How to Make Attractive Funny GIFs for Brands in 2022

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    GIFs have always been and will continue to remain a popular choice on the internet. They’re fun, relevant, and suitable for almost every situation. Brands have used them to create more personalized posts and content through Instagram stories with their ability to bring emotions.

    However, it’s not just about how effective GIFs are. For instance, Instagram’s marketing platform Later has created its GIFs set and racked up over 16 million views in just a week

    Why use GIFs instead of videos?

    How to Make Attractive Funny GIFs for Brands in 2022 10

    GIFs provide all the potential of a video but with smaller size file that doesn’t affect your site’s load time and performance.

    If, for instance, the blog you’re creating is an article on the management of teams, it won’t be appropriate to add an assortment of videos that show topics like stress and productivity, belonging, and trust in the workplace. However, adding some of the various GIFs can be effective — and help make the blog more enjoyable and interesting for readers to enjoy reading!

    In particular, since so many people are inclined to read the written text on the internet, GIFs are a good method to ensure that the main messages of your content get across clearly.

    GIFs are also often humorous, an excellent method to keep things fun. This is an excellent option if you’re writing on more dry topics, but you still want your work to be engaging and lively.

    What makes a great GIF?

    Making GIFs GIFs is simple — however, how do you create an animated GIF that’s as great as it could possibly be?

    The most effective GIFs indeed begin with a good video. Ensure that the video you’re using is of high quality, is compatible with all the necessary specifications, and, most importantly, actually conveys the message, feeling, or concept you want to convey.

    In addition to their expressive capabilities, GIFs’ quick loading speed is another significant benefit. Make sure that your GIF doesn’t exceed the file size, best by using the GIF optimizing software we discussed in the previous post!

    Once you’ve decided that your GIF is good enough, It’s all about the way you utilize it. You can try making use of GIFs to add excitement and movement and the ability to express yourself in your blog posts and email campaigns or landing pages. GIFs are also great for social media and great to send to your team via Slack.

    Creating a standard image GIF

    There are usually four steps in making your GIFs across the vast majority of platforms. In this instance, we’re using We’ve selected since they’re one of the very few online GIF creators that allows users to personalize their GIFs using filters, text, overlays frames, frames, and much more.

    Step 1 Step one: Find your content. It could be a YouTube URL or a set of images. Once you’ve got the content you want to upload, you’ll need to upload it to the preferred platform.

    source- Influencermarketinghub

    In our case, we’re using two royalty-free images that we downloaded off Pixabay. Once you’ve picked the images, you can click “Upload and make a GIF!”

    Step two: Set the animation speed, duration, and start points of your GIF. Depending on the free GIF maker you are using, you may be presented with more options.

    source- Influencermarketinghub allows you to organize the order in which your images are displayed as well as select the number of loops that your GIF should be running, and use a global color map (the same color for all images within your GIF and also reduces the GIF size) and also include effects.

    After you’re done, it’s time to make your GIF.

    Step three: Preview your creation and make tweaks to perfect it. Your new GIF may need a little editing, and this is where the customization features mentioned above come in handy.

    source- Influencermarketinghub

    Step four: Save your new GIF to your computer once you’ve completed the edits and customization you need.

    source- Influencermarketinghub

    Looking for a completely free online GIF tool? We’ve got five that offer customization capabilities:

    1. EZGIF

    2. Giphy

    3. Make A Gif

    4. I’m Flip

    5. GIFPAL

    Creating Standard GIFs Without a Background

    What happens if you wish to erase the background from an image but preserve the image’s subject? This is possible with an online editing tool. Although there are a variety of options, we’ve come across, Remove. bg is extremely effective.

    With the help of AI, Remove. bg is able to take away the backgrounds from images with only a few clicks. We were also impressed by the quality of the editing. The photos came out looking professional and sleek edges, something that takes a long time to achieve with professional software for editing photos.

    How to Remove Backgrounds From Images With Remove. bg

    To take the background off of an image, press the “Select a photo” button. will let you look through your computer for the image that you’d like to alter.

    Then, click “Open” or select the image, and then watch complete the rest.

    When your altered image is ready, you will download it in a variety of sizes.

    After you’ve saved your latest image, you’re able to incorporate it into a collection to create a brand new GIF.

    Creating Animated GIFs With a Background

    Animation GIFs which include background images are simple to make. All you require is the video that you wish to convert into GIF.

    In the instance, in the clip of Homer Simpson backing into the hedge, this GIF is inspired by a scene taken from Simpsons. The creator would have employed a GIF creator tool to convert the type of file from video to GIF.

    Creating Animated GIFs Without a Background

    Making animated GIFs with no background takes some more work than normal GIFs. The hard work lies in making the GIFs you’ll use.

    Since animated GIFs are made from videos and, unless you’re a pro at video editing software, taking out the background from the video may be a little difficult and sometimes even a bit daunting.

    If you’re searching for a quick method to eliminate the background of your video, we suggest going to Fiverr and performing an easy search for an editor for videos. This will help you save a significant amount of time, particularly if your company doesn’t provide access to an in-house graphic video or design team and you’re on a tight budget.

    Creating GIFs Using Your Edited Videos

    Once you’ve received the video with no background, it’s time to make your animated GIF.

    Visit your GIF tool of preference and upload your video. Then, follow the steps to transform it into a GIF.

    It’s quick, and you’ll also be able to take advantage of personalizing the new GIF by adding text, filters, or other features.

    How to make a GIF from a YouTube video

    Those who don’t possess the Adobe Creative Suite subscription, do not fret; there are many ways to GIF an animal.

    1. Log on to Click Create

    source- Hootsuite

    2. Include the URL for the YouTube video that you’d like to transform into GIF. GIF

    source- Hootsuite

    3. Choose the video segment that you’d like to capture, and then choose the length.

    source- Hootsuite

    Selecting a longer time on the top slider will allow for more time to your “start time” you select in the lower slider.

    4. Optional: Decorate your GIF

    There are many options available. You can add text or spice up the GIF by adding filters, stickers, or draw-in annotations. I didn’t do anything else since the image of a baby slammed by a cat truly speaks to its own.

    5. Optional step Add hashtags on your GIF

    source- Hootsuite

    Use hashtags to allow people to locate your GIF and then share it widely. Include your brand’s name and some of the most common terms related to it in your list so that it is easily searchable. Imagine what you’d be searching for if looking for this GIF quickly.

    6. GIF to Google. GIF to GIPHY

    Then it’s done! If you want to include the GIF on the social posts you share, just include your Giphy URL or simply download the Giphy file. Giphy file and upload it to your social media posts.

    You can follow the same steps to upload the GIF you’ve created yourself. Simply add a link to the GIF URL instead of the YouTube video’s URL at the beginning. You can also follow these steps to make the GIF from your video. You just need to begin by uploading the video onto YouTube.

    How do you create GIFs on mobile phones? GIF for mobile

    Mobile apps such as GIPHY Cam permit you to create GIFs right on your smartphone. It is extremely simple to use. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of using Snapchat, you’re capable of using GIPHY Cam. If you’ve not ever utilized Snapchat… then you can still use GIPHY Cam.

    1. Start the app and save your GIF

    Press the photo button for one or two photos or hold it to create an extended GIF.

    2. Optional step: select an option to filter or apply stickers or add text

    3. Keep your GIF and send it to the world.


    GIFs are a great way to spice up types of content. They keep things fresh, interesting, and relevant. There are thousands of GIFs to pick from, but creating your own isn’t difficult.

    Through GIPHY, EZGif, and many alternatives, you’ll be creating stunning GIFs in the blink of an eye. So try it for yourself and enjoy becoming a top GIF creator.

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