How To Sell on eBay: 10 Easy Steps for Selling in 2022

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    eBay is among the most well-known marketplaces. It offers businesses and individuals of all sizes the possibility to reach out to the international public, but the market is also quite competitive. To sell on eBay effectively, they must be familiar with the basics and master techniques such as listing optimization. It can be overwhelming however that’s where we step in.

    Do you want to learn how to sell your products on eBay? Here’s everything you should be aware of in just 10 easy steps.

    learning how to sell on ebay

    How to sell on eBay step by step

    Step 1. Decide what you want to sell

    It is possible to sell nearly everything you can imagine on eBay. But, the majority of sellers start with items that fall into the top performing categories of the site:

    • Beauty and health: Makeup, hair dye, nail polish, makeup tools.
    • Garden and home Cleaning products, small appliances, lawnmowers.
    • Toys and Hobbies: Kits for making models, board games, and video games.
    • Crafts sewing supplies, modeling materials, as well as jewelry making.
    • Sports equipment: Weights, fitness equipment, bikes, fitness equipment.
    • Networking and computer: Webcams, printers, as well as wireless routers.
    • Pet toys: Feeding bowls, grooming tools, toys.

    Picking a field you’re knowledgeable or interested in is a great way to increase your odds of success.

    how to sell on ebay
    How To Sell on eBay: 10 Easy Steps for Selling in 2022 7

    Market analysis tools also provide you with pricing and demand data to help you decide what to offer. The most efficient tool can be found in Terapeak; it’s an exclusive tool on eBay that offers item suggestions using real-time information from millions of eBay transactions. You can access it at no cost as long as you’re signed up for one of the four plans offered by eBay.

    Step 2: Create a seller account on eBay

    Making an account to sell your products on eBay is easy. Your business can begin to operate within one hour!

    how to sell on ebay
    Source: Junglescout

    A) Go to the Create an Account page and type in your email address and your name in those fields. After that, you’ll be able to make a password to your account.

    After clicking “Create an account,” you’ll arrive on the eBay homepage. You’ll then be signed into your new account. eBay will create an automatic username for you; however, you can modify it by going to your “My eBay” section under “Account,” then “Personal Info.”

    how to sell on ebay
    Source: Junglescout

    Before you begin creating listings, make sure you have a bank account to be aware of where the proceeds from the sales of your products will be spent.

    B) Add payment method

    By registering your bank account, you receive payments from purchases on the payment timetable.

    In the top-right part of the eBay homepage, look for in the top right corner of eBay’s home page, click on the “My eBay” dropdown menu and then click “Selling.”

    Then, click “Account.”

    In the section called “Payments,” you’ll see “Payment options.” Enter your bank account you’d like payments for sales on eBay.

    With Managed Payments With Managed Payments, eBay automatically subtracts the costs for selling from your earnings before the payment.

    C) Start selling! Now is the time to put your products for sale on eBay. It’s easy.

    Step 3. Take high-quality images of your product

    Every item you post to sell on eBay should include a photograph. It should be a photograph of the product. It is important to ensure that the photo has adequate lighting to allow shoppers to be able to see the specifics of the item they’re thinking of purchasing.

    You can include up to 12 pictures of each item for no cost. Photographs should be taken from different angles; if the product you’re offering is used, concentrate on any defects or flaws to make them visible in the pictures. It is important to highlight flaws to let buyers know what they’re getting. Of course, you want your objects to look attractive; however, eBay is strict with the authenticity of sellers. Don’t attempt to hide any defects if they are any. The minimum size is 600×900.

    Step 4. Make sure you list your item in the appropriate category

    If you are listing your item, sign in to your eBay account and click your “Sell” category at the top of the page. It will take you to the seller’s page. Get familiar with all the items available on the page. Begin by choosing the appropriate category.

     If you’re selling books, for instance, choose the appropriate category. If you’re selling a laptop, you should select laptops and computers. Making sure your product is listed within the best category for what it is will help you get more attention from those who are seeking this particular product. This is an important aspect of ensuring success when running the success of your eBay store.

    how to sell on ebay
    how to sell on ebay step-by-step

    Step 5. Add the best possible title and product details

    Before you name your listing, consider the keywords you might look up, e.g., “antique victrola record player” or “Girl’s Carter’s Sweatpants, size 7.” Write down the contents in small words, but include sufficient details in the description. This is a simple task.

    Incorporate as much detail as is possible

    To get more people to your products, Try to provide as much information as possible. This can be in terms of the product’s quality, shipping details, and, of course, high-quality images. When you post a listing on eBay, start to get into the habit of adding:

    • Many high-quality images
    • A complete description of the damage, with any appropriate damages
    • The cost of shipping and packaging
    • Your returns policy
    • How will you accept the payment from the buyer

    Step 6. Price yourself in a competitive manner

    EBay’s marketplace is extensive, with sellers offering similar items at various costs. Customers on eBay make purchasing choices based on a range of elements, such as price and terms for sale prices; however, a reasonable price is the main aspect.

    You have the option of selecting either of the two selling options on eBay:

    • Purchase it right today. This refers to fixed-price auctions allowing your client to pay for something and get it shipped immediately. This can be a great option for those who do not want to sit around waiting for auctions to close. Buy it now could help more people purchase at the last minute.
    • Auctions. Auctions can last between one and 10 days and even induce buyers to spend more money on your item. Auctions can encourage buyers to compete against each other; however, you’ll need to make sure your auction will get people excited. Auction-style auctions are ideal when you have items in very high demand and a small availability, such as rare items or collectibles. They are also a great option if you aren’t sure what price to offer your items.

    Step 7: Select shipping options

    how to sell on ebay
    learn how to sell on ebay

    After establishing the price, you’ll have to create delivery options for your item. Ensure that your shipping policy is as attractive as possible by offering two-day delivery or no-cost returns. In the age of Amazon Prime, convenient shipping is a requirement for customers who shop online. You must meet to remain profitable.

    Meeting buyers’ expectations by offering a solid shipping policy can increase the popularity of your product on eBay. Thanks to the marketplace’s search engine, users can select items with quick delivery times that are in line with the eBay Guaranteed Delivery (EGD) requirements. An item must be available on the same day or one-day handling duration to be eligible for EGD.

    To determine the shipping policies for your company, you need to fill in the following details on your listing tools:

    • The type of price: Select a flat rate for all buyers or a calculated rate depending on the buyer’s location and the freight cost for objects that weigh over 150 pounds and “No shipping: Local pickup only.”
    • Services offered by carriers: You have the option of choosing from many carriers and their offerings, including USPS, FedEx, and UPS.

    Step 8: Fix the Policy, Terms and Condition, Guarantee, and Warranty

    To avoid confusion and negative feedback from buyers, clearly state the company’s guidelines, such as those for refunds and returns on an eBay Seller account. Also, don’t forget to include these terms and conditions of the identical.

    If warranties or guarantees are related, the buyer should be aware of them and be made aware of them.

    Step 9. Promote your listings

    Selling on eBay isn’t always easy due to the sheer number of listings on the market.

    If you promote your listing via eBay advertising, your item will have a greater chance of getting noticed and drawing buyers. According to eBay reports, the visibility of listings promoted is 36% higher than listings that are not promoted.

    The promoted listings appear in the uppermost position of the results when a potential buyer searches for your specific product. In addition, the listing will be marked with the words “Sponsored,” as in the image below.

    To set up an item that is promoted, you must have registered as an eBay store subscriber. To set up your listing, visit and choose the method you want to set up your campaign. You can do this by choosing the individual listings or choosing those in bulk.

    After you’ve selected the type of listing you’d like to advertise, an ad will be generated automatically. Next, you’ll need to decide on the amount you’re willing to pay to promote your listing. This is known as the ad cost.

    Step 10: Feedback

    how to sell on ebay 2022

    Feedback is one of the important aspects you must be aware of before launching a business on eBay or offering your services through eBay. Feedback from buyers is helpful to other sellers. While you’re at it, ask for feedback from your customers to improve your page on products and also help prospective buyers will be able to understand what your product is.

    Final thoughts

    There’s plenty to know about selling on eBay However, and If you’re patient and take note of all these steps, you’ll be able to avoid big errors. Once you’ve established your reputation as a trustworthy seller, you’ll be able to begin to increase the number of listings you have and boost sales by using eBay promotions.

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