How to Screenshot On Windows: 7 Different Methods

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    Learning what to do with a screenshot with Windows platforms is the most efficient way to share or preserve video content from the internet, programs, and video games. It is possible to take your screenshot and send it to social media, email, or file-sharing websites with only one click.

    This article will teach you how to capture screenshots of any website or program and full-screen video games with many different techniques. Learn how to capture not just static images but also videos.

    1. How to Screenshot On Windows Using Print Screen key/shortcut

    The most efficient method to take an image of your computer or PC in Windows 10 is the Print Screen key (Prtscn). The button is typically located in the top line of your keyboard close to its function(F#) keys. To capture the entire screen and save it automatically as a screen, tap the Windows key and Print Screen. Your screen will temporarily be dark to indicate that you’ve taken a screenshot, and it will save the image to your Pictures Screenshots folder. We’ll look at the process in more detail below:

    To capture the entire screenshot on Windows, just follow these steps:

    • Press PrtScn on the upper right part of the keyboard to create the exact window you’d like to print. It will print an active window.
    • You can capture your PC screenshot using the keyboard using buttons like the Prt Sc button or the Print Scbuttons. For example, click the PrtScn button and Print Scrn button to capture the full screen of your computer. The screen will be automatically saved to your clipboard.
    • Save the image file. Paste the image into any software that lets you insert images, for example, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Paint.
    • To capture your entire screen and instantly save the screenshot, press on the Windows Key + Print Screen (windows key print screen. Your screen will temporarily be dark to show that you’ve taken a screenshot.
    • Screenshots will be saved automatically from the screenshot to screenshots in the Pictures folder.
    • It is possible to use the Function (Fn) key on certain keyboards and Press the Screen button to print. Screen button to start the screen capture process, i.e., Fn + PrtScn button/or print screen (print the screen)

    2. Alt + Prt (print buttons on screen) screen capture

    If you are only looking to print the screen of a single active window, You can do this by using this key shortcut Alt + Prt Sc (print screen).

    • To capture a screenshot of the current window you’d like to take, and not just any window, you’ll have to choose the window by clicking it in the first place.
    • Press Alt + print (print the screen) or the windows key to print the screen.
    • This copies the image to the clipboard. You can reuse it by pasting it into another location.
    • If you wish to save the photo to an image file, you can do this using a keyboard shortcut.
    • Simply Press on the Windows button(with its Windows symbol) + Prt Sc
    • The data is saved

    3. Take a screenshot using a Surface Pen

    If you’re on a touch-screen PC like a Surface Pro, you can take a screenshot of your full screen simply by double-clicking on the Back button on a Surface Pen. It will open Snip along with Sketch, with the entire screenshot available for annotation, editing, and sharing.

    4. Taking a Screenshot using a game on windows

    • Start The Xbox Game Bar. To do this, press Win+G simultaneously. This will allow you to access Game Bar. Game Bar.
    • Allow games functions. If you are playing in a game, you’ll be required to tell Xbox Game Bar that it is playing by entering Game Bar settings, going to general, and then clicking the checkbox “Remember this is a game.” This will allow gaming features in the application you are playing with.
    •  Click the button for photos, or press Press Win+Alt+PrtScn. This will capture a screen of your game using any gaming overlays, like overlays for the Xbox Game Bar, Xbox Game Bar overlay, or the Discord integration.
    • Locate your screenshot within your “Captures” folder in “Videos.” The game screenshot will be in this folder. However, you can also access it from the gallery.

    5. Screenshot Using the Snipping Tool

    Windows 10 also comes with an additional interesting feature called “Snipping Tool. ” Snipping Tool” which allows users to capture a screenshot of a specific part of the window currently in use. Let’s see how this tool functions.

    how to screenshot on windows
    • Simply click on the search icon and search for Snipping Tools. You can also locate the tool in the Start Menu: All Applications > Accessories.
    how to screenshot on windows
    • When the Snipping tool is opened, click the New button.
    • Click on the drop-down box under Mode and choose the Rectangular Snip and Snip for Free. Snip.
    how to screenshot on windows
    • Once the image has been taken, users can save the image to any location they want. The drop-down offers two more alternatives in addition to Rectangular or Free Snip. The options include Window Snip and Full-Screen Snip. The window snip allows the user to choose a window on the screen. The window could also be a dialog box like the image above.

    6. Power + Volume Up

    To capture a screenshot for Windows 10 with a Microsoft Surface device, Press the Power Button and volume up Button. Your screen should dim, and your image will be saved in your Pictures screenshots folder.

    7. Screenshots using external tools


    how to screenshot on windows
    how to screenshot on windows without print screen

    In my view, if you’re looking for a basic inexpensive, yet effective screenshot tool, the Greenshot is the ideal option. Greenshot is an open-source application that runs from the taskbar and allows you to snap screenshots quickly in many ways. It lets you take screenshots of regions’ active window full screen, final region, and more with UI or keyboard shortcuts.


    how to screenshot on windows
    how to take screenshot on windows 11

    I’d been using PicPick for nearly two years before switching to Greenshot since I wanted something more straightforward. If you’re looking for an image tool with a powerful editor, then PicPick is superior to other tools for screenshots. It provides eight methods to take a picture and then lets you open the editor.


    how to screenshot on windows
    how to take screenshot on windows 10

    ShareX is a great screen capture tool available absolutely free. It’s Open Source, and you can utilize it to capture pictures in a variety of ways. There’s even an automatic setting for screenshots. In addition, the screenshots can be set to save or copy to a clipboard. The program is compatible with Windows 10 as well as older versions.

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