How to Screen Record on iPhone, iPad in 2023

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    How to Screen Record on iPhone, iPad in 2023

    What is Screen Recording?

    Screen recording records every move on your device, resulting in the screen in the video. Screen recorders are available on laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. They can record everything from a small portion of your screen to the entire screen.

    Screen video recorders are employed to:

    • Make sure to quickly report a problem on a website to a team of software developers
    • Solution walkthrough for the customer’s issue using their device
    • Collaboration with coworkers via video
    • Make welcome notes to the new employees.
    • Talk about your work in meetings that aren’t
    • You could do anything else with video recording using your phone or computer.

    How to screen record on iPhone  

    Once you’ve added the screen record button to the Control Center menu, you’re ready to use the feature. Screen recording features allow you to record every swipe or tap you see on the screen as long as the recording is running. This is just one of the numerous iPhone features that can simplify your life, guaranteed.

    how to screen record on iphone
    • Scroll downwards (iPhone X and later) to open the Control Center.
    how to screen record on iphone
    • Press the Record button.
    • A three-second countdown will be displayed, after which the clock in the upper left-hand edge of your screen will change to red. If you’re using an older iPhone, the red bar will be displayed at the top of your screen instead.
    • Click your screen to close your Control Center. You are now recording the audio and video on the phone’s screen.
    how to screen record on iphone
    • If you’re ready to end recording, Tap the red bar or clock in the upper right corner of your screen, then press Stop. Or swipe the letter s/u in the abbreviation for texting to start Control Center and then tap the Record button again.

    How to make an iPhone screen record with audio  

    The default setting for making screen recordings in iPhone will also record any music playing in the background on your device. This is an excellent feature. However, did you know that iPhone can also record audio from a screen? Yes, it’s feasible, and the steps are simple. You can capture live audio with the assistance of the inbuilt microphone. The most impressive feature is the recorder, for the screen can blend the audio playing through your mobile. Therefore, commenting while recording your screen is possible now. Find out what you can do to take screen recordings using the iPhone 12 with audio.

    how to screen record on iphone
    How to Screen Record on iPhone, iPad in 2023 8
    • If you’d like to start the iPhone screen-record with audio, click the recording button within the Control Center at once.
    • If you want to record audio with the built-in microphone on your screen, you’ll be required to press the recording button and hold it for a few minutes.
    • The user will see an alert screen when you press the record button for a few minutes.
    • To record audio using your microphone, simply click the microphone button.
    • Then, tap to start recording.
    • After the three-second countdown, your iPhone will begin recording your screen with audio.

    Where to find recorded videos

    The following section will aid you if you’re trying to figure out where to locate these recordings. If you end the recording by sliding down the control center and then tapping on the button to record the timer in the upper left corner, your recordings will go into the Photos folder as a default. To view your recordings, visit Photos, search for the video, and click play. You can share, delete or modify the videos according to your needs.

    Top screen recorder apps for iPhone

    Naturally, the best way to capture your screen is to use an inbuilt iOS screen recorder; however certain apps can enhance your recordings to a higher level. To help you sort through the many apps available to record your screen, here are the top screen recording software that you can download to capture the screen on your iPhone screen:

    1. TechSmith Capture: The most effective screen recorder application

    how to screen record on iphone
    how to screen record on iphone 13

    If you’re doing screens on your PC, you might recognize TechSmith as part of its Camtasia collection of applications. With the TechSmith Capture app TechSmith Capture, you can capture the screen, and, like similar apps, TechSmith Capture can record your microphone so that you can include narration or voice-overs in your videos.

    Once you’ve completed your recordings, the videos are stored in a neatly organized library within the app. You can look over, edit or share them. In addition, while running Camtasia on your PC, you can upload your videos directly from the gadget to your desktop without leaving the application.

    TechSmith Capture on the App Store

    2. Record It

    how to screen record on iphone
    how to screen record on iphone 12

    Not only records It! but also allows you to record your audio and screen simultaneously, similar to what it does with the screen recording feature natively available in iOS; it allows you to record using your camera, capturing your responses on the screen. This is helpful in the case of creating video content for YouTube and other similar social media websites, such as Instagram, as it lets viewers see your face as you speak and also be able to see your screen simultaneously.

    Record It! can also import recordings that you have previously made directly from the Camera Roll and then add audio narrations, video reactions, and other annotations to them.

    Record It! available on the App Store

    3. Web Recorder: Capture your iOS browser

    how to screen record on iphone
    how to screen record on iphone 11

    If you’re looking to capture things happening in your browser, you’ll find that Web Recorder might be the application you’ve been seeking. It functions as its web browser and keeps track of what’s happening on a website within the page. This means you don’t have to be concerned about notifications appearing or cropping the page later to remove things like time or data connection.

    Once you’ve completed recording, you can save and upload the video directly from within the application.

    Web Recorder

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