How To Sell on ETSY: Start Your Earning in 8 Simple Steps

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    How To Sell on ETSY: Start Your Earning in 8 Simple Steps

    Selling your products on Etsy is an option worth considering in 2022 since it’s among the fastest, easy, least expensive, and most cost-effective methods to put your handcrafted products on the internet and connect with a shopping cart. It’s also a less risky alternative when compared with building an online store. It is possible to set up an attractive online store within minutes, add a few products for a couple of dollars, and not need to pay domain and hosting costs.

    learn how to sell on etsy

    What are the reasons you should be selling on Etsy?

    Etsy enabled every retailer can create an altered website “shop” with full internet capabilities. You can also manage your business using its standard setup wizard. It’s an easy, fast, moderate, and effective way to reach clients.

    Customized storefront:

    Like other marketplaces, Etsy offers a customized storefront, a kind of online store parked on Etsy. It allows merchants aspiring to display all their products in one location to brand their store – add an image, taglines, and personalized logos and develop their own rules.

    Huge audience:

    As we’ve already said, Etsy has an exceptional three million+ active users, and among them, 40% of them are regular customers. This is proof of the customers’ love for Etsy. These excellent indicators encourage merchants to create an Etsy store and begin trading as quickly as possible.

    Customer engagement

    Another option that Etsy gives 3rd party sellers is the ability to interact with their customers. For example, it permits third-party sellers to remove their social media profiles and drop coupons or gather emails to interact with their target audience in person.

    Own Shipping Policies

    Etsy sellers are responsible for their listings. They can design shipping, return or exchange policies. Most sellers are part-time; they can’t provide comparable refund or shipping policies similar to the giants of e-commerce, and Etsy fully understands this. They can decide on their policies.

    Etsy’s free shipping guarantee for orders can increase sales and encourage customers to shop for a larger quantity when they are collecting festive items during the holiday season. Customers enjoy seeing these fantastic phrases, “Free Shipping,” and do not want to shell out the money to take the goods to their homes.

    M-Commerce Presence

    Etsy offers a fantastic mobile application that is also beneficial to third-party sellers. The percentage of mobile visitors to Etsy reached 66% as of 2017, and the percentage of mobile traffic in the total GMV of merchandise sold through Etsy for 2020 was 61 percent. According to Statista, in 2019, it is estimated that the Etsy mobile sales percentage grew to around 6 percent from the quarter 1st of 2017. This means that it provides an impressive m-commerce presence for sellers on the internet. Etsy sellers. In 2021, GMS increased to 4.1 billion US Dollars, an increase of 3.9 billion US Dollars.

    Pay in installments

    With the most recent announcement, customers can now easily purchase things and pay for them through installments (easily control your own business). Sellers on Etsy will be able to receive the entire amount of the order in the order they can ship and complete delivery on time. The customer can pay in installments. Buyers and sellers alike will gain from this. You can use this update to attract more buyers if you’re a US-based company. It will later be released to more areas.

    What is the cost of selling your product on Etsy?

    how to sell on etsy
    cost of selling

    Etsy keeps its costs simple and easy to comprehend:

    • No monthly subscription fees
    • $0.20 per item listing fee (renews every four months)
    • 6.5% Transaction fee
    • $0.25 payment processing fee
    • 15% Offsite Ads Fee*
      • “Etsy is a company that pays you to promote your products on the internet via Offsite ads. The only time you pay is when you earn a profit from one of the advertisements.”

    The Etsy Standard store is completely free; Etsy also offers an “Etsy Plus” store that costs $10 per month. So what’s with Etsy Plus?

    • Monthly budgets of credit for Etsy Ads and listings
    • You can get a discount for a unique website URL for the Etsy shop
    • Restock requests from shoppers who are interested in your items that have been sold out
    • Options for customization of shop layouts and options for advanced shop design
    • Discounts on custom packaging and promotion products like business cards and signs

    How to sell on ETSY successfully

    Etsy lets you begin selling your products simply. These are steps to follow on how to sell your products on Etsy and how to set up your online store.

    1. Go to to Get Started.

    Go to Etsy’s homepage. On the Etsy home page, click on the Sell to Etsy button, Then click on the link to open Your Etsy Shop.

    2. Customize Your Shop’s Settings.

    As your own shop’s manager you can decide on your shop’s requirements for the manner in which you wish to market your goods. Select the language to describe your products, the currency you will use for trade, your address, etc.

    3. Select a Shop Name.

    This is where your creative side comes to the fore. You must create an Etsy business name that represents the personal branding of your business. Your name should be matched with your offerings and easy for your customers to remember. The name must be between four and twenty characters, with no spaces or specific characters.

    4. Upload your products

    When your brand new Etsy shop is able to host an account, and you’re ready to sell products. Create an account for every item you’re selling on the marketplace, be it antiques, handmade products, or even arts and crafts items.

    Perhaps the most important aspect of every Etsy item is the imagery that you utilize to promote the product. When you shop online, customers purchase using their eyes. They don’t feel, smell or feel the item in person. The decision to buy your Etsy product depends on your images of the product.

    You can upload as many as ten quality photos or one video for each listing. Each one must be appealing enough that it stands out from products offered by other marketplace sellers.

    how to sell on etsy
     Upload your products

    Scroll down to see an option to include more details about the product you’re listing. This can include:

    • A product title
    • Details about the listing include the source of the listing, who did it, and the date it was made.
    • The category is a part of
    • The listing is a type (more about this in the future)
    • It doesn’t matter if it’s a tangible or digital product
    • A product description containing your unique selling point (USPs)

    Consider SEO or search engine optimization (SEO) best techniques when you optimize an Etsy listing. Keep in mind that The marketplace operates upon the search engine, which connects both sellers and buyers. Make sure that you get in touch with potential customers on search results pages by adding specific keywords within the description of your Etsy listing.

    how to sell on etsy

    Determine the pricing of your product in your Inventory section and Pricing section. You must enter the price that a customer would be willing to pay for the item, and the number of items you have in stock, as well as an SKU (if you are using these). You may also include variations for items that are different sizes or colors.

    how to sell on etsy

    5. Preview Your Listing

    Go to “Preview Listing” to check the way your Etsy shop appears from the customers’ perspective prior to releasing the shop to the public for the very first time.

    If there are any adjustments you’d like to make, it’s best to make the changes before the shop goes live. If you’re satisfied with the way the shop appears, click “Finish.”

    6. Select the payment method you prefer.

    how to sell on etsy
    payment method

    After you’ve got your Etsy store set up, You’ll have to choose the payment method you’d prefer to use. You’ll also need to give Etsy the payment data to allow identification and authorization.

    In the case of payment options, you can provide your customers with the option to pay using PayPal or Etsy Payments when they complete the sale you have made. Etsy Payments can be the more well-known payment option for sellers on Etsy since it’s simple to use and permits customers to pay in various ways.

    7. Determine your shipping costs

    When you’re registering as a seller on Etsy, it is also essential to determine the appropriate shipping costs. It’s possible to take into consideration aspects like whether you’ll ship your items only to customers within your country or to buyers from different countries. If you do, you’ll want to ensure that the different costs for shipping are taken into account in the form of duty and shipping processing time.

    8. Optimize Your Etsy Shop

    While Etsy is an excellent option to begin your own small-scale business without the need for the hassle of selling in-person and paying fees, however, it’s not much different from Amazon and eBay or Google with regard to methods to be found.

    Here are some suggestions on how you can improve the performance of your Etsy shop:

    Complete Your Profile: Your profile on Etsy is a fantastic opportunity to boost your standing as one of the many Etsy sellers. Include a picture and your bio in a brief manner. This creates a more personal connection with your target audience and increases trust, making it more likely that they’ll buy your product.

    Add a Store Bio: The store bio section lets you talk information about your eCommerce store. You have five hundred characters to create an exciting story. Make use of your characters wisely.

    Make use of templates: Etsy offers sellers within the marketplace an array of different templates that could aid in modifying the appearance of your shop. Finding a template that represents your brand’s identity or the quality of the items you’re selling is a fantastic method to promote the image of your Etsy store in the customers’ minds.

    Utilize Marketing and Automation tools: You can use many tools that can assist you in selling more on Etsy is one of them. It includes an Etsy Seller app that lets you manage your listings from your smartphone.

    You can make use of Etsy’s collection of tools that are designed to assist you in managing the promotion, growth, and development of your business of your own. Learn more about these tools here.

    Top categories you can sell on ETSY  

    how to sell on etsy
    Top categories
    • Accessories
    • Art & Collectibles
    • Bags & Purses
    • Bath & Beauty
    • Books, Films & Music
    • Clothing
    • Craft Supplies & Tools
    • Electronics & Accessories
    • Home & Living
    • Jewelry
    • Paper & Party Supplies
    • Pet Supplies
    • Shoes
    • Toys & Games
    • Weddings

    Who Pays For Shipping on Etsy?

    The buyer generally covers shipping, and the cost will depend on where the buyer’s situated.

    Problems usually occur when shipping costs aren’t calculated correctly. Then Etsy sellers are forced to pay more shipping costs than they initially intended to.

    If this occurs, the result could be a significant increase in the cost of conducting business through the platform, particularly when the shipping cost includes insurance, which can further increase the cost.

    One method to avoid this is to conduct some research to determine the exact cost of shipping various items to different areas. If you offer free shipping to customers, then your sales price should be inclusive of the cost of shipping, so you’ll still be able to make an adequate profit from your merchandise.

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