How to Posts on Instagram to Crowd Up your Account in 2022

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    In this article, you’ll find the step-by-step guide on how to posts to Instagram to increase your followers, capture your followers’ attention, and master marketing using Instagram.

    How to posts on Instagram

    Step 1. Tap the + at the Top of Your Screen

    Making sure you post regularly on Instagram is crucial to ensuring an efficient and consistent Instagram advertising strategy. While there are many ways to create high-quality posts, if following our guidelines and following our tips, you’ll be able to master the process quickly.

    The first step is opening the Instagram app and clicking on the + icon at the top left right-hand corner.

    Step 2. Choose the Type of Post to Create

    You’ll need to determine what kind of content you would like to produce. There are four types of content: a story, post reel, and live video.

    Choose the option you prefer in the dropdown menu. Then follow our step-by-step guides for each.

    Step 3. Select a picture or video from your collection or shoot one from the app.

    how to posts on instagram
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    Instagram will display the pictures already saved on your phone. Select one to share. You can also click the camera icon and take photos or videos within the Instagram app, and if you don’t have a photo, you’d like to share.

    After you have selected and cropped your image (or carousel of several images), click the arrow located in the upper right-hand corner of the app.

    When you want to tap a picture or video, tap the icon just over your photos to the right. It appears like stacking squares. After you tap, you’ll notice a number at the bottom of each image or video. The number indicates which content is going to be displayed within the auto-play.

    Step 4. Crop the image.

    Crop the image
    How to Posts on Instagram to Crowd Up your Account in 2022 11

    There’s no limit to sharing just an image square on Instagram. You can upload horizontal or vertical photos too. To make your image’s exposure, click the image you’ve chosen on your Library screen.

    Although Instagram allows both horizontal and vertical options, the photos still have to be able to fit within certain dimensions; this means that you will require cropping a small part of your photo to make it fit.

    Step 5. Pick a filter & Edit

    how to posts on instagram
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    Instagram provides 24 filter scroll left to look through your options. Click on one of them to see what it will look like on your image.

    The default setting is that the filter is applied at full force. However, if you wish to reduce the filter’s power or effect, simply double-click on the filter tile after it’s applied. The scale selector will be displayed, which allows you to reduce the impact.

    You can also use the magic wand located near the bottom of your screen to alter the picture further.

    You can select “Edit” at the bottom right side to modify the image according to your requirements.

    Create an Instagram Feed Post

    how to posts on instagram
    how to post on instagram on iphone

    The first kind that Instagram post you may consider creating is a standard Instagram feed posting. It could be an image or video. Both are excellent options for adding to your feed.

    To begin, select the “Post” option from the menu of choices. The camera roll will pop up, allowing you to select an image or video that you’ve already made. However, you can tap the camera icon to take photos or videos right within the application.

    (Side note: we do not recommend this. If you’re looking to build an excellent Instagram feed, it’s best to make the content in a different location than Instagram and then publish it separately.)

    There are three kinds of feed posts that you can make:

    • Photo post: One photo is added to the Instagram feed
    • video post: Video posts are added to the Instagram stream (can be as little as only a few seconds or up to an hour)
    • Carousel post: A selection of up to 10 images or videos in one post that you can post to your Instagram feed
    how to posts on instagram
    how to post on instagram from phone

    In Your camera roll, you will be able to choose from your camera roll the photo(s) and video(s) you’d like to include in your blog post. If the photos you choose are either vertical or horizontal, it is possible to preserve them or make them square.

    Step 6. Write your caption.

    how to posts on instagram
    How to Posts on Instagram to Crowd Up your Account in 2022 12

    Find a way to develop an engaging, intriguing caption to accompany your image. Because text can improve your Instagram post’s search results, writing something will help you.

    Step7. Utilize hashtags to improve your optimization

    how to posts on instagram
    How to Posts on Instagram to Crowd Up your Account in 2022 13

    Through Instagram’s search feature, people can look up posts using hashtags. Therefore, it is natural to include relevant hashtags in your caption; if someone can search for the hashtag, you used inside your captions, the likelihood that your content will be more attention and other posts with a similar hashtag. If you’re not sure how to effectively use hashtags, learn more about the secret formula for the success of hashtags.

    Step 8. Add your location tag

    If your business is organizing an event or launching an innovative product in a specific city, but you don’t wish to be required to include the city’s location details in the caption, then use the “Add Location “Add Location” function to accomplish this. Just tap the “Add Location” text to choose from a list of possible locations. The location tag can be as precise as a specific structure or as broad as your country. Whatever you choose to do, including an address tag can aid users in locating your post on Instagram.

    Step 9. Share your post on other social media platforms

    person using both laptop and smartphone
    How to Posts on Instagram to Crowd Up your Account in 2022 14

    If you wish to publish your Instagram post to other social media websites like you have a Twitter or Facebook account, simply slide the bar from one side to the right.

    Once you’re ready to share your post, hit “Share” in the top right corner when you’re ready to publish. Instagram will share your post to the selected social media websites.

    How to Post on Instagram Story

    Instagram Stories are a fun and enjoyable method to share the content you post on Instagram. In addition to this, they’re a great way to increase engagement, boost brand awareness and increase sales.

    Step 1 Click the camera on the top right corner of your Instagram homepage.

    how to posts on instagram
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    Step 2: Take photos and videos by tapping the circle icon on the lower right side of your screen. You can also swipe up to upload videos and photos using your camera roll.

    how to posts on instagram
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    Step 4: Once you have your video or photo displayed on your screen, you can improve the story you’d like! It’s easy to swipe left to use Instagram’s filters for stories.

    Along with Instagram’s filters, stickers, text, and other filters that you can play using. We take a deep dive into all of the above features and much more in full detail below.

    If you’re satisfied with the content of your Instagram Stories post and don’t wish to add some effects, stickers, or effects, just go forward and share it!

    Step 5: Once you’re ready to publish on Instagram, You can decide to share it on “Your Story” with “Close Friends” or share it with individual users or groups.

    Instagram Stories: Camera Modes

    In Instagram Stories, users will see a horizontal swipe menu at the bottom of their screen. It’s where you can pick from a selection of camera options like Make, Live, Boomerang, Layout Superzoom, and Hands-free.

    How to Post on Instagram from PC

    Instagram has added a brand new button to their website. The new button makes an enormous difference to what we’re looking to do this time: post to Instagram on your laptop or desktop or laptop computer, not an app for mobile devices.

    Once you have logged into your account using the web browser, you will find a new + button appearing in the toolbar. (And for clarity, this is only the normal web browser window, without resorting to spoofing the mobile user-agent.)

    It’s like this:

    Then you’ll get the magical words:

    They’ve implemented it correctly, using the typical features set.

    For example, you can upload multiple photos at once. I’ve uploaded an entire sequence of 10 photos to create a single post in this example. The left and right arrows are on either side, and the multi-image icon is on the lower right.

    • You can crop your photos.
    • Filters can be applied:
    • Also, make image adjustments:
    • You can include an image caption, tag (click on the image) or specify a location, add accessibility ALT information to photos, and remove comments.
    • And you’re done!

    If the Post Button Isn’t Showing Up

    • This is a brand-new feature. It could be rolling out gradually to accounts. Facebook and Instagram don’t disclose how they decide on the timing of rolling out such things.
    • Try clearing your browser cache, closing your browser, and re-opening it.

    How Many Times Should You Post on Instagram Per Week?

    Based on our research, according to our analysis, the more posts you make on Instagram every week, the higher your reach overall. In the same way, more frequent posting will result in more comments and likes overall.

    However, the percentage of engagement and reach for each post is different from the number of posts shared. This is influenced by the number of people who follow an account.

    • Accounts with less than 1K followers post 14x per week, giving the most engagement and reach levels per tweet.
    • For accounts with 1K to 250K followers* The posting of at least 20 or 14 times per week is the most reach per post. Posting each week only once delivers the highest engagement per post.
    • For accounts that have more than 250K followers, posting just once per week will result in the most reach and engagement rate per post.

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