How to promote your YouTube channel 2022 : Massive GROWTH

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    The latest social networks, such as TikTok, are exploding in the present and are revolutionizing the internet; however, one platform for sharing videos is the most popular: YouTube.

    YouTube has been ranked as the second most popular site online, with over 2.2 billion users worldwide.

    If you are looking to utilize YouTube to expand (or even start) your company, you should know how to promote your YouTube channel.

    Here are a few of our most popular ways to maximize your YouTube channel and extend your reach. These strategies are easy, efficient, and cost-free.

    How to Promote Your New YouTube Channel and Get Subscribers FAST

    How to promote your YouTube channel

    1. Use YouTube SEO

    SEO is the simplest way to advertise your YouTube channel without cost. YouTube is not just an online social media platform based on a video. Still, it’s also the second largest search engine on the planet globally, second only to Google, and has millions of users taking place each month on the platform. To ensure that your content gets noticed on YouTube, it is recommended to utilize Google’s SEO on YouTube to ensure you’re using the proper keywords in your titles and your video descriptions and tags.


    To identify the best keywords to use in the right keywords for your YouTube content, you must first determine your subject. Then, you can type the topic into YouTube’s search bar and utilize the autosuggest function to determine your keywords. There is a myriad of Youtube SEO software that can help you discover the terms your audience is searching for so that you can design the perfect content and make it search-friendly.


    After you’ve decided on your keyword, it’s important to include it in your video’s title, usually in the middle of the name. The title of your video is what viewers first see, so it’s important to design a visually appealing title that naturally incorporates the keyword. Be aware of this: Google will automatically cut down the title of your video to 66 characters when it displays the search results, which is why it’s important to make sure that your title is within that limit.


    Your YouTube description of your video is extremely important in making sure your video is shown in Google’s and YouTube’s search results. To write the most compelling YouTube description of your video, you must think about the information you’d like to communicate with your viewers concerning your videos. Include your desired keyword and related keywords in your description to ensure you’re using SEO. It is also recommended to include a hyperlink to the related content.


    Tags are quick to provide YouTube algorithms of YouTube what your video is about. Make sure your tags are relevant to your brand and content. Don’t use irrelevant tags with the hope that your video will be more attention. At first, you might, but as viewers move away from your page and leave, YouTube’s algorithm adjusts your ranking in line with this. YouTube is, after all, seeks to keep viewers on its site. If your content keeps them interested and engaged, it won’t be considered high-quality.

    2. Create Content Worth Promoting

    We know that we’ve been told that the most valuable video content available will not aid if no one is watching it. However, another aspect is that no one is likely to pay attention to content that’s not excellent. Therefore, if you wish to succeed in marketing the success of your YouTube channels, then you must provide it with quality content that is worth advertising. Otherwise, you’ll be making mediocre YouTube content that people only watch at least once but never subscribe to and are not engaging with.

    3. Create custom thumbnails

    YouTube channel

    Thumbnails are important, perhaps higher than the title. This is since our minds are wired to first notice visuals. According to an MIT research study, they are processed in under 13 milliseconds.

    YouTube creates automatic thumbnails for all videos; however, they could be blurred or out of focus. You can create an appealing customized thumbnail for each video you upload to increase views.

    We suggest these easy “rules of thumb” for the best outcomes:

    Resolution: 1280×720 pixels (but any aspect ratio of 16:9 will work as long that the size is at least 64 pixels)

    • Format: .JPG, .GIF or .PNG
    • Size: Be sure to adhere to the limit of 2MB
    • Use text and color to draw clicks
    • Select a close-up photo. If you are able
    • Make use of a stock image when you’re not sure

    Make sure you are consistent with another branding

    Thumbnail includes text that clearly explains what the video’s purpose is. It’s more attractive and accessible to click!

    4. Complete your profile details

    A lot of YouTubers bypass the profile area and go straight into content creation. However, a compelling profile is among the most effective ways to advertise your YouTube channel and increase your SEO.

    Here are some of the best methods to create an effective YouTube profile:

    Be consistent. Utilize a similar color palette and writing style, and layout to what you use on your website and other social media channels.

    Optimize your YouTube channel’s description. This is an excellent place to include keywords. YouTube punishes “tag stuffing,” however, adding a few keywords will go long.

    Keep your viewers returning to see additional. When and how often will you release new content? Inform your fans about your schedule, and then ensure you adhere to it.

    Include contact details. It is never too early to know who may need to reach you. So let them know how to reach you, and you may be able to strike some fantastic collaborations.

    5. Find out what your public wants.

    YouTube channel
    How to promote your YouTube channel 2022 : Massive GROWTH 10

    When it comes to any kind of content that you write, it is important to ensure that it is in line with the needs of your audience. For example, if you’re writing blog posts or creating a video, begin by becoming familiar with the people viewing your content and the kind of content they would like to receive from you.

    If you’re only beginning to market the YouTube channel, look at your rivals or other creators within your field. Check out the videos they have that receive the most engagement and views. This will provide you with an idea of the topics that your viewers want to read about and what kind of video they like.

    6. Connect with the YouTube community

    Although you may not consider YouTube being a “social” platform in the sense that it is, it is a vibrant community of users who interact by sharing content through profile pages, “likes,” and comments.

    Like we said in the past, any interaction with your subscribers can be considered an encouraging signal to YouTube. If you’re not already doing it, engaging with your followers can help create a stronger bond with your viewers. “Liking” comments only take only a few seconds, and so do pinning top comments to send a personal note to your customers.

    7. Provide value

    It may sound to be obvious, but it’s worth mentioning.

    A great content strategy is the most effective method of keeping viewers entertained–and the most effective method to be highly ranked on YouTube search results. This is because YouTube’s system of ranking places a high value on the experience of the viewer.

    Before you upload any video, you should ask yourself:

    • What is the issue this video will resolve?
    • Is it entertaining?
    • Can it benefit the viewer’s life in some way?

    8. Create high-quality video

    YouTube channel
    Create high-quality video

    A poor-quality video can ruin even the most impressive content. Make sure that your content is professional before posting it. Make use of a quality camera, perform a soundcheck prior to recording, and master the basics of editing.

    Of course, not everyone is naturally talented as a filmmaker. Learn these best techniques for making social videos, even if you’re old-fashioned.

    9. Working with influencers

    TikTok Influencer

    Collaboration with influencers is an effective way to expand the reach of your YouTube channel.

    Get in touch with the creators of content or businesses in the same field as yours on Facebook and Twitter to talk about collaboration possibilities on their YouTube channels. YouTube creators can assist you in connecting with communities that are active to expand your reach and develop innovative content ideas when stuck.

    Be aware that it is important to be genuine when working with influencers and remain loyal to your brand. Only collaborate with those who share your values. Unauthentic content can cause damage to your reputation.

    10. Create a series

    If you’re hoping to build an engaged and loyal audience on YouTube and increase your reach, you must bring them to the new content you upload. There’s no better method to accomplish this than making a video series.

    A YouTube series is akin to releasing a set of videos with a theme to viewers generally in the same order every month, week, or even on a scheduled timetable. The viewers will be excitedly anticipating your new videos. They could also watch the entire series in one go.

    11. Go live

    go live
    How to promote your YouTube channel 2022 : Massive GROWTH 11

    Although YouTube is mostly used for viewing pre-recorded videos, it’s an extremely popular live-streaming platform. The popularity of YouTube live streams grew significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic after in-person events were canceled.

    Live streaming on YouTube is an excellent method to expand your reach and increase viewers’ amount of engagement.

    Live videos can be used for Q&A-style sessions or webinars and podcast-style interviews, and other occasions.

    12. Re-Optimize Old Videos

    Most people upload a video to YouTube and then reply in comments for a couple of hours and never look at the video again.

    The best method to gain more views is to revamp old YouTube content sitting around for a while.

    However, you’re restricted in what you can alter for videos already published on YouTube.

    However, you can alter the video’s title:

    • Title
    • Description
    • Tags
    • Thumbnails

    Best YouTube Promotion Services in 2022

    Media Mister

    Media Mister is almost unnoticeable as a YouTube promotion service, as they’ve been hard at work in this field for quite a while, and they have everything you require efficiently on YouTube.

    They are aware that you’ll wish to increase the reach of your YouTube channel with other social media platforms, and that’s why they’ve arranged their content according.

    Another thing we like the most about this promotional service on YouTube because they offer the option of a tiered pricing structure.

    You can slide the bar up and down and pick the amount you’ll be paying for their services according to how much you’ve got available in your budget right now.

    Additionally, you’ll be able to reach their customer service team in the event of any issue at any time.

    YouGrow Promo

    YouTube channel
    How to promote your YouTube channel 2022 : Massive GROWTH 12

    The following company on our list is undoubtedly among the top efficient YouTube video promotion services, and with just four simple steps, you can get your YouTube videos noticed.

    Using YourGrow’s Promo, You can show them the video you wish to promote, and you can then choose the various types of people you want to reach.

    They will then advertise your video around the globe, reaching those who are targeted and who are more likely to interact with your video.

    There are many various packages available and various payment options. This will keep you secure and protected online.


    GetAFollower is a YouTube promotion service that’s likely to make you think that they won’t be able to assist you in using YouTube as the first thing you’re going to find on their site is about Facebook.

    As we’ve mentioned in our list of other companies, these guys excel at multitasking. This means that you’ll quickly be able to increase your YouTube profile while simultaneously enhancing you build your Spotify or Facebook profiles.

    They claim that their primary aim is to ensure that their clients achieve the top-quality results they deserve and that they offer their clients the most affordable prices available, and ensure that you don’t need to sacrifice high-quality service to receive what you need.

    They also mention that their results are dependable. This is the reason they have return policies since they are so confident in their products that they are confident that you will not need to utilize them.

    Finally, they’ve secured all of their websites, so you don’t have to be concerned about whether your data will be compromised.


    YouTube channel
    How to promote your YouTube channel 2022 : Massive GROWTH 13

    In all honesty, we thought we should make this list strong and suggest the best options at the beginning.

    This is the reason we’ve highlighted useviral at the top of our list; we are convinced they’re one of the most effective YouTube promotional websites available.

    We are thrilled that they can enhance your social media with their vast network of followers, and, most importantly, they will help you become well-known via Twitter, YouTube, and even TikTok.

    This means you don’t have to limit the reach of your brand on the internet to only YouTube and reduce time by bringing all of your social networks into one.

    We are grateful that this marketing service is backed by a strong network of more than 5000 people they collaborate with to advertise your brand on various websites and applications.

    They also say that their customer service exceeds expectations and that their service is guaranteed outcomes, which isn’t an option that every other promotion company can offer.


    If several is our top choice for YouTube promotion tool and you’re not sure, SidesMedia ranks as a close second.

    The company has plenty to offer its customers from the beginning, which includes the distinction of being the most reliable source for social media interaction worldwide.

    This means that every promotional video for YouTube will be authentic, and the most appealing aspect is that they can help you with other networks.

    This means that you’re not restricted to only growing your YouTube account, and with the goal of helping each one of their customers increase their reach, we believe that this is an excellent choice.

    SidesMedia is about as committed to branding as your company is. This means that you’re safe in the right hands.

    We are thrilled that they have promised to provide high-quality engagement within three days. When compared to other companies in the market, this is a decent turnaround time.

    Go online today and scroll down the page to read the glowing reviews their clients have left to discover why they’re highly recommended.


    Stormviews as is the ideal YouTube promotion tool since they claim that they will assist clients in buying authentic views, likes, and subscribers.

    They state that they provide their customers the chance to purchase 100% genuine engagement, as they realize the importance of this for the general growth of your YouTube channel.

    They also realize that you could be someone who simply is looking to focus on a particular part of your YouTube expansion at the moment. This is the reason they’ve split their videos into various categories, depending on the things you could like to concentrate on.

    If you’re looking to concentrate on your opinions today, they could assist you in this; however, if you wish to concentrate on your interests or your readers, they can help you.

    In the final analysis, they provide top-quality services that will ensure that you are getting the best treatment.


    YouTube channel
    How to promote your YouTube channel 2022 : Massive GROWTH 14

    Followers are Media Mister’s twin. Together, we believe they’re a formidable team for YouTube promotion.

    It is not necessary to do both simultaneously. However, we believe that having two options to choose from when it comes to YouTube promotion can be advantageous.

    We like that they come with similar features and customer support, which will assist you through the entire process. They also have a tiered pricing system, which means that you won’t need to spend far to afford the services.

    If you have to reach their customer service team, they make it simple from the very beginning and also place their services into a range of categories, so you can choose precisely what you want to develop today.


    SocialViral is the kind of YouTube promotion service that could provide you with an exclusive engagement.

    You may think that there are a lot of businesses that assist their clients with YouTube promotion that is unique, but it’s only when you encounter firms such as this that you realize that it’s extremely rare to find.

    We are thrilled that they can help you market your YouTube channel. In addition, the exclusivity of their service ensures that you’re likely to access engagement you won’t be able to locate other than here.

    They claim that their primary aim with their clients is to give genuine interaction with their clients without using an automated system to achieve this.

    Since they’re always developing their features, You can be sure that they will continue to provide you with the most recent technology and quality. Technology means you’ll be in front of the people you think of as your competitors.


    YouTube channel
    How to promote your YouTube channel 2022 : Massive GROWTH 15

    If you’re hoping to succeed and meet your goals and deadlines, We believe that the most reliable YouTube promotional service is Fiverr.

    The site offers a range of plans to pick from. They start with their simplest plan, which costs $5 for nine days. Then there’s their standard plan, which is $25 for 10 consecutive days the Premier Plan, which costs $50.00 per 13-day period.

    One of the things we like about this site Is that all you have to do is write about your work, select and compare different packages, review the reviews and recommendations, and then begin utilizing their video promotion services for YouTube.

    There are a variety of categories that you can choose from, such as graphic design, animated videos, online marketing, and writing and translation.

    Push Views

    If you are looking to boost the number of visitors to your YouTube channel or increase your following of fans, we suggest you look at Push Views for a real YouTube promotion service.

    While the tool might seem easy to use, it’s extremely effective, and we think that their prices for subscriptions are reasonable.

    Push Views will never charge users more than they need to, and the best thing is that you can alter your personalized package each week if you’d like.

    This is certainly the kind of business to choose should you have been burned by previous video marketing services that have been too expensive for you.

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