your Product on TikTok Shop in 2022

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    TikTok has more than 1 billion active users. And even though it was initially an app for music that encouraged users to sing along to the songs they liked, it has evolved into many different types of original content from users.

    By 2022 it’s expected to become the norm for companies to showcase their personalities and connect with the people they serve via videos.

    Social media applications like TikTok let brands interact more with their customers by launching the concept of TikTok shops, which boosts brand recognition and customer loyalty.

    What is TikTok Shop?

    The name suggests that TikTok Shop provides a way for TikTok users to purchase items through the app without having to open an internet browser to navigate to an eCommerce store. As per the firm, “TikTok Shopping is the suite of solutions, features, and tools that allow businesses to tap into the power of commerce on TikTok.”

    When a company creates TikTok Shopping, it will have a separate shopping tab on its profile. An icon for shopping bags represents it. Customers can browse and choose products on TikTok and then purchase the item through TikTok or by transferring it to the store on the internet to pay at checkout.

    TikTok initially tried shopping with selected Shopify retailers within the United States and the United Kingdom and later expanded to Canada , but has launched it on a larger scale.

    tiktok shop

    Is TikTok shop safe?

    TikTok does not have encryption from end to end, which means that chat messages and messages are read by the company and may be viewed by third-party users. This leaves you vulnerable to cyber-criminals and scams.

    End-to-end encryption transforms any data into scrambled text that is only accessible to you and the person who received the message. Without this security layer, it’s more crucial not to divulge personal information on TikTok.

    Additionally, there have been warnings regarding TikTok’s data-gathering practices and how the data is used to share information.

    If you want to know more about how to keep your company and yourself safe, check out this guide to cybersecurity.

    Why should your e-commerce business be on TikTok shop?

    Let us assure you this is an opportunity you shouldn’t take advantage of. The best part is it’s completely free for all businesses and brands.

    However, let’s first know why TikTok is such a fantastic marketing opportunity.

    1. Users count

    The company boasts 142.2 million users across North America; TikTok announced in September 2021 that it had reached one billion active users worldwide. This was accomplished in 4.9 years, which means it’s not just a feat that other social networks have achieved.

    The numbers speak for themselves about TikTok’s rapid rise. Only 55 million users were using the app in January 2018. This means that it was able to grow the number of people using it more than 18 times over four years.

    2. Demographics

    Based on the most current TikTok data on users, 386.6 million users in the age range of 18-24 around the world represent 43.7 percent of the total users.

    The majority of millennials belong to the age range of 25-34. bracket and is the second-highest age group of TikTok users. There are 282 million users on TikTok, 31.9 percent of the total.

    Furthermore, according to these TikTok user statistics, people with older age groups tend to be less likely to have TikTok users.

    tiktok shop
    tiktok shop feature

    How to set up TikTok Shopping?

    1. For Shopify-based businesses

    To start setting up TikTok Shopping, You must have a TikTok to Business Account.

    • You’ll have to install the TikTok Shopify app if you have a Shopify business.
    • With Shopify, you can utilize the app to make video advertising, measure the outcomes and control your orders.
    • The Shopify application connects to TikTok for Business Ads Manager, allowing you to control the TikTok Shop tab.

    2. For other businesses

    For different types of stores, There are apps available.

    • It is possible to download TikTok as a Business app if you own an account on a BigCommerce store.
    • TikTok Pixel is instantly installed on your storefront via this application, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.
    • You can build powerful, dynamic ads that show relevant advertisements to people interested in connecting your BigCommerce catalog with TikTok.
    • To have an easy checkout experience, You can add a Shopping tab on your profile page with links to products that redirect toward your BigCommerce store.

    Tips to boost sales with TikTok shop

    TikTok shopping is similar to the shopping experience on Instagram and shopping via other platforms. The first step is to determine if you’re unsure and to research how you can easily sell your goods on TikTok. Create a strategy to sell your product the best way by keeping these tips to keep in mind.

    1.Optimize your product catalog for TikTok

    The TikTok shopfront can be found under the “shopping section of your account. You’ll need to make it more efficient to draw customers. No one likes a messy shop. The same applies to your catalog of products.

    Make sure you focus on style and quality when adding images of your products. They should be appealing to customers because you eat by looking first, do you not? Your product images should be instantly recognizable as your company by sticking to the other elements of your TikTok style.

    The product’s title must be less than 34 characters, which is the limit for truncation. Also, you should include a brief description of the product. The description may be longer, and you’ll be able to have all the information that you haven’t included in the title. Note: Links in the product descriptions on TikTok aren’t clickable.

    2. Maximize the benefits of multiple platforms

    Don’t be limited to TikTok. You can connect with different segments of your customers at once by using various accounts on all of the most popular Social media sites.

    There are multiple accounts for businesses across multiple platforms, giving them an edge in distributing content. Gymshark publishes its videos across all social media platforms, which means it is a huge fan across every platform.

    3. Tell your audience about your TikTok shop  

    Once you’ve gained access to the TikTok Shop, tell everyone. Make a few TikToks that show your followers the location of your shopping page and the best way to buy your items.

    4.Advertise your product

    When your shop is up and people know about your items, begin marketing your products! Include them in your blog posts on your live streams, and then add new product shout-outs on your bio.

    If you’re looking to ensure that your customers are paying attention to your product, do not be afraid to get innovative with your promotional ideas. There’s no need to use boring advertisements or boring product descriptions; make sure you mention what’s on offer and add an element of humor! You can borrow a page from Glossier’s book and create a hilarious infomercial

    5. Create Content to Attract Shoppers

    tiktok shop
    tiktok shop live stream

    It’s time to think outside the box and promote your product once you’ve linked your online store with the TikTok account. It’s possible to create engaging content that inspires your audience to follow you and increases awareness of your brand.

    It might be overwhelming at first, but looking at the Discover tab of your TikTok application or browsing your For You page can help you find inspiration. You can browse through the latest trends, see the types of content that go well on TikTok, and look up keywords relevant to your products or company.

    6. Partner with influencers  

    TikTok isn’t just another social media site -it’s been described as popular culture.

    If you’re not experienced in the distinctive subcultures, trends, and jokes that aren’t widely known, you might be better off handing over creative direction to one who truly lives and breathes the platform. Particularly when you’re trying to promote products and the stakes are high).

    If you can find the ideal influencer to promote your brand, this could be a game changer. Work together with TikTok creators who are truly awed by the product you’re selling. The freedom to be themselves and express their ideas in their unique style is how brands can reach new audiences and promote their products.


    TikTok shopping is an innovative technology that is taking online retailers to new levels. If utilized correctly, TikTok can be an effective tool to expand the business of your company, increase brand visibility, and connect with your customers to increase their impact.

    Are you planning to participate in the parade of social commerce? TikTok shopping is a good starting place. If you’re an individual who is passionate about making content that is entertaining and creative, as well as regular, then you’re in the right spot.

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