All the Ways to Turn On Flashlight On iPhone & Android Devices in 2022

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    There are several alternatives if you need a quick way to transform your smartphone into a light source for the road. The built-in flash on your phone isn’t just for photography, can brighten an area or illuminate your way.

    How to turn on flashlight on android phone ?

    turn on flashlight

    To activate the flashlight, just pull downwards to the right of the display two times (or pull it once with 2 fingers) to access the Quick Settings menu. You will see a flashlight entry. Press that to switch on your LED.

    Depending on which icons show first, you might be able to access via the flashlight icon through the notification area (after pulling it down once).

    Once you’re done, tap it once more to turn off the light. You can secure your screen or switch to other applications, and the flashlight will remain on.

    If you cannot locate that flashlight icon, it might require a swipe to the left or right to open additional icons. Again, the menus will vary based on the hardware manufacturer you have. The images above illustrate the default settings for Android; however, If you have a Samsung, LG, or another device, it will differ.

    Turn on flashlight on phone using google assistant.

    • Invoke your Google Assistant by holding the power button or saying, “Ok Google.”
    • When the Assistant appears, say, “Turn on flashlight.”
    • And your phone’s flashlight is turned on.
    • Then, you can invoke Google Assistant again and say, “Turn the Flashlight off” to switch off your flashlight. That’s it!

    Turn on flashlight mode with a gesture.

     Different phones have different ways to control the flashlight; however, they’re the most simple to use on OnePlus devices. If you have the OnePlus phone, you can utilize screen-ff gestures for turning on the flashlight; however, it’s a bit of a process to set to be done before setting it up.

    The flashlight can be turned off or on by using the OnePlus Screen Off Gestures:

    • Start your settings app.
    • Go into Buttons & Gestures.
    • Select Quick Gestures.
    • Under the Screen Off Gestures, Select the letter you would like to choose to use to turn on the flashlight. For example, there are options to select between O, V, S, M, W, and O.
    • Click on the switch to turn off or on the flashlight.
    • Switch off the screen.
    • When the screen is off, Draw the letter you have selected & light will turn on!

    Shake your phone to turn on the flashlight

    Other methods to turn on your flashlight are available on your Android system or via Google and; Google; however, we’ll suggest a third-party application to look into. Shake Flashlight can turn on the luminescent illumination you can see on your Android smartphone by making the simple motion of shaking, which could be useful in certain scenarios.

    turn on flashlight
    All the Ways to Turn On Flashlight On iPhone & Android Devices in 2022 6
    • Install your Shake Flashlight application via Google Play Store. 
    • Start the app on the main screen. Then press to activate the switch to power the flashlight.
    • Allow your camera’s permission to Shake the flashlight so that it can use the light on the back of your phone.
    • In this scenario, the camera and light are connected, and authorization is needed for the flashlight to operate.
    • If you give the camera permission, the flashlight will be on immediately.
    turn on flashlight
    • You can try to shake the phone to switch off the flashlight and then switch it back on.
    • If you feel that shake motions are inconsistent, you can press on the Setting icon in the upper right-hand corner and then click the Shake sensitivity.

    How do you turn the iPhone flashlight off or on with Siri

    turn on flashlight

    1. Just say, “Hey Siri, turn on my flashlight & your iphone’s flash will be turned on

    2. And to turn flashlight off, say, “Hey Siri, turn off my flashlight.”

    3. If you have the “Listen for ‘Hey Siri'” option disabled, press and hold the power button on iPhones with Face ID or the home button while saying these commands.

    How to turn on the flashlight on the iPhone lock screen

    For iPhones with Face ID–meaning iPhone X and 11, 12, 13, and up, you can tap an additional icon on your lock screen that allows you to turn on your flashlight. To toggle it, push your flashlight until it turns on.

    turn on flashlight

    To turn off the light, simply press to turn off the light icon on the lock screen. You’ll hear haptic feedback briefly to inform you when the light goes either off or on.

    There are more innovative methods to activate your flashlight, like employing your Back Tap option to turn the light on and off by tapping. However you decide to manage your flashlight’s brightness, it’s important to know that you’ll locate your way through the darkness in a snap whenever you need to. So be safe and keep in a safe place!

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