How To Sell on Instagram Without Spending a Penny: 10 Tips

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    How To Sell on Instagram Without Spending a Penny: 10 Tips

    It is a must to be under a rock to be aware of this: Instagram is the perfect platform to explode your business’s growth online! Millions of people go through their Instagram feeds daily to relieve boredom, and many purchase the items they like now and then.

    Ten Instagram Shopping posts that are effective for sales. Instead of having to deal with complicated and boring URLs, Instagram Stories and posts on shopping have clickable pictures that allow users to get closer to the featured items and then shop without leaving the site. Additionally, it allows brands to collaborate with influential people to boost sales.

    Imagine the potential sales even if just half of Instagram users who had an intention to buy visited your site.

    Now is the perfect time to create your own company’s profile on Instagram Shopping to ensure you’re making the most of the options it provides online stores.

    Why should you sell products or services through Instagram?

    Before we get into the details of how to sell your products on Instagram, Let’s discuss the advantages first.

    Selling your goods or services through Instagram will increase sales and reach.

    There are a few reasons:

    • It’s the most popular app right now: Since Instagram is one of the most well-known social media applications worldwide, You can be found by many more users.
    • The platform has many users, and On average, people spend 140 minutes (about 2 1/2 hours) daily using Facebook and other social networking. With over a billion people worldwide, this is a lot of eyes!
    • It’s a very engaging social media platform. Instagram is a user-friendly way to sell products. Also, it allows creators to connect directly with their followers and create connections. Then, all you have to do is upload images and videos to begin marketing your product.

    Social media has become an effective tool for entrepreneurs and creators to advertise their products and services and attract new customers.

    Instagram shops let you create a brand’s story and present your product all over the globe.

    How To Sell on Instagram for free:10 Actionable Tips

    1. Convert it to a business profile

    There’s nothing new here; however, a surprising amount of small-scale business owners I speak to would like to begin selling via Instagram without first taking this easy step. Converting your regular Instagram profile into one that is business-focused gives you access to a range of essential reporting and selling options. Before we go into those steps, here’s how you can convert your Instagram profile.

    Log in to your account and click the hamburger-like button on your dashboard’s right-hand side.

    • Tap Settings on the bottom right.
    • Scroll to “Switch to Business Profile.”
    •  You’re done.

    Now! Here are a few highlights of new features that are available after making the change:

    how to sell on instagram
    Source: Wordstream

    Instagram Insights. It’s not as straightforward to use Instagram as it is on Facebook to search for personal and demographic information. It’s also difficult to collect that data in a broader sense. Instagram Insights performs the tough task for you.

    There’s a wealth of information here, and when you change to a business profile, it’s easily accessible via the app on your phone. For example, in the Activity tab, you’ll see metrics such as page visits, website clicks, impressions, and reach.

    Under the tab Content in the Content tab, you can get an in-depth analysis of the effectiveness and performance of every article or story, as well as engagements and visits to the profile of each.

    On the tab for Audience In the Audience tab, you can monitor the places, ages as well as genders of the people you follow along with the dates and times of day when they’re active. This is all very useful information once we reach Step 3.

    CTA button. This button is in the upper right corner of your account, under your bio. It allows users to contact you via email or phone or find directions to your company.

    Stories links. You may know that Instagram doesn’t permit users to include links in posts. Also, it only allows one link to a website within a bio. However, it is possible to add hyperlinks in stories on Instagram that allow you to guide your users to different products or websites that are landing on your site. Stories are very well-known and growing in popularity and have an enormous benefit. Read this post about Instagram story hacks to get more tips.

    Facebook alignment. Connect with your Facebook Business page to begin advertising through the Business Manager or Ads Manager.

    2. Set up a product catalog

    For selling products on Instagram, it is necessary to be able to link the Instagram account to an online catalog. Log in to the account you’ve created with Meta Commerce Manager. Commerce Manager is a function of Facebook Business Manager that lets you create a shop in your Facebook Shop.

    • Once you are in Commerce Manager, click + Add catalog.
    how to sell on instagram
    Source: Shopify
    • Choose the type of catalog you’ll use to create your catalog. For example, when you’re an internet-based store, You’ll need to design an online catalog.
    how to sell on instagram
    How To Sell on Instagram Without Spending a Penny: 10 Tips 10
    • After that, you’ll have for you to transfer your stock. 

    If you’re selling a limited quantity of items, then you can manually upload details about the product in your store. You can also join a Partner Platform such as Shopify to import your inventory.

    If you decide to upload the products manually, here’s the information that you’ll need:

    • 500 x 500 pixels image(s)
    • Product Description
    • Link to the landing page.
    • Price
    • An SKU number

    3. Tag products with Instagram Shoppable Posts

    Once you have access to the shoppable posts available on Instagram and have completed all the steps mentioned above, adding tags to your posts is simple and simple.

    • Upload your photo and when you’re finished editing, click “Next.”
    • Click on “Tag Products.”
    how to sell on instagram
    Source: Hubspot
    • Click on the item in your photo you wish to label.
    • Find the product, then choose it.
    how to sell on instagram
    How To Sell on Instagram Without Spending a Penny: 10 Tips 11
    • Click “Done” and share the image.
    how to sell on instagram
    how to sell on instagram shop

    4. Build a Shoppable Instagram Feed to Start Selling

    The shopping feature of Instagram allows businesses to label items that are on sale and allows users to purchase directly through the application.

    how to sell on instagram
    how to sell on instagram without a website

    Shopify plugins such as Shoppable Instagram Galleries make it simpler for your business to increase sales.

    5. Start Using Instagram Reels for Brand Awareness

    Since the introduction of Instagram Reels as a reaction to the success of TikTok, Instagram has been pushing the feature with a lot of force and rewarding users who use it.

    The competitive nature of both apps has resulted in Reels being among the most effective ways to boost brand recognition.

    Reels operate with a different algorithm to feed posts. It is possible to post videos and watch them gain momentum after two weeks because time-to-time isn’t the most important factor in ranking.

    The Reels algorithm is focused on ensuring that people stay engaged on the app, providing viewers with greater content they love and increasing the chances of being viral.

    6. Create partnerships with Instagram Influencers

    Influencers on Instagram remain popular because sponsorships and collaborations have nearly replaced ads on digital media and constitute a significant element of social media marketing strategies.

    Today, consumers don’t trust traditional advertisements – they can trust their friends and family. In addition, the research from Nielsen indicates that consumers value their advice ahead of brand ads.

    The simpler it is for a potential customer to imagine them using your product, the simpler it will be to convince them.

    Influencer marketing offers brands the chance to speak to an engaged and engaged audience. While investing massive amounts of money into influencer marketing may seem like a risky decision, it’s crucial to be aware of the value you’re paying.

    7. Take advantage of interest with links to your bio

    It’s easy to sell your products on the Instagram app using Shoppable Posts, but sometimes buyers want to know more about a business before making a purchase. Utilize your bio to direct to additional resources, such as your blog or website.

    While you’re not allowed to add more than one hyperlink on your bio page, you may use the Linktree application to create another page with several hyperlinks. Just share a link to the Linktree webpage in the bio, and when people click it, you’ll show them an e-commerce page with all the links you’ve included.

    8. Create high-quality posts to sell more on Instagram

    Quality posts can help you build your profile on Instagram and help you gain new followers, who might ultimately be customers.

    Image of high quality that is a perfect fit with the overall vibe of your brand.

    Provide Relevant and useful information included in the image of the post as well in its caption, which proves your competence is current and relevant to your business and gives your viewers something to digest (for the account that are not as serious, the entertainment value is important, as well! ).

    A reliable posting that your viewers can be confident about (meaning you don’t vanish without warning for weeks or days at an interval).

    The content calendar is planned for weeks to form part of an overall strategy for content.

    9. Link to products/services in stories

    how to sell on instagram
     Link to products/services in stories

    Making Stories available and sharing about your product or service is another method to market your product through Instagram, particularly since it is possible to directly connect to the product using a sticker.

    It doesn’t need to be expensive; neither can you talk about your product before the camera, showcase it, or relate a story of the client’s success in a particular service, etc.

    It is possible to add a hyperlink sticker that directs you to the page of the product on the page.

    In addition, this feature was initially only available to certain users; however, Instagram recently granted it to all users.

    10. Encourage engagement and word-of-mouth marketing

    how to sell on instagram
    Source: Buffer

    Our study of 800 millennials and Gen Z Instagram users found that 53% of users discover companies through word-of-mouth. Therefore, explore different ways to engage that encourage users to share your account and your products. For example, it is possible to encourage your followers to share the message with suggestions such as “Tag a friend who would absolutely rock this look!”

    Giveaways are an effective method to encourage social sharing. Alongside commenting and liking the post to win, it is possible to invite people to make sure to share your post via Instagram Stories or on Instagram Stories or tag friends in the comments.


    Instagram Shopping is only the beginning for business owners looking to increase sales through this Instagram app. There are other ways and platforms to market your products on social media. As more and more people become accustomed to this new and exciting shopping area, it’s up to your company to provide products to the areas where customers spend the most: on social media.

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