How to post a YouTube video on Instagram in 2022 (Simple Steps)

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    How to post a YouTube video on Instagram in 2022 (Simple Steps)

    Content creators typically create content and distribute it across various platforms; you may be interested in sharing YouTube videos on Instagram.

    Both platforms are very well-known, but Facebook is limited on Instagram to content created by users, which makes it difficult to post YouTube videos on Instagram. There’s neither a direct hyperlink nor an alternative that connects YouTube to Instagram; however, you can upload any videos you like on YouTube to Instagram using a set of steps. Let’s get started.

    It is necessary to share videos from YouTube on Instagram.

    If you’re going through the hassle of downloading the Instagram video converter to convert YouTube videos into Instagram compatible videos, you must have some reason to do it! Here are a few examples:

    You’ve found something hilarious. Sometimes you’d like to share something fun that you came across on YouTube. Why not? Be sure to get the permission of the owner of the copyright.

    You’re making your compilation. Perhaps you’re a fan of architecture and want to make a compilation of stunning residences for Instagram. YouTube is full of content that you can download and modify.

    You’d like to incorporate it into your video. Perhaps there’s a small portion of the video on the YouTube video that you would like to include in your own. You’ll have to download and then convert it.

    You need to share your video if you’ve already created videos for YouTube previously and are now looking to post it on Instagram and make it easier when you use the video for posting to Instagram using a Mac.

    How to post a YouTube video on Instagram from iPhone and Android both

    YouTube video on Instagram
    Source- Backlight Blog

    Taking an existing YouTube video and uploading it to Instagram is an easy procedure; however, it’s an ongoing process. There are three steps for sharing the video. Hopefully, you’ll be effortless when you go through the process step-by-step.

    Step 1. Download the YouTube video YouTube to your iPhone

    YouTube prohibits users from being able to download videos that they did not upload. The primary reason is to ensure that users do not violate any copyright law. However, according to YouTube’s guidelines, it’s completely legal for you to download and store your content. To do this, you’ll need the aid from a third-party website. Here’s the procedure for downloading YouTube videos: YouTube video:

    • Locate the YouTube clip that you wish to download.
    • Click the Share button, and take a copy of the URL.
    • Go to or any other YouTube video downloader you like
    • Write the URL into the search box. Tap Search.
    • Choose the quality, then select Get a link, then Download.
    YouTube video on Instagram
    Source- Backlight Blog

    The video will download to your Downloads file, whether within your iPhone or iCloud, according to how you set it up. In either case, you’ll be able to locate the video using the Files application.

    Step 2. Modify the dimensions of the video to meet Instagram’s video requirements.

    The next thing to do is determine whether you’re going to share the video on your Instagram Story or in your feed. Once you’ve figured that out, you can utilize Instagram’s Photos app to guide you through editing your video:

    • Open the Files app and find the video.
    • In the bottom-left corner, tap Share > Save Video.
    • Open the gallery app and then open the video.
    • Tap Edit, then select the icon that shows crop (it’s on the 4th icon at the right).
    • Then, click the aspect ratio icon in the upper-right.
    • Then you can select the size of your post. If you’re publishing on your feed, you’ll need to choose Square. If you’re posting to Stories, you’ll need to pick 9:16.
    • Tap Done.

    Step 3. Upload the video to Instagram  

    YouTube video on Instagram
    Upload the video to Instagram  

    If you’d like to post the video as a story, then take these steps:

    • On Instagram, you can tap the plus icon in the upper right corner > Story.
    • Tap the Photo Library icon in the left-hand corner.
    • Choose your preferred video.
    • Select one of Your Story or Close Friends.
    • If you’d like to share the video to your feed, This is how to do it:
    • On Instagram, click the plus button and then post.
    • Select the video you want to play and then select Next. Next.
    • Enter your caption in the box and include a tag for people or the place.
    • Tap Share.

    Different dimensions of YouTube and Instagram videos

    However, you can’t directly upload your YouTube videos directly on Instagram since they’re not uploaded to Instagram. There are two main reasons why this is the case the length of your video and the aspect ratio. Let’s look at how they operate and how you can solve these problems.

    A. Video length

    YouTube video on Instagram
    Video length

    Instagram allows users only to upload up to 3-15 seconds of videos to your feed or story and 10-minute long videos for IGTV. If you’re looking to make use of your YouTube video on Instagram, then the best choice is to upload the video to IGTV, as it can upload longer durations. In addition, you can use shorter formats like Instagram stories to create teasers or promos of your new video.

    B. Aspect ratio

    YouTube video on Instagram
    Aspect ratio

    YouTube videos are a 16:9 (horizontal) aspect ratio; however, IGTV videos typically have a 9:16 (vertical) aspect ratio. Try uploading a YouTube video directly on IGTV, and the video will be black at the top and bottom.

    Pro Tip: Choosing an aspect ratio that isn’t right could drastically reduce the exposure of your video on Instagram since it blocks users from viewing the pertinent details and could even distort the image in certain situations. It is important to select the correct ratio right from the beginning, and it’s easy to do this with The InVideo web-based video editor. When you log in, you’ll be able to select the aspect ratio you’d like to begin editing your video.

    Be aware that an IGTV video preview for your IGTV video will appear in your account’s Instagram feed. Instagram feed posts are formatted with an aspect ratio that is 1:1 or 4:1 (both rectangular). If you upload your YouTube video to IGTV, the video may not show up properly on your feed post due to various aspect ratios!


    I hope you’ve found all the information you require about How to post a YouTube video on Instagram. While there isn’t an easy way to connect YouTube and Instagram, you can utilize one of the options to make the video more visible or share it on your Instagram profile. Also, use some apps to make your process faster and easier.

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