How to Get Reviews on Amazon: 10 Most Practical Ways

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    How to Get Reviews on Amazon 2022: 10 Most Practical Ways

    Reviews of products are among the most crucial factors consumers consider when making buying choices on Amazon. In addition, customers often look for reviews of other customers who have purchased the product they plan to buy. Therefore, if you’re trying to create a successful business, knowing how to gather feedback for your products on Amazon is a great step in the right direction.

    In this article, we’ll provide all you should be aware of when it comes to reviews on Amazon. Let’s begin.

    Why Amazon product is reviews important?

    Apart from being a measure to boost the rank of the site’s SEO, Positive Amazon reviews can directly affect the buying purchases of others. According to research by the Spiegel Research Centre, 95% of buyers review products before making a purchase. The conversion rate also increases exponentially with favorable reviews about the product. What is the magnitude of this difference? A person is a 270 % higher likelihood of purchasing a product with five reviews than a product without reviews.

    Amazon’s review of products plays an important impact in making a decision. This is because reviews of products are among the most effective types of social evidence. From a psychological standpoint, many consumers will consider reviews from other customers to support their choice. There is nothing worse than a buyer’s regret. The best method to avoid guilt is to ensure that those who have bought the product are pleased with the product! A positive review will often encourage buyers to make a purchase.

    This is also an issue for brick-and-mortar shops that are not a regular part of the market. Many consumers now look up reviews online before purchasing an item at their local store. The power of word-of-mouth is often more effective than any other advertising strategy that a company can apply.

    How Amazon Calculates Product Ratings

    how to get reviews on amazon
    Calculates Product Ratings

    Amazon utilizes a sophisticated weighted-average method to calculate the average rating for an item. For example, a product with only one 5-star review may receive a rating between 0 and 5 stars.

    Mathematically speaking, this product is supposed to have a 4.0-star rating; however, Amazon has weighed it at 4.1.

    Amazon doesn’t disclose the elements that go into the algorithm, but it is widely acknowledged that the factors that are crucial to consider include:

    • Review age
    • Profile of the reviewer (number of ratings, the average rating of reviews posted, etc.)
    • Review length
    • No. of helpful votes
    • Verified or non-verified
    • Rating vs written review
    • Deviation from mean rating

    A long review with many positive votes by a reviewer with an excellent profile is likely to be at the review’s top and will weigh your overall score more than the average review.

    How to get reviews on amazon  

    1. Provide a great consumer experience.  

    how to get reviews on amazon
    Be transparent about the product

    Most negative reviews result from consumers feeling a product has misled them. Be transparent about the product your product is selling, and provide as complete and precise information about your product as you can to avoid misinformation or false expectations.

    2. Send follow-up email messages following an Amazon purchase to request feedback.

    Amazon requests customer feedback upon purchase, but this is a generic email with nothing to do with it. Instead, you can send personalized feedback requests. Ideally, you’ll want to send them out shortly after receiving your item to ensure that it’s still new to them. You could also make use of a website like FeedbackFive or Feedback Express to send out personalized feedback request emails. Finally, it is easy for customers to write a review by adding a link.

    3. Use Product Inserts

    Inserts into products are among the most efficient ways to obtain review reviews more frequently on Amazon. The greatest benefit of inserts for products is that they allow you to contact each customer individually with an inquiry for reviews.

    An insert for your product is a tiny card you put inside your packaging. The card is where you can write a small “thank you” message and ask the buyer will write reviews.

    It is possible to include the QR code in your product’s insert, with a link to your product’s review page or an online landing page (that will then ask for an evaluation).

    Make sure that you have something attractively created. For example, a product insert that is attractive looks as well feels good is better than a cheap sheet of paper.

    4. Request Amazon reviews via the newsletter or social media.

    how to get reviews on amazon
    Request Amazon reviews via the newsletter or social media.

    There’s a good chance that the people who have signed up for your newsletter or your followers on Facebook already follow you, So why not solicit reviews from them? You’re likely to find that they’ve purchased your product and are able to provide authentic good Amazon customers’ reviews. In our article on getting feedback on Yelp, we pointed out that Yelp prohibits the direct solicitation of reviews. Amazon, on the contrary side, is less lenient.

    5. Follow Up on Amazon

    Buyer-Seller Messaging on Amazon to request feedback from sellers and reviews from every customer.

    With the software program you can use, you can send customized review requests along with other communication (such as updates on shipping and thank-you messages) that can lead to favorable reviews.

    If you decide to do this, ensure you follow Amazon’s guidelines for Buyer-Seller messages. For example, you should only request a review at a time, don’t ask for a positive review, and avoid doing anything that would violate the messaging rules.

    6. Join the Amazon Early Reviewer Program

    These two suggestions are for products that are new only. Here’s how they work.

    In accordance with Amazon’s guidelines for reviews, sellers can’t be allowed to make money; however, they haven’t stated that Amazon could do the exact thing. Amazon sends customers a small gift card through the Early Reviewer Program to reward their opinion.

    You could get up to five reviews from this program. The reviews will be tagged with an Early Reviewer badge.

    It’s clear that there is no guarantee that the review will be favorable. However, this Amazon-approved method to solicit reviews may benefit newer products.

    7. Use review comments constructively

    Comment on reviews with an answer. Do not use a template to ensure that you can write a generic reply or answer directly to the specific issues that are raised by the review. This will help in enticing the reviewer to make changes or remove their review.

    To be in compliance with the policy, you shouldn’t mention review editing, deletion of product exchanges, refunds, or discounts in this review. Instead, you should ask reviewers to use buyer-seller messages. Also, promise that you’ll investigate the matter.

    8. Submit your products to Amazon Vine

    There’s a variation for the “don’t exchange free product for reviews” rule, and it’s known as Amazon Vine.

    This program is limited to sellers who have less than 30 reviews. You can submit 30 units that are then sent to specially chosen Vine reviewers at no cost. Vine reviewers do not have to pay for the product or shipping.

    The advantage of the Amazon review program lies in the fact that Vine reviewers, also known under the designation “Vine Voices,” are selected by Amazon in accordance with the quality of their reviews. You could stand a better likelihood of getting more thorough reviews from this program in comparison to other channels.

    9. Create a product page that is helpful

    how to get reviews on amazon
    product page

    If you’re looking for a less-known method to increase the number of Amazon reviews, think about your product’s page. On-page changes can affect customer feedback.

    Use bullet points as well as product descriptions and enhanced brand content on customer-related questions or issues so that you can be sure to set the right expectations for how to make use of the product. This will not only help alleviate negative reviews but can also help encourage positive ones as you’re making it easier for customers to use and adopt the product.

    10. Attend trade shows and distribute freebies

    You can request people who you meet at expos or trade shows to review and test your products. It doesn’t matter whether they’re reviewers, testers, people who influence others, or even other attendees. Since you don’t know the person personally, you’re permitted to request reviews.

    Be aware that, as with all Amazon reviews that aren’t linked to an order placed on Amazon, they won’t be “Verified Purchase” reviews; therefore, they won’t have the same weightage in the review ranking algorithm.

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