What is Google Domains ? Tips on How To Use It

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    If you’re searching for an aid to get a domain name registered, Google Domains is one of the top services you can come across. In this Google Domains guide, we will discuss Google Domains by providing thorough coverage of what the Google service offers. We’ll go over everything in this guide

    What is Google Domains?

    Google Domains is an online domain registration service launched in January 2015 by Google in January 2015. Google Domains helps you create a domain you will use on your WordPress website (or any other site).

    In contrast to other popular domain registrars, Google Domains does not provide any kind of hosting. This means that you’ll have to buy hosting separately.

    Google Domains also can connect  to other Google services, such as Google’s G Suite, Google Search Console, and many more. You have access to Google Domains by using the same Google account you use for other services.

    Google Domains has many other options.

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    Domain Sharing

    You can assign domain name management to multiple individuals within a company. Google Domains allows you to automate this process by giving administrative access to other Google accounts.

    Multiple-domain registration

    You can sign up for multiple domains simultaneously through Google Domains. This feature is appealing to those who own trademarked domain names and wish to safeguard their domain names from infringement. In addition, you can simply sign up for your trademarked name using various domain extensions.

    DNS Export

    The Domain Name System ( DNS(opens in a new window)) is the internet’s method of converting alphabetic names into numeric IP addresses. So, for example, when you enter a URL, the DNS servers immediately return the IP address assigned to that domain name, and that’s how you access the website.

    Each domain name owner must establish their DNS servers to ensure they perform as they should. So if you’re planning to transfer your domain name to another registry, it’s difficult to set up completely. But don’t fret. Google Domains lets you download your DNS records into standard formats such as YAML or BIND. You can then upload them to different DNS servers.

    Free Cloud DNS

    Google Domains provides free DNS assistance to assist your website keep up with traffic requirements without cost.

    Free Privacy Protection

    Google Domains lets you keep your personal information confidential in the WHOIS and RDAP databases. This feature prevents people from contacting you with offers to purchase.

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    google domains contact number

    Automatic Domain Verification

    Suppose your site is integrated with other Google services, such as Google Analytics(opens the service in a new tab), Google Search Console, and Cloud Run. In that case, you don’t have to manually verify your domain’s authenticity by using TXT records. Instead, Google will automatically recognize the domain name linked to your account.

    google domains
    What is Google Domains ? Tips on How To Use It 6

    Custom Email

    You can join your domain with Google Workspace to create up to 100 professional email addresses. This feature is beneficial for companies with a large number of workers.

    Advantages of Using Google Domains

    Competitive, Transparent Pricing

    Google Domains is not the most affordable service (more on this in the future). However, it is the one with the clearest pricing. It’s also more affordable than most competitors for many popular domain extensions.

    With Google Domains, you’ll know your domain name’s exact price now and soon. The price you pay to register your domain name is exactly the same as the price you’ll have to pay for renewal.

    Other domain registrars also offer big discounts for the first year, only to increase the cost after you renew. For instance, GoDaddy charges $11.99 for the first year of the .com domain and then will charge $17.99 for renewal. Google Domains, on the contrary, is always a fixed price of $12.

    Free Privacy Protection

    If you are registering the domain name, you must give your private information, including your address and telephone number.

    By default, all the information you need is publically available through the Whois registry, leaving you vulnerable to spam and other malicious or annoying activities.

    Privacy protection is a change that involves concealing your personal information by hiding it behind generic privacy information.

    Many domain registrars charge you for privacy protection, often up to 10 dollars per calendar year.

    Google Domains However, it comes with privacy protection when you purchase the domain.

    Google-Powered DNS Servers

    DNS, which stands for Domain Name System, is the mechanism that connects your domain’s address to your website server. It’s also referred to as”the “phonebook of the Internet.”

    Each domain registrar offers an individual DNS service and many hosting providers.

    But here’s the truth:

    Many DNS are made in the same way, so the one you select could affect your page’s load time.

    With Google Domains, you can accesse Google Cloud DNS, which is powered by Google’s own infrastructure. It provides high-speed speed at no additional expense to the user.

    Note: If you host your site at Kinsta, we include the premium DNS service via Amazon Route 53, which is an excellent alternative.

    Two-Step Authentication to Protect Your Account

    It’s crucial to protect your account with your domain registrar, as malicious hackers will want to gain access to the domain name of your choice.

    With Google Domains, this is easy to accomplish since you have access to every one of the Google Two-Step verification options. It is possible to use SMS messages, mobile applications, physical keys, and much more.

    Email Forwarding

    google domains
    What is Google Domains ? Tips on How To Use It 7

    If you’d like to create your own personal account for email (like, Google Domains allows you to set up up to 100 email accounts you can forward to your already-established email addresses, such as Gmail.

    It’s also simple to connect Google Domains up to Google Workspace to host email; however, you’ll have to pay an additional fee to use Google Workspace.

    Automatic Verification of Other Google Products

    You’ll likely need to validate your site’s authenticity using Google products if you own an online presence.

    The most well-known method is the verification of your website using Google Search Console; however, there are many other services such as Google App Engine Cloud Run, etc.

    If the domain is registered through Google Domains However, Google can automatically verify your domain’s authenticity with the properties, saving you work and energy.

    How to Transfer a Domain Name to Google Domains

    If you’ve registered your domain with another domain registrar, you can transfer your domain’s registration from the registrar you used to Google Domains.

    You have to take some steps at the registrar with which your domain name is registered.

    To start, open your Google Domains dashboard and then click the transfer tab. After that, type in the domain name you wish to transfer:

    Enter the domain name that you wish to transfer

    Google Domains will automatically detect the location where your domain’s name is registered. Google Domains will provide an easy-to-follow wizard that will assist you in the process of transfer:

    The Google Domains wizard for transferring

    After completing the transfer, you’ll be able to manage your domain, just like if you registered it through Google Domains.

    How do I cancel a Google domain?

    The most convenient method is to use the “chat with us” option. First, you’ll need to inform the agent that you wish to cancel your domain. If you’ve made the issue within five days of registration and not more than three cancellations, the domain will be able to accept your cancellation request and issue a refund within 14 days. You will also receive you will receive a confirmation email.

    If you also activated the one-month free Trial for Blue Host hosting account, you will be required to contact Blue Host customer support and request that they cancel the trial so that you do not charge until the month has ended. While you’ve removed the Domain, Blue Host still shows the Free trial and has the payment information, so it’s best to call them and have it removed.

    It is the Google Refund Policy clearly tells the following and can be found below; however, you have to know the following :

    • Domains are refundable within 5 days of the initial acquisition (initial registration).
    • There is no refund policy for more than three domains within a calendar year (any consecutive 12 months).
    • Premium domains, as well as domains transferred, cannot be returned.
    • Ip Domains are not refundable.
    • Get in touch with Google Domains Support for assistance to request the process of requesting a refund. Your domain’s registration will be canceled when the refund is accepted.

    Namecheap vs Google domains

    google domains
    namecheap google domains winner

    Google Domains and Namecheap are the one-stop-shop for everything related to the registration and management of your domain. Namecheap is more than this since it’s a fully-scalable website-building solution. We’ll focus on the management of domains aspect for this post.

    Namecheap is an established, long-standing veteran of the domain market. They’ve been in business since 2000 and were listed as one of the fastest-growing businesses by the Inc. 5000 in 2018. Since its inception began, they’ve helped over 11 million customers and have more than 10 million domains in its care.

    However, Google Domains appears to be in high school compared to its rivals. It was born and developed by the parent company Google and then joined its sister companies in 2015 under the beta development phase. It’s in the process of being tested, as are many of Google’s other services. However, it’s fully operational. In actuality, although they do not offer anything other than domain registration and management and are much more recent than their competitors, they perform their work perfectly well.

    Trade-in ain. They’ve been in business since 2000. They have been recognized as one of the fastest-growing businesses according to the Inc. 5000 in 2018. Since its inception began, they’ve helped over 11 million customers and have more than 10 million domains that are under control.

    However, Google Domains appears to be in high school compared to its competitors. It was born and developed by the parent company Google. It joined its other companies in 2015 under development in beta. At present, it’s still in beta, similar to many of Google’s services. However, it’s fully operational. In actuality, even though they don’t offer anything beyond domain registration and management and aren’t as old as their competitors, they perform their work flawlessly.

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