How to Livestream on YouTube to Engage Your Audience in 2022

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    How to livestream on YouTube to Engage Your Audience in 2022

    Every day, viewers worldwide go to YouTube to witness the most significant cultural events in the world. If you’re hosting a live charity event or town hall gathering and a press event on new developments, YouTube Live and Premieres enable creators to bring people to live to discuss, learn and create new social networks.

    What is YouTube live?

    livestream on YouTube
    How to Livestream on YouTube to Engage Your Audience in 2022 4

    YouTube Live is an easy method for creators to connect with their audience. If you are streaming an event, presenting a class, or running workshops, YouTube has tools to manage live streams and communicate with viewers live.

    Live streamers can broadcast on YouTube through Webcammobile, or encoder streaming. Mobile and webcam are excellent options for novices and enable creators to stream live in a short time. Encoder streaming is perfect for live streams that are more sophisticated, like sharing the creator’s screen, broadcasting games, connecting to other audio or video equipment, as well as managing the production of a live stream that is advanced (like several cameras and microphones).

    What are the benefits of YouTube Live?  

    YouTube is the second-largest streamer platform worldwide. The site boasts more than 2 billion active users per month, more than six times more than the US population.

    These numbers alone can persuade anyone of the advantages of using YouTube Live for expanding the reach and increasing brand awareness while engaging with huge viewers.

    If that’s not sufficient to make you believe in the advantages of making use of YouTube Live like a business, Consider:

    virtual event
    How to Livestream on YouTube to Engage Your Audience in 2022 5
    • Hosting a virtual event: Organizing an in-person event can be difficult and expensive. YouTube Live is an excellent alternative to hosting events such as webinars, workshops, and product launches online for a fraction of the expense. Additionally, more people worldwide can join your virtual event instead of using transportation logistics.
    • Interacting with your audience in real. Livestreaming lets users interact with your online audience in real-time. You can post and respond to questions, reply to compliments or even react to funny comments. Engaging in a dialogue with your audience can help to build stronger bonds with them.
    • Answering queries instantly: Just as with any live interaction going live on YouTube allows you to respond to queries or comments from your viewers instantly and in real-time, which leads to greater satisfaction. It is possible to solve problems or teach a class and answer questions about your product in a manner that feels more personal than responding via phone, email, or video calls in the future.
    • Differentiating yourself from the competition: More than 500 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every day as live streams make up less than a quarter of all the content that is uploaded and can be a great way to make a statement and appear unique.

    How to livestream on YouTube using your PC

    If you’re using a camera for live streaming, this is quite simple in the event that your webcam runs Chrome 60+ or Firefox 53+.

    1. Go to and sign in to your account. If necessary, you can sign in.

    2. Click the camera icon on the toolbar at the top (it is a plus symbol inside it) and then select “Go live.”

    Select Go Live.

    3. Select “Webcam” at the top of the screen.

    4. Enter your title and description and privacy settings (you may also set the Livestream to be broadcast later by using this page).

    5. Click “Save” Your webcam will create a thumbnail of the Livestream from this point on, and you should be ready for this.

    6. Click “Go Live.”

    After you’re done, select “End Stream” at the end of your screen.

    How to livestream on YouTube using your mobile

    how to livestream on YouTube

    Creators need to be aware that the capability to live stream on mobile devices is available only to those with a minimum of 1,000 subscribers.

    1. Open the YouTube app on your smartphone and sign in to your YouTube account as required.

    2. Tap the capture button, which appears as the camera icon, then click “Go Live.”

    Tap Go Live.

    3. If necessary, permit YouTube the recording audio through your phone. You might also need to give access to other things such as your camera, microphone, and even your location.

    4. At the top, choose either the camera icon and use your camera to capture the live stream or choose the phone icon for recording what’s on your screen.

    5. Create the title and then set your privacy setting.

    6. If desired, you can click “More Options” to further modify your Livestream by including things such as live chats, scheduling, and age restrictions for viewers.

    7. Tap “Next” to take a thumbnail picture (or you may choose to upload the thumbnail).

    8. Tap “Share” and then “Go Live” to start your Livestream.

    To stop a Livestream on your mobile phone to send it, press “Finish” and then “Ok.

    YouTube Livestream best practices

    how to livestream on youtube
    how to livestream on YouTube
    • Check your Internet connection. It should be fast
    • Test your gears  
    • Promote your live stream to other platforms
    • Create a script before starting

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