How To Use Facetime: Everything You Need To Know in 2022

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    What is FaceTime

    FaceTime can be described as an Apple video telephony app that allows users to do one-on-one video chats on the internet. Apple FaceTime runs on iOS devices that have front-facing cameras. Each participant in the chat must have FaceTime installed.

    The FaceTime application has preloaded features on iOS devices and every macOS OS X version beginning with Lion. Mac users can

    How to Make a FaceTime Call

    Utilizing FaceTime using the iOS device is simple. You just need to start FaceTime on your device FaceTime and choose a person from the contact you wanna talk to.

    You can also choose the recipient in the Contacts and then choose FaceTime or camera icon for a video call or call icon for an audio call.

    FaceTime may not work whenever you try it; however, the first thing to look into if the feature isn’t working is that it’s turned on in the Settings. You can go into settings > Settings > FaceTime and ensure the feature is on.

    Create a link to a FaceTime call

    With devices running iOS 15 and iPad 15, you can create a FaceTime link to send it to anyone you wish to talk to via email or text message (using any messaging application). The recipient can use that link to join an audio call. Follow the steps below to create and distribute FaceTime links with others:

    1. Start the FaceTime application on your iPhone.
    2. Click on the “Create Link” button to create a FaceTime link.
    3. On the sliding screen, tap the “Add Name” option. If you’d like to add a preferred title to the name and then tap “OK.”
    4. Use the link to share the link by sending an email, message, or other compatible applications for the contact you would like to contact.

    How to use FaceTime on Android or Windows PC

    Windows or Android users aren’t able to use face time directly. Instead, they require an invitation via the Apple user.

    1. Have the Apple user open the FaceTime application on their device and choose the Create Link option from the upper right corner of the application.


    2. In the pop-up, the Apple user will need to decide which method they’d like to share the link, for example, via Messages, Email, WhatsApp, or any medium

    3. Once the Android or Windows user has received this link the user must access the link

    4. Have the Android or Windows user type in their username and press continue.


    5. Once joined, ensure that your Android or Windows user clicks the green Join button in the pop-up window. It is also possible to grant FaceTime permission to use their camera and microphone.


    6. The Apple user must then accept their invitation to join.


    Now you’re connected on Facetime

    How to Block People in the FaceTime App

    You may not want anyone to message you through FaceTime; however, fortunately, you do have the option of blocking those who you would rather not speak with. To block someone on FaceTime:

    • Open the FaceTime app.
    • Hit on the blue Info icon below the number.
    • Then, on the right, choose to block this caller.

    This will stop the person from FaceTime and phone calls as well as text messages. FaceTime doesn’t inform users that they have blocked someone, and you are able to remove someone from your block at any time by following the same procedure.

    Is FaceTime free to use?

    If you disable the use of cellular data for FaceTime and choose the Wi-Fi feature, you’ll be able to use FaceTime for free aside from your Wi-Fi cost; if you’re connected to Wi-Fi for free, then great! This allows FaceTime an ideal method to connect with those distant relatives and friends without spending a fortune on international calls. Be sure to ensure that you’re using Wi-Fi, not your cellular network. This is also the case with FaceTime calls that are made with the Apple Watch.

    Why is facetime not working?

    There are several reasons why your FaceTime call isn’t working correctly. First, your home network may be having problems, and there may be no phone contact number or an email address linked to your FaceTime account as well the individual you’re trying to contact could be blocked. The good thing is there are various solutions in the event Facetime doesn’t work.

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