How to Screen Record on iPhone [Updated 2022]

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    How to screen record on iPhone with & without Home Button. Screenshots are a quaint style. But, with the iPhone’s screen recording feature, it is possible to save your favorite YouTube videos, make tutorials to share with your friends, record important information for a meeting in the office online, or record gaming scenes with a couple of taps. Follow these simple steps to understand how to record the screen on an iPhone.

    Why is there a need to Record Your Screen?

    1. Explain a procedure

    When I next get an email from my mother needing my help to teach her how to upload a video to Instagram, and I don’t want to talk her through the process, I’ll take a video of myself doing it and then email it to her the recorded video.

    If at the time, she is unable to remember, she’ll be able to look up the video.

    If she doesn’t remember, I’ve sent the clip.

    Screen recording to assist a customer who has reached out to your support team for help with a software query, a colleague wanting to master a new procedure, and much more.

    2. Note an error, or software glitch

    This is the best example of shows how don’t show, don’t.

    Sometimes, when I encounter an error or bug within the program I’m using, I have trouble describing precisely how I ran my life when it occurred. This time, I don’t have to.

    Instead, I could record an audio recording of what I’m doing when I encounter the issue and send it to the app’s creator to help them understand the problem.

    This can be useful for your internal development team. For example, suppose you’re part of a team developing an iOS application. In that case, screen recording is a great method to inform your colleagues what’s going on so you can roll that update out as quickly as possible.

    3. To shows how new app features or functions

    screen record
    how to screen record on iphone 13

    If you’ve developed a new application or just updated your existing app, video is a great method to showcase your most-loved features.

    It is possible to create video clips highlighting specific features or an elaborate version. In either case, you’ll be able to show exactly how your application operates.

    In addition, iOS 11’s capability to record narration also means you can talk about the process you’re using.

    4. Design an App Store preview video

    Like a video showing new features or capabilities, App Store video previews are an excellent method to demonstrate how your app functions.

    Video previews demonstrate what sets your application apart from the other apps and offer that additional incentive to entice a prospective buyer to click”Buy.

    5. Provide feedback

    screen record
    how to screen record on iphone 12

    The brand-new screen recording feature allows users to do more. Now, you can look over documents and photos and give feedback from everywhere.

    Instead of typing your thoughts in text or email, you can keep track of your thoughts and changes while looking over. Then, suppose you decide to make a narration recording or let the images speak independently. In that case, You can be certain that the recipient will be able to understand what you’re talking about.

    How to screen record on iPhone

    1. Start your Settings app and locate “Control Center.”

    Apple has added an easy and easy method to record your screen using iOS 14 starting in 2020. However, you’ll need to turn it on before you can use it. To enable it, you must open the Settings app and locate Control Center (as seen above in the red rectangle).

    2. Include the Screen Recording button in your Control Center

    When you’re in Control Center, once you’re in the Control Center section, you’ll be able to see two switches as well as the “Included Controls” section with all the options that have been included in the Control Center and a section that is titled “More Controls.”

    Depending on the number of active controls, You may have to scroll down to view this. Then, within the Additional Controls section, locate Screen Recording (as seen above in the red rectangle) and tap on the + symbol in the middle of the screen on the left. It will be added in the Additional Controls section and enabled via Control Center.

    3. Open your Control Center

    After that, you’ll need to launch Control Center. This can be done via the home screen or within most iPhone applications. For iPhones with no physical Home Button, it is possible to access it by tapping down from the upper-right corner of your display.

    IPhones equipped with the physical Home Button can access it by tapping upwards on the lower part of the screen. After it’s there, you can scroll down until you can see the button that appears like a unison circle inside the hollow circle. It’s similar to the one shown in red above.

    4. Start screen recording

    If you’re ready to start recording, click the Screen Recording button. The screen will start a countdown of 3 seconds. After that, the recording will start. The countdown time can be used to shut down your Control Center and get back to the subject you are recording. Screen Recording before the video recording starts.

    If a recording is on while it is in progress, you will notice that the Screen Recording button in Control Center will change to white, and the icon inside it will change to red to show that the recording is on. In addition, the clock in the upper left corner of your screen will also be covered by an indicator in red (as shown below).

    5: Record

    This is the time to finish the task you’re planning to record on the screen. After you’ve completed recording your work, then move to the next step.

    6. Stop recording

    If you’re ready for the end of your recording, there are two options to end it. One is to press the red clock at the upper left corner of your display. This will trigger an audio dialogue box that looks like the one above. Next, it’s necessary to tap “Stop” to end your recording. If you’re using a full-screen app with a clock hidden and the clock, you may take off the Control Center and tap the Screen Recording button. If you select this method in the second place, the recording will stop instantly, and no confirmation is needed.

    In both instances, the video you made will be instantly stored in your Photos library. Then, within the Photos application, you can play it back or share it, alter it, share it, and perform all of the same functions you can with a video you recorded using the camera built into your iPhone.

    How to screenshot on iPhone

    How do you take a screenshot on an iPhone which doesn’t come with a home button?

    If you own an iPhone that does not have a Home button, similar to the ones above, including iPhone XR -to take a picture, all you need to do is hit the volume up button and the Sleep/Wake buttons.

    You don’t have to worry about pressing them exactly simultaneously. If it’s close enough, the phone can tell that it’s time to shut down or crank up the volume.

    How do I take a screenshot on an iPhone using the Home button

    Beginning with the first iPhone, taking a picture required using the home button. If you have an iPhone that features this button on the front of your handset, you only have to hit the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously.

    How can I take a screenshot of a whole web page using iPhone

    If you’re looking to take one screenshot of an entire web page, you’re lucky. There’s a feature available in Safari that lets you do this, and you won’t need to take several images. Here’s how you can capture the entire web page:

    screen record
    how to screen record on iphone 11
    • Visit the site in Safari if you’d like to have a screenshot.
    • Create a picture by using one of the above methods.
    • Tap the thumbnail image of the screen in the lower-left corner.
    • Select Full Page.
    • Tap Done.
    screen record
    how to screen record on iphone x

    When you save the whole page, iOS can even allow you to save the page as a PDF within the Files app if you do not require the file to be a JPG within the photo collection.

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