What are The Different Ways of Getting Referral From Your Customers in 2022

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    What is referral marketing?

    Referral marketing is promoting services or products to potential customers via referrals, generally through word of mouth. It’s a complete method to get passionate consumers and brands to direct their networks to your company. These referrals are often spontaneous, but companies can control this by implementing appropriate strategies.

    What makes referral marketing perform so well?

    1. Enhances word-of-mouth

    Referral marketing allows for the spread of word-of-mouth to take place. Since you’re enticing your most loyal brand ambassadors to recommend you to their friends through a referral marketing program, it places you in front of many people you may not have the opportunity to connect with.

    With an automated reward and referral mechanism in place, you’ll be able to transform word-of-mouth marketing into a method of generating even greater brand recognition.

    2. Grows a targeted audience  

    Most of the time, the business will be discussed in conversations because somebody is talking about a brand-new product or brand they have discovered. The business is then placed in front of high-quality and relevant potential customers, which is the common goal for marketers.

    This is similar to the case with referral marketing. Customers who are already customers of yours share your brand name with acquaintances and family members and are already filtering out those they believe would benefit from your goods and services. In addition, because potential customers are hearing about your brand from a source they believe in, they’re more likely to give your product or service an opportunity.

    3. Expands the reach of your business via paid, owned, and earned media channels

    expand reach

    The media company owns referral marketing programs, making it a legitimate channel to connect and engage your clients.

    In addition to being an effective marketing tool that you have total control over, your referral program lets you expand quickly as each new client can result in several sales.

    4. Increases loyal customers  

    Referrals that turn into new customers usually become your most loyal supporters. From the moment they hear about your business (from someone they know), you’re already put in a positive picture. If you provide dual-sided rewards – which means that each new customer is given the same reward- the chances of them becoming satisfied continue to rise to your advantage.

    The higher loyalty of customers referred to means that they are more likely to have a higher overall retention rate and higher lifetime value for their customers, which is 16% more than other customers.

    5. Creates the cycle of sharing

    A particularly powerful aspect of referral marketing is the potential to trigger the sharing cycle. Referred customers who have previously been referred have a four-fold higher likelihood to recommend to their acquaintances, partly because they’re eager to give back.

    These friends may share their friends’ information and possibly start an ongoing loop of referrals.

    6. Develops a cost-effective marketing plan

    The traditional marketing method takes a significant amount of time and becomes costly. Referral marketing, on the other side, is a cost-effective method to promote your brand and get the word out quickly. In addition, because you’re inviting your existing customers to assist in promoting your brand by referring them to you, you’re making the most of relationships you’ve already established.

    Once you have your program for referrals set up and operating, it can be used as a performance-based advertising channel (as it only pays when you get results). After the initial set-up costs, you must only pay for rewards when you acquire new customers.

    Types of Referral Marketing

    While referrals are beneficial for both sides, you must remember that many different kinds of referral marketing produce different outcomes. So let’s examine each more in-depth.

    • Referrals from direct sources. This type of referral marketing is an excellent option for those who want to market your business efficiently and effectively. This method involves asking your customers to help you promote your business through word-of-mouth and referrals. Because 92 percent of customers rely on recommendations, direct recommendations are the best way to gain new customers. It is also possible to hire the services of a Brand Ambassador to represent your company to a larger audience. You’ll immediately notice a significant rise in new customers and revenues.
    • Email referrals. The power of email marketing cannot be undervalued because the total number of active email users exceeds four billion. In addition, 64% of marketers rely on campaigns via email to communicate with their customers. Through email marketing, companies can interact with potential customers by letting them know about special offers and keeping them informed about new product launches and referral programs. To improve the degree of engagement with customers, businesses also send emails to their customers.
    • Referrals from reviews. Product reviews can also be used as a source of referrals, so you can request customers to leave comments for prospective customers to read and then purchase the products you reviewed. As per Oberlo, the study found that online reviews and personal suggestions influence 79% of consumers. Therefore, you might consider letting customers write reviews on product cards or creating a separate page for feedback and reviews. In addition, consider allowing customers to leave reviews on specific websites that allow customers to search for specific brand names and items.
    • Social media referrals. Some people can’t even imagine their daily lives without social media because of the possibility to connect to share pictures and videos, shop for various products, and browse profiles of influential people who will always suggest something helpful. Because social networks are vital to our daily lives, entrepreneurs use them to get referrals. They look for advocates who have established profiles with enough influence to share brands’ content, reach their intended audience and then encourage them to buy from them.
    • Incentive-based referrals. The main feature of these programs is that businesses reward customers for their loyalty through rewards such as gift cards, coupons, and digital rewards. It’s always good to reward those who invite their friends and are willing to accept referrals.

    8 Ways to get quality referrals from customers

    1. Provide exceptional products

    Your product (or the service you provide for an enterprise that provides services) is the product or service your customer will pay for. It’s what your client gets from working with your company. Therefore, you must ensure that it is exceptional.

    People will recommend your products and services when the product meets its promises. They’ll talk about you more when your product exceeds customers’ expectations.

    2. Adopt a customer referral program.

    Implementing a program for customer referrals is a fantastic way for your team to proactively seek out new customers. Our blog post regarding creating an efficient client referral plan affirms “that you’re confident enough in your services and team to know that a referral program would be a positive investment.”

    Your customers will be impressed by this confidence and feel more at ease sharing their information as you have a program in place. Customer referral programs increase your company’s credibility and make it easier for your customers to feel confident in your company. Additionally, when customers receive a reward in your referral program, they are more likely to comply when they make a recommendation.

    3. Make sure you have a story to tell and a brand

    Your business is a part of the story, regardless of whether you or the customers are telling it. Therefore, it’s crucial to determine how you would like the story told. Marketing has a lot of influence in this regard; however, the way your team interacts with customers plays a major role in how your company views a person.

    4. Offer a referral commission.

    It’s hard to measure the worth of a referral however, a person who refers a customer will do your business a great favor. When you offer commission or other rewards for referrals, You show appreciation and can encourage new referrals.

    Even the smallest benefits, like complimentary products or services, offer customers an incentive to recommend you and reward them for going beyond their means to advocate for your cause.

    5. Offer valuable content that your source of referrals can share with their networks.

    Prospective customers are more likely to access your free resources before making any agreements or purchases. Regular and quality blog posts are usually an attraction for a business’s website; however, devices, research and ebooks are also excellent ways to reach those customers you’d like to make leads and refer to.

    The kind of content you can provide is only limited to your imagination. A request for an informal lunch or breakfast seminar or webinar on a particular industry-related topic, research briefs, or an article on the latest regulatory changes or industry trends is all feasible. Create something unique to give them something unique to share.

    6. Offer incentives.

    Offer incentives.

    If you’re looking to make it easier for your customers and ensure that your customers have a good time scouring their networks in search of a great referral, you can offer the opportunity to earn something in return. It could be in the form of a Starbucks or Amazon gift card, a month-long free subscription, or cold cash, you can give something to your customers to help you connect with warm leads. They merit it.

    A way to manage incentives is to establish an organization that manages customers’ referral agreements (more on this later). Referral agreements can allow your company to continually generate substantial numbers of leads through the creation of an incentive program that rewards high-quality customers.

    7. Take Advantage of a Positive Review

    The ideal time to ask customers to refer a friend is right after they’ve expressed their gratitude or written an excellent review. Keep the positive experience in their minds, so that they immediately think of their family members, friends, or co-workers they could refer to have the same great impression of your company.

    8. Create Referral Email Templates

    A referral source might have a prospect for you; however, they aren’t sure how to introduce themselves. Make it easier with an email template that you could use to compose an introduction. It should be a simple text-based script that you can use to insert the appropriate contact details and the relevant contextual information and then forward the email to the lead and cc’ing the recipient.


    Referrals are among the most reliable sources of continual sales opportunities. Companies with a strong referral program show that they have more loyal, valued customers. Combining referrals from customers with our tips and recommendations from expert tools lets you maximize your network to continue filling your pipeline of sales with high-quality sales leads and potential.

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