How to successfully Launch, Grow & Protect Your Brand on Amazon

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    This is an excellent resource for anyone selling on Amazon, whether you are a new seller or an existing seller looking to keep up to date with the latest strategies. This article contains tips and strategies that can be applied to all Amazon businesses. However, it is geared towards brand owners, inventors and entrepreneurs as well as authorized resellers. You’ll need a notebook if you fall within any of these categories. Here are some highlights.

    Amazon: Launch your Brand

    Organically ranking for the top converting keywords is key to Amazon success. The Amazon flywheel is a key concept that you should be familiar with. You’ll be repeating this three-step process over and over.

    Optimizing your listings is the first step. Next, launch your product using targeted traffic to your listings. Then take a step back and analyze the results. You will need to analyze your sessions, conversion rate and click-through rates, as well as product reviews. Roddy suggested that you use the results to optimize your ads and optimization.

    “Amazon Trifecta” is “Discoverability + Viability = Rankingability”. It all begins with the SEO keywords you use in your listing (discoverability), having an optimized detail page (viability), and the organic rank of your product (rankability).

    Amazon: Grow your brand

    One of the first steps you can take to grow your brand on Amazon is to become familiar with the Amazon advertising territory. The following categories can be found in Amazon search terms: Generic, Branded and Competitor.

    Amazon sellers, your first priority is to defend your castle. This includes your brand search terms. “About 80% of searches on Amazon will be generic or unbranded, depending on the category. These generic terms offer the greatest growth opportunities.

    You can now be more aggressive by going after competitors search terms, once you have your branded and general search terms covered. This step will “actually mean that you are invading their territory or castle… which is the same reason why you should bid on your brand name to prevent other people from taking your branded sales.”

    You should also avoid bidding for keywords that don’t convert. You’ll waste your time and money on keywords that don’t convert.

    Amazon Advertising
    How to successfully Launch, Grow & Protect Your Brand on Amazon 2

    Amazon Protects Brands

    Many brand owners ask, “Do I really require a trademark?” A trademark is one of most effective ways to protect your brand against competitors. It’s essential, even if you are a private label that wants to reach the brand level.

    A trademark has three main advantages:

    • Product Detail Page Control This allows you to manage the content, product images, features, title, and more.
    • Trademark Enforcement: Stops others from using your brand name on their products
    • Brand Registry Benefits: The ability to create A+ content Access to Sponsored brands advertising and copyright enforcement

    Can a trademark be used to get rid of unauthorized resellers? Yes. Yes! So even though the products are identical, you can legally remove resellers to allow you to control the platform and continue advertising or winning the Buy Box.

    Get to work

    It takes dedication, hard work, determination, and commitment to build an Amazon business. Learning from others who have been there and done it is invaluable. This webinar will provide valuable insights on how to launch, protect, and grow an Amazon brand. This webinar is a must-attend!

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