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    If you’re traveling abroad or in a nation where you don’t speak or don’t speak your native language, you’re bound to come across an instance where you need the translation of something. Although translation dictionaries and phrasebooks can be useful, they are often difficult to use. In addition, these tools for translation are particularly slow when you need to translate a large amount of text in one go, like signs or an order form.

    Google Translate

    Google Translate works on iOS/iPad and Android devices. iPhone and iPad users can download it on the Apple App Store, while Android users can download it from Google Play, Both versions provide roughly identical features but with different layouts.

     Text can be translated across more than 100 languages, look up the translations of images in approximately 90 languages, transpose bilingual conversations in real-time in 43 languages and even draw text to translate to 95 different languages. Furthermore, offline translations are available for a wide range of languages. In addition, you’ll be able to save phrases and words that you have translated to be used in the future.

    How Does Google Translate Work, and How Can You Install It on Your Website?

    Google offers a no-cost website Translator plugin that makes your website accessible in over 90 languages. Not only is the software free, but installing it is easy.

    1. To begin, visit your website Translator setup page. Select “Add to your website now” and sign in with your Google account. Google account.

    2. After logging in, you are asked to input your URL for the site in the box available and select the original language of your site by selecting an options menu. After you have entered both, you select “Next.”

    3. You will then be presented with the option of translating your website. You can select all possible languages Google provides and choose particular languages. You also have the option of selecting the display mode for the translator. Your visitors will see this on your site when they select the language they would like to translate your website’s content into. After you’ve got it all set, you can click “Get Code.”

    4. The next screen is where you can take the code generated and paste it onto your website. If you paste the code on each page of your store online or eCommerce website, the Google Website Translator plugin will immediately be displayed. Customers can simply choose a language and select the language they want to speak.

    How To Install Google Translate On WhatsApp

    For more information on how you can use Google Translate on WhatsApp, the first thing to keep in mind is that to use both apps simultaneously, you must install the Translator application instead of the version on the web. Also, this tool is available for Android devices. So, adhere to these instructions to first install your Translator application.

    • Install Google Translate, the Google Translate application from Google Play.
    • Click on “Settings.”
    • After entering, click “Tap to Translate.”
    • In the following screen, you’ll be required to click the “Enable” button.

    Google Translate For WhatsApp, How To Use It

    Once you’ve installed and activated Google Translate for WhatsApp, How to use it will be a piece of cake. Look!

    Simply start the conversation in a different language.

    Choose (as would you choose in the direction of cutting and pasting) the text you want to translate.

    You will then receive either a pop-up with Google Translate or the Google Translate icon or notification via the application.

    Click the link, and the text will appear directly within Google Translate, translated into the language you’ve set as the language you prefer. In this instance, it is Spanish.

    It is important to keep the fact that when this function is activated, it can be used with any application and not only WhatsApp, such as Instagram, Tinder… Simply click the appropriate text, so long as you’ve followed the above steps.

    How to Use the Camera to Translate Text With Google Translate

    If you’re traveling in a country with a different alphabet, it could be challenging to type since you might not understand the characters. That’s where Google Translate’s camera translation feature in Google Translate comes into its own.

    google translate
    Source- PC Mag

    Camera translation lets you capture text images in a wide and ever-growing variety of languages and translate the text directly from the photo. With various languages, you can translate as you use the phone. In some languages, you might need to snap a photo to highlight the text on the photo you want to translate. The function works in combination with optical recognition and translation algorithm, and image processing.

     To start the camera translation function, simply press the “Camera” icon on the left-hand side of the normal translation box.

    • Click on the “Camera” icon on the left to switch into the translator mode of the camera.

    In those languages where instant translations are offered, the option of the instant translation will be chosen by default. All you have to do is direct the camera at the right angle so that the screen displays the text that you want to translate.

    The process of instant translation may be a bit slow, particularly on older phones. Google Translate will, however, be able to automatically translate text on a screen and overlay the translation over that original message.

    • Simply hold the camera on your phone so that the text you’d like to translate appears.

    If there isn’t instant translation available for the specific language that you require to translate, you’ll be able to capture a photo of text that you would like to translate using “Scan” mode.

    You can highlight the text that you want to translate by sliding over it or tapping “Select all” at the end of your screen.

    google translate
    Source- PC Mag

     What you’ve selected, as well as the translation of them, will be displayed high-up on the screen in blue and white boxes, respectively. If you select more than a couple of words, it is likely to extend beyond the screen’s edge. To see the complete translation, press the arrow to the right in the box that is blue. This will copy the text and translate and return it to the default view.

    How to Use Google Translate on Computer

    You can visit the Google Translate page in your Google browser to launch Google Translate on the web.

    Choose the language of translation you want to translate from the drop-down menu. Write or copy and paste the source text into the left-hand field. Google Translate will automatically translate the text to the language of your choice.

    To translate a document, you can go to the Documents tab and then upload the original document as a Word file. Then it will assist you in translating the document to the target language.

    How do you translate offline?

    Even though Google Translate works best when on the internet, you can utilize it to translate up to the 59 languages you want to translate without internet access. Make sure you download the appropriate language packs prior to downloading.

    Step 1. To the right of your main display, Tap the Settings, after which you can select Offline Translation.

    google translate
    Source- digitaltrends

    Step 2: Tap Add a language.

    google translate
    Source- digitaltrends

    Step 3. Select from the list of languages.

    google translate
    Source- digitaltrends

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