16 Free ways to get more views on YouTube

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    How to get more views on YouTube: 16 Free Ways

    If you’re a marketer or content creator, you can get unlimited views on YouTube. If you’re interested, the process takes some time and effort. However, If you manage the right thing, you’ll be paid by more viewers, improved user experience, and opportunities to grow the reach of your content and viewers.

    With its huge number of people using it, YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for connecting with audiences. It doesn’t matter if you’re sharing recipes or instructing people. YouTube can be a huge success. Here are some suggestions on how to get more views on YouTube and YouTube shorts

    How to get more views on YouTube for free

    1. Make use of metadata to receive recommendations after watching a popular video

    If you aim to increase your YouTube views, then take inspiration from the most-watched videos within your field.

    Start by looking at your competition’s most-watched video.

    The primary goal of YouTube is to keep its users on its platform for the longest time possible (so that they’ll be exposed to as many ads as they can.) The algorithm’s role is to provide viewers with one video after the next.

    However, how does YouTube determine what users might want to watch? The algorithm takes these factors into account:

    • Videos that are frequently watched in conjunction
    • Videos that users have watched the in the past
    • Related videos that are topically relevant

    When you’re deciding on keywords, consider yourself a librarian. First, define the topic of your video and define its general subject matter, then think of other terms people might be able to use in searching for the subject.

    2. Write engaging titles

    The titles are crucial for the performance of your video. Consider: are you presenting your video as “must-see” or “meh?”

    Creating compelling titles is to catch your audience’s interest without using “clickbait” titles. People want entertaining content and to be able to tell what your video is about right from the phrase “go.”

    You can, for instance, look at the books of YouTube giants such as BuzzFeed or WhatCulture. They often use listicles, title-based questions, as well as hyperbole to garner the views.

    views on YouTube
    engaging titles

    AthleanX’s fitness-focused videos are another excellent illustration. Again, the channel’s content can include relevant keywords in the titles, but it also appears casual.

    views on YouTube

    “Best-of” lists and “how-to” titles are always good options. Here are some titles that you should click taken from Disney Food Blog:

    views on YouTube
    engaging titles

    The lesson here is to think about engaging titles instead of sticking to the first thought that comes to mind.

    Specifics aside, An oft-cited study from Tubular Insights mentions that YouTube video titles should be between 41 to 70 characters. However, other tools like the headline analyzer from Schedule recommend 55 characters to create a captivating headline. This tool isn’t made to be used for video titles, but it’s great for brainstorming titles that are YouTube-friendly to promote the popularity of your YouTube channel.

    3. Optimize your videos for visibility

    views on YouTube
    Source: YouTube

    Here are some ideas for you to consider YouTube videos appear within 70 % of the most relevant 100 Google result pages.

    You can try it yourself. Any product and “how-to” query on Google will result in some information on YouTube.

    In reality, YouTube results often appear before traditional blog posts or web pages.

    Take note: YouTube is the second-largest search engine worldwide on its own. Similar to how people search for solutions to problems through Google, this is also true for YouTube.

    Imagine your YouTube videos as content that has to be optimized for keywords, tags, and other such things.

    To improve your chances of being seen on YouTube, you should follow some of the most effective methods to be featured on YouTube. Google’s SEO on Youtube:

    • Descriptions and titles Include target keywords in your descriptions and titles. You can utilize tools such as to assist you in finding keywords.
    • Include keywords in your YouTube video. Based on Brian Dean of Backlinko, using your keywords in your video could assist YouTube to better comprehend what your video is about.
    • Engagement YouTube utilizes engagement (likes, comments, views, likes) to determine how videos appear in results.
    • Categories: Use categories to assist YouTube in gaining an understanding of whom to present your content to.
    • Apart from categories, users may also include tags in your videos to provide YouTube more context for the content. There are several tags, so be sure to include as many tags as possible.

    Like with SEO for your site, Don’t overuse keywords. Utilize keywords only whenever appropriate and not to make a point of having them.

    4. Get more views by creating custom thumbnails

    views on YouTube
    Source: YouTube

    When your potential viewers are in discovery mode–skimming through search results and recommendations–thumbnails are a major part of what they decide what to watch.

    There is a wealth of information available that can be a nightmare for graphic designers -screaming fonts, overflowing data — let’s be clear What are the characteristics of a well-designed thumbnail?

    The thumbnail is precise and clear regarding the video it’s describing (if your thumbnail is misleading people to click, YouTube will know because the time you watch will decrease when the viewer becomes annoyed and ceases watching.)

    • The thumbnail makes a statement.
    • The thumbnail is used in conjunction with the title of the video.

    “Standing out” can be as easy as picking the right shade. Also, make sure your high-resolution face is creating an odd expression under good lighting. If your field is filled with loud high-key images, the best way to ensure your channel will make a splash is to be the quiet, minimalist voice of the mind.

    5. Encourage Viewers to Subscribe

    views on YouTube
    Source: YouTube

    Encourage your existing viewers to sign up because increasing subscribers will boost the number of views you get on every new video you make. So how do you encourage viewers to sign up?

    The easiest way to do this is to start and end every video!

    However, don’t simply ask viewers to sign up to the YouTube channel you have created. Instead, be sure to remind them to turn off the notification bell once they’ve clicked ‘Subscribe.’

    So, once an individual subscribes to your channel, they’ll receive an email notification each when you upload a brand new video. The more subscribers you have is essential for gaining more gratis YouTube viewers; therefore, get started inviting your subscribers to sign up immediately!

    6. Expand your view by making playlists

    views on YouTube
    Source: YouTube

    The process of organizing and creating a playlist for videos by creating playlists of videos on YouTube is the most effective way to reduce viewers’ chance to switch to a different channel after they’ve watched your video.

    Why? Because playlists operate according to the same guidelines as Netflix, when one video is finished, then the next video begins.

    Because you’ve already completed the difficult task of helping the viewer find your video, then click it to take a look at the entire video. It makes sense to guide them to the content on the video they’re likely to be looking for the next time around.

    7. Promote Other Videos through End Screens and cards

    views on YouTube
    End Screens and cards

    End screens and cards are two tools that can be used to promote your video to increase viewings on YouTube. You’ll first need to authenticate that you have a YouTube account to gain access to these options. Simply click on your profile image at the top of the screen to verify your account, then select “Creator Studio.” After that, go to the ‘Status & Features tab:

    This page allows you to look over additional YouTube channel features and then set the channel up. Now let’s take an in-depth review of the end screens and cards.

    A screen at the end is a frame you can put in the middle of the video to close things out and highlight the calls to action.

    Cards are a device that can be set to pop up whenever you watch a video. For example, they can be set to send viewers to a different movie or playlist. Or create a poll that is an excellent method to ask your viewers what they’d like to see more of.

    8. Offer Content that Educates or entertains

    views on YouTube
    16 Free ways to get more views on YouTube 13

    Your videos should offer an added value to viewers, whether it’s teaching them to understand or do something or just making them feel entertained and engaged. If your viewers find your video content useful, they’ll keep coming back for more and boost the number of views for your videos to come.

    9. Piggyback off of Viral Trends

    views on YouTube
    16 Free ways to get more views on YouTube 14

    Create content for a video that takes on already popular trending viral topics. There’s already a consumer desire to consume videos within that context. A phenomenon that is why you should take advantage of this.

    It’s not always feasible to link your content to current trends. However, should you come up with an effective method to increase your popularity on YouTube by using an audience hungry for new and relevant content?

    10. Promote Your Videos on Other Social Channels

    views on YouTube
    16 Free ways to get more views on YouTube 15

    If there are followers you can connect with on different social networks, inform them every time the new video is on YouTube. One method to do this is by using an introductory video. For instance, you could make a teaser that is a minute long for a brand new YouTube video and post it to your Facebook page, along with a link to the complete footage on YouTube.

    Do not limit yourself to just social media channels. Additionally, you can embed YouTube videos into relevant blog posts or pages on your site.

    Don’t forget to think about marketing via email. With a typical open rate of 18.5% and a rate of purchase of 65 percent, email marketing is an effective tool in terms of sales conversions.

    YouTube isn’t an independent social network, so be sure to promote your YouTube videos using free advertising channels.

    How to get more views on YouTube shorts

    1. Make Valuable Shorts

    views on YouTube
    Valuable Shorts

    It isn’t enough to publish random content using your Shorts. They need to be concise, short, and, most important, useful.

    If viewers don’t find your Shorts useful, they won’t visit your channel anymore. The only thing you can do is extract a view from the user, and that’s all there is to it.

    It will limit the chances of them signing up to your channel and viewing every single video or content item of yours over a longer time.

    It is recommended to choose YouTube Shorts relevant to your area of expertise and the content of your content on YouTube. It is also possible to use shorts to introduce your brand new products or service, which could create the excitement level of your viewers.

    2. Create Custom Thumbnails

    Like other YouTube videos, thumbnails play an essential factor in deciding if the viewers will be able to click on the thumbnails of your YouTube Shorts or not.

    If you’re a regular YouTube user, it may be possible that Shorts are set in a vertical space that plays them continuously. So why would I want to create thumbnails if they have no purpose?

    It’s true. However, you are not aware that YouTube Shorts could be seen as regular videos on channels.

    Therefore, it is necessary to create a stunning thumbnail for your Shorts to get the viewer to watch your video.

    3. Make Your Titles Count

    Your YouTube shorts’ titles are an additional important element you need to be aware of to grab users’ attention. Similar to thumbnails, it is essential to work to create a title for the YouTube Shorts.

    Your title should inform the viewer of the information you’ll be provided in your video. Don’t attempt to confuse viewers with false titles. You’ll be able to lose the viewer’s trust and result in the loss of any future engagement.

    4. Use YouTube Stories

    YouTube Stories can be used to promote your videos. YouTube Stories to promote your YouTube Shorts. Create a compelling story to share with your viewers that contains all the highlights from your top shorts. Your audience is likely to be aware of the work, and if they’re lucky, they’ll be watching your video.

    You’ll also double or increase your odds of getting new YouTube users and increase engagement rates when you make the use possible use of the YouTube Stories feature.

    5. Do not post long-form content.

    The public is gradually becoming aware that Shorts are an easy method to entertain or learn through YouTube. However, you shouldn’t make them feel disappointed by releasing short videos only minutes long. Make sure to be quick, sharp, and concise when you use YouTube Shorts. Make this a habit and stay with the routine.

    6. Be Consistent

    It is essential to remain consistent in your uploads of content regardless of what content you publish on YouTube. Regularly uploading shorts can help you attract viewers to your content, increase your brand’s reputation, and increase the likelihood of them becoming addicted to your video content.

    It will enable you to stand out from your competitors and create an impressive impression on YouTube. You’ll become a well-known creator to the YouTube users, and there’s a good chance that they’ll even share your content with their social networks, therefore aiding in word-of-mouth marketing.

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