Google Drive: 15GB Free Storage Space

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    If you’ve ever utilized Google and its other services, chances are you’ve encountered this Google’s best cloud storage service, Google Drive; but what exactly does Google Drive work? This article will cover the fundamentals of what Google Drive is and what it is most frequently used for.

    The Drive service is among the top well-known cloud service available. Anyone with a Google account automatically has a Drive account, in addition. So if you’re an existing Google account holder, you do not need to deal with making a separate account for your online store. This means that Google Drive is an ideal solution for anyone needing to share and upload files online.

    What is Google drive?

    google drive
    google drive apps

    Google Drive is a no-cost cloud-based storage service that permits users to save and retrieve files online. The service syncs files, images, documents, and other files across all devices, including mobile devices, tablets, PCs, and smartphones.

    Google Drive integrates with Google’s other systems and services, including Google Docs, Gmail, Android, Chrome, YouTube, Google Analytics, and Google+. Google Drive competes with Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, Box, Dropbox, and SugarSync.

    How Google Drive works

    To begin using Google Drive, the end-user must sign up or log in to an existing Google account. Then, they type “” into their browser. “My Drive” will automatically be displayed, which could contain the files or files synced or uploaded and folders in addition to Google Sheets Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Docs. After that, users can upload files from their computers or create files using Google Drive.

    Alternately, the user could download the Google Drive application to one or more devices. The Google Drive folder will appear alongside other folders in the file system of each device. The files that users add to a folder are accessible through the Google Drive web app or the Google Drive folder on each device.

    Google Drive files

    If the user decides to create the file or folder, they become its owner automatically. The owner then can determine the degree of visibility (public or privately shared with a particular Google account) or transfer ownership to a different user by using Gmail addresses. The owner also can regulate permissions for folders as well as files by granting access levels like “can edit,” “can comment,” and “can view.”

    Benefits of using Google Drive


    The greatest benefit of storing everything you require in the cloud is that you can access your files wherever required. All you need is to sign in to Google Drive using your Google account on the device you want to access. Then, you can work from wherever you want to without having to think about how to transfer your files on a pen drive or an external HD.

    This feature can prove very beneficial when you have to give a presentation at a meeting. However, leave the device when it’s public or isn’t yours to use.


    This is connected to Google Drive’s mobility feature. Google Drive allows you to use it. Most importantly, it allows you to keep your documents in sync across multiple devices through the internet.

    Additionally, you can upload files you have saved from your computer, cell phone, or other devices onto Google Drive with the auto-sync feature.


    G Suite apps were created by a unique feature that allows collaboration. In normal computer software, you’ll need to follow a series of steps to share your file with someone, for instance, uploading it to the email as an attachment. Google was aware of this issue and made our lives much easier when using its apps.

    With Google Drive, the ability to collaborate in various ways, including sharing a whole folder or a specific file. This is a fantastic method to store your company’s files and enable your team members to collaborate without wasting time or the money you’d spend on internal systems.

    Easy-to-use Interface

    The Google interface has always been easy and easy to use, and with Drive, it’s anything else. As a result, it’s very easy to figure out how to use it. Additionally, if you’re not certain what a button is, it is possible to click it. Then the name of the button will appear in most cases, with a description explaining why it will trigger by clicking on it.

    Google Drive pricing

    google drive
    google drive for desktop

    In terms of storage space, you’ll get 15GB of free storage, divided among Drive, Gmail, and Photos. This is enough for the majority of users. However, you can upgrade additional storage for monthly or annual costs. The subscription is part of Google One and provides additional advantages beyond storage, like rebates from Google Store, rebates in Google Store, and sharing storage with relatives.

    We’ll be focusing only on Google Drive pricing here; we’ll look at raw storage. A 100GB plan sets you back at least $2 per month, while the 200GB plan costs $3 per month, while the most comprehensive 2TB plan costs 10 dollars per month. It’s important to note that saving cash by paying each year is possible. The savings amount to around two months of service per plan instead of paying month-to-month.

    How to use Google Drive

    Making and uploading files

    A start to get started, move and drag files to Drive, or even create new files or something new.

    To access your files in Google Drive, you’ll have them uploaded. There are two methods you can upload your files via the web browser, and both are simple.

    The first approach is the easiest option that involves dragging the folder or file from your desktop and then dropping it in your web browser window. The other method is to hit the “New” button on the left-hand side of the screen. Next, select one of the options, “File upload” or “Folder upload.”

    It is also possible to use”New” to create a new “New” button to create a new file, document spreadsheet, presentation, or other. Based on the needs of your business, it is as easy as selecting the application from your dropdown menu. The new files are immediately stored and can be accessed from your Drive.

    Managing and organizing files and folders

    Creating folders is a straightforward method of organizing all of your files. Michael Nolledo/Business Insider

    You might need to arrange the files if you’ve got sufficient files in your system. Similar to organizing your desktop files, the most effective method to organize the contents of your Drive is by creating folders. To create new folders using Web interfaces, go into your Drive and select “New,” then “Folder.”

    Once you’ve named your folder, you’ll be able to transfer files into the folder. It can be located beneath “My Drive” on the right-hand side of the left.

    If you do not require a particular file and would like to maintain the cleanliness of your Drive, the most efficient method to remove the file is to click right upon the document. This will open an options menu. From there, choose “Remove.” Alternately, you can choose the file you wish to delete and then select the trash icon on the screen’s upper-right-hand edge.

    How to share a google drive folder

    The most appealing feature of Google Drive is sharing folders and files with other users. For everything from uploading videos to sharing whole Drive folders, Drive makes sharing easy. To share with a Google Drive file or folder, click on the right mouse button to display the context menu and select “Share.”

    Then you’ll be able to join collaborators with their email addresses. You can also decide whether they can edit, make comments on the file, or just browse the document.

    All files created by Drive are edited by several users simultaneously, so you’ll be able to work with other people in real-time.

    Is Google Drive Secure

    google drive
    Google Drive Secure

    No matter the previous hacks, regardless of previous hacks, the risk associated with the use of Google Drive is low. This is because Google utilizes the secure security of 256 bits Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption on all of its Google Drive servers (with only a few storage devices before 2015, which use AES128 encryption instead).

    In the same way, when data is being transferred between Google Drive users or Google Drive servers, Google utilizes Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol to safeguard the data from being intercepted.

    How can you protect yourself as a Google Drive user

    The greatest danger to the security of your Google Drive data is often the user and the devices or computers you’ve linked with Google Drive. Be aware that, in general, the files you store in Google Drive get synchronized to your computer, which means the files are at risk. “You can employ encryption to conceal and secure your data.

    Additionally, you can benefit from the two-factor authentication to stop thieves from accessing your data via a different device when they have your password and username. But, of course, always ensure you have a secure password.


    It’s beneficial to have mobility, synchronization, and collaboration in managing large amounts of folders and files, especially when working as part of a group. Google Drive offers these features and is free, as well as user-friendly.

    We hope you’re now a Google Drive expert and have mastered this tool. Learn from our advice and share them with your colleagues. We hope you can learn how to utilize it in your daily life and at work.

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