How to Make Twitter Account Private From Any Device in 2023

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    How to Make Twitter Account Private From Any Device in 2023

    Twitter is a very popular social media platform that allows users can share tweets, which are short messages. The act of publishing the short message that your followers are able to read is known as tweeting. Once you have tweeted something, in default, your tweets are public. This means that anyone who has access to a Twitter account is able to view your tweet. What if you wanted to limit your tweets to only those followers you’ve approved? This is possible when you have your Twitter account made private.

    On Twitter, tweets are either protected or public. Anyone reads public Tweets. Protected Tweets will only be read by the followers of that individual and cannot be retweeted. If you switch your account’s status from public to Protected, all your prior Tweets are now protected.

    In this article we will be focusing on this issue and show you how to make your Twitter account private.

    How to make Twitter account private on iPhone 

    • You can also modify the privacy settings from within your iPhone application. The steps you need to follow to accomplish this:
    • Start Twitter. Launch the Twitter application.
    • On the top of the screen, tap the gear icon. This will open your account’s settings page. It’s just to the right below your Twitter Search bar.
    • Choose privacy and security by selecting the Drop-down Menu next to your username.
    • Set the slider to protect your tweets. The slider will change to green, which means the function is activated so that the tweets you send are private.
    • Once you’re done When you’re done, click “Done.” Your tweets are now secure.

    On Android App

    If you’re contemplating ways you can make Twitter’s account public on Android, Here’s how to accomplish it:

    • Start your Twitter Android application.
    • Click on the profile icon.
    • Tap on Settings and Privacy.
    • Select Privacy and Safety.
    • Tap on Audience and tag.
    • Switch the slider next to Protect Your Tweet to turn it on.

    This is how you can make your Twitter account private for mobile.

    How do you create a private Twitter profile on desktops

    1. Go to the Twitter website.

    2. On the left menu, click More and then select Settings and Privacy within the pop-up menu.

    how to make twitter account private

    3. Click the privacy and security tab and Tagging and Audience.

    how to make twitter account private

    4. Click the box next to Secure your Tweets.

    5. Click Protect to confirm your selection.

    how to make twitter account private

    How to approve new followers in a private account

    If you’re using a private account, people who are new to your account won’t be allowed be following you. Instead, they’ll be required to make a Follow Request. If they do, you’ll receive a message.

    how to make twitter account private
    approve new followers

    Click View now to view the complete list of your pending Follow Requests.

    how to make twitter account private
    how to make your twitter account private on iphone

    Should I make my Twitter account private?

    Consider what you would like to accomplish with Twitter when asking this question. If you’re hoping to use it to build connections by sharing your tweets, then protecting them could be detrimental to you. If you’re looking to simply connect with friends and acquaintances, protecting your tweets shouldn’t be an ideal idea.

    An obvious benefit of protecting your tweets is stopping spammers and fake users from following your account. It’s astonishing how many fake users are on Twitter despite efforts to reduce the amount. By securing your tweets, you can accurately maintain the number of followers you’ve got and manage your connections to your authentic ones.

    Another reason you might need to safeguard your tweets is when you primarily use Twitter as a source of news to collect information and you don’t wish to interact with users you don’t know. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll never have followers you don’t know. You’ll still receive requests, but they, however, they may be fewer. By securing your tweets, they will not be listed by Twitter Search and Google searches.

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