How to Share Screen on Facetime on IOS & MAC in 2022

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    How to Share Screen on Facetime on IOS & MAC

    Screen sharing is an option that was absent from FaceTime within macOS for a long time; however, Apple finally introduced this feature with Monterey 12.1. As a result, contemporary Macs, iPhones, and iPads can share their screen using the right software.

    If you and your fellow participants have a compatible OS, you’re now ready to share your screen using FaceTime. First, let’s talk about how this feature functions.

    What is screen sharing, and how does it work in FaceTime?

    If you’ve tried video-conferencing applications like Zoom or Google Meet, you may already be familiar with screen sharing. It allows you to display your screen and let other people be able to watch your actions in real-time.

    It is useful during online presentations made using Microsoft Powerpoint, as well as during general meetings. Additionally, the capability of sharing your display will save you time and eliminates the hassle of sending documents, files, or even videos, which is an excellent asset in an age in which virtual meetings are commonplace.

    Blurring background images when you make FaceTime conversations is enjoyable; however, thanks to an interesting feature known as “SharePlay,” FaceTime enables users to stream songs (via Apple Music), play movies, and use their screen to watch apps in tandem. Apple has launched the SharePlay API with iOS 15. to allow developers to integrate these features into streaming applications. That’s why SharePlay is an interesting game changer for FaceTime.

    how to share screen on facetime (iPhone as well as iPad)

    1. Join or start a FaceTime call.

    It is easy to use the sharing feature to share with your iPhone or iPad’s screen with every FaceTime call, no matter if you’ve initiated the call or added it later.

    You’ll require iOS or iPad OS 15.1 or later to share your screen (or check shared screens) via FaceTime.

    The sharing of screens is the best to view images, websites, news articles, photos, and documents. However, if you’re looking to share streaming apps or music, you’ll have to use SharePlay instead.

    2. Press the share icon.

    how to share screen on facetime
    how to share screen on facetime mac to iphone

    It’s the symbol of the shape of a rectangle, with the outline of a human in its lower-right corner. If you can’t find this icon on your screen, simply tap on the screen to display it.

    3. Tap Share My Screen.

    The countdown will appear, after which the screen will begin sharing with other participants in the conference.

    how to share screen on facetime

    4. You can have other callers (s)  press join screen sharing.

    After the other members of the call join you, they’ll be able to see nearly everything you’ve put on the screen up to when you decide to stop sharing.

    Any notifications you receive when using your computer screen will not be accessible to others on the call. This could help you avoid embarrassing situations!

    While you’re not able to transmit content that is copyright protected through FaceTime when you share your screen, however, users can utilize SharePlay-compatible apps to stream movies and stream music through FaceTime with your pals.

    how to share screen on facetime

    5. Click on the Share Content icon after you’re done.

    It’s the rectangle that has an outline of the person that you’ve seen earlier. If you tap that icon, the screen won’t be shared anymore.

    How can you share your screen with macOS

    After a short time, SharePlay was added to iOS. It is also available on Apple computers. The operating system you’ll require to install is the most recent version of macOS, Monterey, so make sure your device has it installed before proceeding.

    On iPhone or iPad, start the FaceTime call, then launch the application you want to share. Click the FaceTime button In the main menu (it appears to be a video camera) in the menu bar (it looks like a video) for a return in time to the call and on the menu bar (it appears like a video camera), then Screen-sharing button (a person who is next to the rectangle) (a person next to a rectangle) and then choose if you’d like to share the app’s (a rectangle) or the entire screen. 

    For example, if you pick Window, Open the app that you would like to share, and then click Share This Window. To share a full screen, choose screen & click Share This Screen.

    To stop sharing, click the “FaceTime” button & then click Stop Sharing.

    Advantages of Using FaceTime Screen Sharing

    While FaceTime screen sharing could be utilized differently by different individuals, however, the following points can be quickly categorized as the primary benefits of the feature:

    • Images can be shared with a person else
    • You can simultaneously watch video clips with other people
    • Watch films with your friends (non-subscription basis)
    • Work with coworkers
    • Remotely provide information to others

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