How to merge Amazon Seller Central Accounts in 2022

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    Merging Seller Central accounts allows you to simplify your selling experience in all Amazon international stores. It also makes it easier to manage and scale your business. You can also gain access to tools previously restricted to a single country, as well as receive a discounted subscription fee for the Professional selling plan.

    How to check if you have already merged accounts

    The store switcher at Seller Central shows your merged accounts. You can merge accounts that aren’t listed in Seller Central using the instructions below.

    If you are an existing seller in more than one country or region and want to combine these accounts:

    1. Log in to Seller Central and click Global Accounts from the Settings Drop-down menu
    2. Click the link to go to the Merge Accounts Tab.
    3. Follow the instructions on the page to select the accounts you wish to merge.
    4. When you are prompted to sign back in, enter your email address and password for the account you wish to merge.
    5. After logging in, you’ll see a preview of the newly merged accounts.
    6. Click Confirm and merge, accept the Terms and Conditions and click Confirm and merge again.

    How to merge an existing account and register to sell in another region

    You can sell in a foreign country or region.

    1. Log in to Seller Central, Select a country/region where you are selling already, then click Sell Globally from the Inventory Drop-down menu
    2. Click on the tab for the country or region you wish to register.
    3. Click Register, and enter the country or region in which you wish to sell.
    4. When asked for a second sign-in, enter the email address and password of the region in which you are selling.
    5. If necessary, complete the registration by adding additional information. When you’re done, the new countries in which you registered to sell will be merged.

    Policy on Merging of Accounts

    When merging accounts, all sellers must follow the following guidelines. Merging accounts is permanent. After merging your accounts, it is impossible to reverse the process.

    • Only merge accounts that you own can be merged.
    • Merge accounts should not be done by a Solutions Provider, web agent, or integrator. Instead, let the account owner do this directly. Accounts can’t be unmerged after they have been merged.
    How to merge amazon seller central accounts
    How to merge Amazon Seller Central Accounts in 2022 2

    Subscription fees for professional selling plans for merged accounts

    We offer the opportunity to sell in multiple countries for a lower price, which will help you grow your company. Your monthly fee for merging your accounts will be 1.

    • The sum of all subscription fees you pay for each country where you have active listings.
    • It is equivalent to $39.99 USD per Month

    If you have merged Professional selling plans accounts in India and Mexico (600 MXN/$30.43 US subscription fees), and you have active listings in both stores you will be charged a $30.43 USD monthly subscription fee. This would be billed to your Mexico account at 600 MXN. You would be charged the equivalent of $39.99 USD if you have merged Professional Selling Plan accounts in the US (EUR39/$45.94USD subscription fee), Europe, and Japan. These subscription fees will be billed to your US account at $12.09 USD and your European account at EUR11.79 and your Japan account at Y=1482.

    Your subscription fee will be split proportionately across each country or region in which you have an active listing and charged separately in each local currency.2 The reduced fee will be applied automatically if you already sell in multiple countries with your merged accounts. The transaction details section in your Payments report will show you the fee. To ensure you are eligible for this offer, if you sell in multiple countries but not with merged accounts, please follow the above steps.

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