How To Start An Amazon Storefront in 2023: 7 Easy Steps

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    How To Start An Amazon Storefront in 2023: 7 Easy Steps

    Making an Amazon storefront is an excellent chance for Amazon brands that want to take advantage of the marketing opportunities Amazon offers with the ones you can utilize to promote your site. In response to this demand, Amazon has created another marketing product – Amazon Stores, also known as storefronts that every brand owner on Amazon can create for no cost. Find out how you can build it and what benefits this service can offer your company in 2023.

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    What is an amazon storefront?

    Amazon storefront is an Amazon feature that lets you create your store with a branded logo on Amazon using the help of a visual page creator. The idea is to offer you the ability to create a customized landing page that will showcase your brand and your distinctive value offer.

    The creation of your own Amazon storefront requires no technical expertise and Amazon has a wide selection of beautiful templates to help you quickly create a multi-page store in just a few minutes.

    how to start an amazon storefront
    amazon storefront examples

    What are the advantages Amazon Stores can give?

    In addition to the obvious advantage to your business that comes with having a designated place to advertise and categorize your merchandise, Amazon Stores also have various useful functions.

    Amazon Advertising

    Amazon Stores is part of the Amazon Advertising program, and, as such, you can utilize your store to advertise your brand on both sides of Amazon. If you add a tag to your store’s URL, it is easy to observe and gain valuable insights into the behavior of shoppers, sales, demographics, conversions, and more. These data can be used to inform future ads.

    There are a variety of profitable ways to advertise the Amazon Store.

    • Sponsored Product Ads
    • Sponsored Brand Ads
    • Sponsored Display Ads

    Amazon Brand Registry

    If you’re looking to set up an Amazon store, you’ll be required to complete the Amazon Brand Registry procedure if you haven’t yet. When you register your brand, you will not only enjoy greater control over the brand name of your products sold on Amazon, and Amazon’s automated security tools can assist you in finding and removing any infringing or inaccurate content on the platform.

    Brand Analytics

    After your brand has been registered with Amazon Once your brand is registered, you can make use of Amazon’s analytics capabilities to gain insights and analyze the effectiveness of your store. Brand Analytics is available to sellers who have registered brands. It offers information that lets you analyze competitors, evaluate products that are similar to yours, and analyze your customer’s demographics by income, age as well as gender, education level, and much more.

    How to start an Amazon Storefront in 7 steps

    1. Login to Amazon seller central 
    2. Provide details they are asking 
    3. Picking a Template for your homepage
    4. Designing your Amazon Storefront  
    5. Add your products
    6. Add pages to your Amazon Storefront
    7. Publish your Amazon Storefront

    This is a detail step-by-step guide for opening your Amazon storefront in only seven steps.

    1. Log in to Amazon seller central

    how to start an amazon storefront
    Amazon seller central

    In order to begin first, you’ll need to sign in to the Amazon Seller Central Account once you’ve logged in. Once you’ve done that, you can access your Amazon store from your main navigation bar on the right side of your homepage in the ” Stores ” section.

    2. Provide details they are asking 

    The first thing you’ll do is asked to do provide the following details:

    Name of the display: The name you choose for your brand will appear on the storefront, meaning that your customers can recognize your business.

    Logo of the brand:  Logo should be a minimum of 400 pixels wide and tall.

    Type of Grid for Products: You can decide how your products will be displayed in your shop, standard or tall.

    3. Picking a Template for your homepage

    how to start an amazon storefront
    Template for your homepage

    The next step is that you must include a meta description for the page of your store. You may select a template that has been created for your home page, letting you personalize your Amazon Store. You have the option of choosing one of the below options:

    • Marquee
    • Product Highlight
    • Product Grid
    • Blank

    You can test the various options the design offers. Once you have decided on the design you’d like to use, click “Create Page”.

    4. Designing your Amazon Storefront  

    The next step is to set up several pages in the Amazon Store to activate a navigation function on the homepage. This allows buyers to browse your catalog and view your company’s items.

    how to start an amazon storefront

    It is possible to create multiple pages inside the navigation bar and create a drop menu on each page, as shown in the above example.

    This tool lets you add as many tiles as you’d like to your store. Additionally, you can add the Bestseller Slider (like that below), which automatically displays your most popular products, as well as a Recommended Products slide that is automatically updated in accordance with previous buyer searches.

    how to start an amazon storefront
    Add title

    Furthermore, you can personalize the tiles by adding products like text, videos, or pictures. You can pick the kind of tile you’d like to use after clicking “+ Add tile.”

    5. Add your products

    how to start an amazon storefront
    Add your products

    Ensure you complete your Amazon Store’s details by including your product listings. Choose “product” under the heading “product” when clicking on the tile. Search for your item using keywords or ASIN.

    After you’ve chosen the products you’d like to list, They will be displayed within the slot for tiles. The tile will show your image of the product and its price.

    6. Add pages to your Amazon Storefront

    As we’ve already mentioned, adding additional pages on your home page is possible. If you’d like to add pages within your Amazon Store, you’ll first have to go to the Store builder’s main menu and then click “add page” from the left-hand menu.

    You can still create a store without a page and keep only the homepage that you want to display with your favorite items and features.

    Each additional page will be customizable, so you may choose to showcase all your products as well as related content.

    7. Publish your Amazon Storefront

    how to start an amazon storefront
    Publish your Amazon Storefront

    Once you’ve completed creating your Amazon Store, now is the time to make it available for publication. Choose “Submit for publishing” from the navigation bar.

    It is important to note that your Amazon Storefront must pass a manual approval process prior to being put up for publication (usually in 72-hour intervals).

    Tips for a Successful Amazon Store

    If you are looking to run your own successful Amazon shop, a couple of the essential guidelines to follow include:

    • You should ensure you have high-quality videos and images for every product.
    • Conduct keyword research and include it in your description of your products to help boost your search engine rankings.
    • Always provide social proof to earn the trust of your clients.
    • Use links to drive traffic from other sources to Amazon.
    • Utilize the tools for analytics Amazon offers to track the things that are performing well and what is not.
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