Facebook Marketplace: How To Sell on Facebook Marketplace in 2022

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    The Marketplace is a destination on Facebook where people can discover, buy and sell items. People can browse listings, search for items for sale in their area or find products available for shipping. While individual people can list items for sale, businesses can use Marketplace. All listings on Marketplace must comply with our Commerce Policies and our Community Standards. This guide will help sell on the marketplace and make the best results out of it.

    Why Facebook Marketplaces?

    Facebook is a crucial platform for companies to sell their products to specific audiences.

    It was previously only available as a peer-to-peer marketplace for shopping; Facebook Marketplaces has expanded to include selling by merchants.

    As the world of retail becomes increasingly omnichannel and offers increasing opportunities to sell various locations, Facebook Marketplaces allows brands to benefit from the already existing interactions on Facebook.

    In January 2022, more than 1 billion people worldwide visit Marketplace every month to browse, purchase or sell items offering retailers the opportunity to boost sales and discover essential products at the same place that their customers are already buying.

    What is Facebook Marketplace?

    A marketplace is an excellent place for those looking to find things to buy and sell. Users can locate the information they seek using filters that filter results by location, category, and price.

    Facebook Marketplaces Categories

    Brands and people can include items in these categories

    • Classifieds.
    • Clothing & Accessories.
    • Deals.
    • Electronics.
    • Entertainment.
    • Family.
    • Hobbies.
    • Home & Garden.
    • Housing.
    • Vehicles.

    Shoppers can look through specific categories, browse all categories and search by specific item.

    Things To Consider When Selling on Facebook Marketplace

    1. Orders must be delivered within 3 days and received within 7 business days.

    For companies that create handcrafted products, it’s essential to adjust the amount of inventory available to address any problems with demand and supply.

    2. Some e-commerce platforms do not sync to Facebook Marketplace.

    Below are some examples of online platforms Facebook Marketplaces has a partnership with.

    • ChannelAdvisor.
    • ShipStation.
    • Shopify.
    • Zentail.
    • BigCommerce.
    • Quipt.
    • CommerceHub.

    3. There will be lots of communication/messages from buyers.

    Like any other selling channel On Marketplace, you’ll be receiving inquiries from those considering purchasing your product or from those who have already bought and are planning how they’ll receive the product.

    How to sell things on Facebook Marketplace

    1. Start selling 

    Facebook Marketplace
    Facebook Marketplace: How To Sell on Facebook Marketplace in 2022 6

    The process of listing an object in the Facebook Marketplaces is free with no costs, and you’ll be in a position to begin selling your item the moment you decide to post your product. When it is selected for sale on Facebook’s Marketplace products, they can be listed for sale up to 48 hours before the item is sold and with the option of making it a maximum of 60 days. Before posting an item to sale on Facebook, it is important to be familiar with the following topics of discussion:

    2. The Marketplace Design

    The main element of every listing is the picture or product’s image so buyers can see the item they’re bidding for and how you’d like buyers to pay for the product. If you’re selling a small product, there may be an option to use Facebook Marketplaces to post a thumbnail of your product in your listing’s design. If you post a picture or image that you are selling on Facebook, buyers will be able to view the items they’re planning to buy and even zoom in to see a more detailed view.

    3. The Posting Process

    Before posting an item for sale, it’s advised to preview your listing to ensure all is correct before post your listing live (whether live sales start at the moment or after 24 hours ). To get additional assistance with the process, follow this link to understand Facebook’s steps to post items for sale through Marketplace.

    4. Start with your listing

    Facebook Marketplace
    Facebook Marketplace: How To Sell on Facebook Marketplace in 2022 7

    If you’re ready to post something, you can click the Marketplace tab on Facebook. When you’ve chosen this option under the “Sell” creator name field on the sidebar of your page, It’s time to start posting the items you have for sale. After that, you’ll need to click the “Add a product” or the “Add a product” button to add more stock.

    5. Market items for sale via Facebook

    Once you’ve been selected through marketplaces, you are able to use Facebook’s advertising options in an order that appears most often the next time potential buyers come across your product and see their interest piqued. To do this, you can place an ad paid for that will lead potential buyers away from the ads section directly to your profile.

    6. Check your statistics

    Before you end your day, make sure to check Facebook marketplaces statistics regarding the purchase history and the history of payments. With this powerful Marketplace available, it’s essential to understand the success of any advertising campaign you’re running and if the merchandise sold meets the majority of the buyers’ requirements. To help you get acquainted with the Facebook marketplaces, read this guide to selling items on Facebook.

    How to advertise on the Facebook Marketplace

    1.) Design an ad that is compatible with your business

    If you’re selling an item obviously to be sold, you can utilize use the Facebook Marketplaces product feed to create an advertisement. If you’re looking to sell products on behalf of a third-party company, simply click Marketplaces Manager on the left column and then select “show products from a brand” to display the products belonging to that company on your page.

    2.) Add photos

    Facebook Marketplace
    Facebook Marketplace: How To Sell on Facebook Marketplace in 2022 8

    Before you can promote it, you must create a Facebook advertisement for your product that contains videos or images. To create this, you need to select Report on the right side of Facebook Marketplace and select monetize an existing product. Next, select Upload a File, and choose the image of the product you wish to apply for.

    3.) Check out your ad before it goes live

    To see your advertisement in a preview To preview your ad, choose “Marketplace Manager” in the left column. Then, click Edit next to the picture that you would like to use. The screen will appear in which you can make various modifications before publishing the ad. You can then choose to submit when you have completed editing.

    The Benefits of Selling on Facebook Marketplace

    1.     Extended reach.

    Retailers who are on Marketplace can introduce their products and brands into the market.

    2.     Personalized customer experience.

    Facebook marketplace
    Facebook Marketplace: How To Sell on Facebook Marketplace in 2022 9

    Facebook Marketplace showcases products relevant to the public, helping your business find the best clients.

    This will ensure that your products are noticed by the correct audience, which ultimately leads to an increased likelihood of the interaction, eventually leading to an eventual purchase.

    What sells best on Facebook?

    Here’s a basic guideline for what is most successful on Facebook. But, of course, you have nothing to lose by trying it initially and then trying to sell it onto eBay in case you’re unsuccessful.

    Popular goods. Facebook is a good option for popular goods like Nintendo Switches, settees, and spare TVs, which a lot of people have and need.

    If postage exceeds the value of small items. This is a great thing for baby grow, paperbacks, and old DVDs, as postage is a lot more expensive than the gains on eBay.

    Bulky or breakable. The market for collectibles like wardrobes and sofas is typically only available to local residents.

    Kids’ things. Parents groups are one of the busiest, which is why this is an excellent idea for cots, children’s clothes, Frozen dolls, and Jumpers.

    Items that are hard to sell on Marketplace

    Rarer items. Facebook isn’t a great option for expensive, niche items like the art of the highest quality as well as spare lights for the Aston Martin DB9.

    High-value items. It can be uncomfortable to meet strangers with whom you want to buy expensive products, like an expensive Macbook or designer apparel.

    Buying tricks on Facebook Marketplace

    facebook marketplaces
    Buying tricks on Facebook Marketplace

    Find local selling groups.

    Search for groups within your area or by postcode using Facebook’s main search bar, along with words like selling sale’,’ selling’ or buying. It’s worth joining some. Learn more about how to find group discussions above.

    Check on Facebook Marketplace.

    Facebook offers its own feature for classified advertisements named Facebook Marketplace (see further details on this in the previous paragraph). It lets you search for keywords as well as browse by categories in order to locate things. It is also possible to alter your search location and options to narrow your search to a particular area.

    Make sure you mark your spot.

    Have you seen something you like? In the majority of Facebook forums, the standard is that the first person to post a comment on the sale post is the first to get it. If someone else is to the post first, it’s worthwhile to ask, ‘am I next in line to be next in line?’


    It’s fine to suggest a lower amount in the event that a seller has listed an item in the past but does not have any interest. If you’re on Facebook Marketplace, the only thing you have to do is select ‘ask information’ and propose a figure.

    Be sure to check it frequently as often as you can.

    Unlike eBay, Facebook does not allow you to create email alerts for certain products. Therefore, if you’re in search of something, make sure you check it all day long since products are available and sold at a rapid pace.

    Closing the deal using Private messaging.

    Once your offer’s accepted, the second step would be to send a private message to the seller to establish payment details.

    Compare prices

    .Just because it’s posted on Facebook does not suggest it’s an affordable deal. Always look at prices in other places.

    It’s also worth checking out the prices for identical items sold on eBay.Enter the search field on eBay and select sold items’.The search results will show an inventory of prices that the items have been sold for.

    Always pay cash.

    In order to ensure that you don’t miss out, make sure you make payments in cash instead of through a bank transfer, cheque, or PayPal.If someone wants you to transfer money via Western Union or another instant money transfer service, don’t hesitate to walk for a mile.

    Make sure you are safe when collecting.

    If you think a post or message seems suspicious, go with your instincts and stay away. If you do decide to get something and you want to tell someone the location you’re taking, use a mobile phone and be on the property if it’s possible.

    Bags that are hidden on eBay offer local deals.

    eBay sellers sometimes list items, from bicycles to PS4s, as being ‘collection only.’ Usually, they are able to get fewer bids, and prices are lower. You can alter the delivery options using eBay’s advanced search feature to make it “collection-only,” or you can use our Local eBay Deals Mapper to locate them.

    How to communicate with buyers

    Certain customers may be quite rude, particularly if you are selling a product at more than retail. Be calm and courteous regardless of the circumstances.

    • Make sure to respond to messages as fast as you can to increase your odds of selling.
    • If you see someone being inconsiderate or angry, you can do not respond or remove them.
    • Make use of the messenger application to answer questions even when you aren’t at your computer.
    • Be prepared to negotiate. Customers will lower the price you.
    • If you are asked, be respectful in communicating your best price and remain unshakeable.


    When you’ve come to the end of this blog post, we hope that you feel better informed about why and how to sell on the Facebook marketplace entails. But more importantly, we want your experience with our blog to be a pleasant one and for us to help make your life easier. I hope this article helped you.

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