How to Get More Likes on Instagram: 13 Powerful Tactics

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    How to get more likes on Instagram 2022

    While the public view of the number of likes for Instagram posts has gone to in the past, the number of hearts an image receives still can reveal how many people are following you and its engagement.

    More Instagram likes to mean more engagement. So for businesses looking to increase their presence through this platform, it is still a measure that’s important. Instagram utilizes this measurement to determine if your account is worth it or not, and also, if it is appropriate, it is appropriate to display its content to other users.

    Here are some helpful tips that can help you get free likes on Instagram in the right way and ensure that your feed stands above the rest. Let’s start!

    Do Instagram Likes still matters ?

    Instagram likes could be obvious, people saying they love your content. Also, let’s face it that it’s nice to log onto the app and get all those lovely tiny notifications that tell you that your post has been well-received; who are interested, right? It’s wonderful to see comments on your posts, but those little hearts are worth quite a lot for Influencers on Instagram who hope to boost their influence and reach through the medium. Likes on Instagram are among the ways that the algorithm of Instagram determines what content is distributed to a wider public and which creators are more likely to share their content.

    Consider them ranking signals similar to the ones search engines are looking for in determining how they rank and index websites.

    In addition, just because Instagram is trying to hide the number of likes a post gets, don’t believe they’re less important. Although the number of likes isn’t publicly available, The number of likes is an important influencer indicator for the platform; therefore, it’s crucial to create an Instagram marketing plan designed to increase likes and more engagement with your posts.

    How to get more likes on Instagram

    1. Share High-Quality Photos

    Source- Instagram

    It’s a simple thing to do, but many people overlook the importance of having high-quality photos. If your image appears blurry or pixilated or is too dark, it’s unlikely to be able to attract a lot of attention! The same is true for images – if they utilize too many fonts or try to combine a lot of images and text into the space of a single square, it’s unlikely to get a good reception from your followers.

    It’s not necessary to be a professional graphic designer or photographer to accomplish this. Instead, focus on improving the quality of your photos, be it by improving your photography or sitting in front of windows for better lighting, or focusing on the composition of your post more. This all plays a part in gaining more followers on Instagram!

    2. Collaboration with influential influencers

    Working with influencers and other brands is a great option to grow your following and increase the number of likes on the platform.

    There are a lot of advantages to engaging with your followers by allowing them to leave comments on your content and engage with other influencers and brands via your posts.

    3. Write Engaging Captions

    While posting high-quality images is crucial, it’s not sufficient – your caption should be equally intriguing and engaging or packed with value. Do not use one-word or simple-sentence captions; instead, try to provoke emotion by telling a story, making a vulnerable comment or offering actionable advice, or invoking emotion through the power of nostalgia, humor, or even inspiration. The trick is to make the most relatable to your audience – If your readers can connect to your content, they’re more likely to click a like or leave a comment.

    Don’t feel shy to be yourself and share everything you have with your followers since this is an important factor that will allow you to gain more followers on Instagram!

    Be aware that what is the “perfect caption” will be different for every person, so try some choices on your feed to discover the ones that your audience reacts to. Then, if you discover what is working, you can continue to do this!

    4. Use a Call to Action

    Your followers won’t know what you want if you do not tell them what you want them to do! So just add a call-to- an action near the end of your caption, asking to like! Likely, you’ll dramatically improve your engagement just by asking to be polite. Aren’t manners nice?

    Do not overthink the matter. (or any of the other suggestions on this site) just include a sentence at the bottom of your caption which says “like this post if you agree!” or “leave a like if you’ve have experienced this before!”.. or something similar.

    Tips: feel free to alter your request according to what you need in the present. Perhaps you can ask them to click the link on your bio, leave an update, or even tag an acquaintance instead.

    5. Create Relatable Memes

    Memes are the best way to the heart of every user.

    They’re hilarious, imaginative, and likable. And by 2022, people will be more relatable.

    In simple terms, Users of Instagram want to be heard and heard.

    With the appropriate meme, your readers will comment, like, and share your blog with their social media followers.

    Whatever your field or business, the potential to make a meme is out there.

    6. Create Save able Graphics

    Quotes, images, and repurposed tweets can be found all over Instagram and are great for boosting engagement.

    Instagram users are likely fond of sharing quotes in their posts, especially when visually appealing and moving.

    Recent trends are repurposing tweets as Instagram feeds. This kind of content is extremely attractive and is popular on Instagram. It’s ironic, we know.

    Like memes, These kinds of graphics do not require any resources.

    Even if you don’t use Twitter, you can still use various templates you can make to look and feel like it’s a tweet.

    7. Make use of the appropriate hashtags

    how to get more likes on instagram hashtags

    Hashtags are the factor in expanding your Instagram followers. Use a hashtag, and your story (or your story!) will be displayed on the Instagram page with the hashtag.

    It is also possible to follow hashtags. This could mean that you will show your name in someone else’s news feed. Surprise!

    Illustration Joe Taylortagged this post using the hashtags #characterdesign and #illustration so that it would appear in these search results. With more than 1,800 likes, I think this was a fantastic idea.

    8. Tag your location


    More than just a modest remark about your great tastes in coworking locations, geotagging your spot allows more people to see and share your pictures.

    It’s more useful for brands with bricks and mortar locations in building the feeling of being part of a community with your regulars and prospective regulars. (Just ensure that the coordinates for your physical location are correct to ensure that you show up like a map.)

    9. Run a like-to-win contest

    how to get more likes on Instagram free

    Contests require some organizing or much. However, a like-to-win competition is one of the easiest methods of gaining engagement over a certain time.

    It’s important to ensure that the prize you choose to give away is appealing to the people who will be watching. However, it must be specific enough to ensure that you’re drawing real people, not opportunity seekers (i.e., Don’t offer cash prizes, iPhones, or trips to Ibiza).

    10. Post Consistently 


    For your content to have the greatest chance of reaching your intended viewers, you’ll want to publish when your audience is the most engaged on Instagram. While the ideal time to post to Instagram is dependent on the kind of content you post is, the niche you’re in, and the audience you’re targeting is, there’s research available to provide some helpful ideas for starting:

    HubSpot research has found that the most effective publishing time is between 2 and 3 pm on Thursdays.

    It is recommended to test your engagement on different days and times to discover what is the most effective for your target audience. However, this doesn’t mean that you should never post outside of the most optimal time, but the primary content needs to be released. Most likely, you’ll need to post more often than once per week, in all likelihood.

    11. Promote Using Paid Ads

    If you’ve got the funds to invest in this, Instagram ads are an excellent way to reach out to people who do not already follow your account using the site. Instagram and Facebook use the same advertising platform that permits highly targeted ads that can greatly increase your brand’s reach without spending much budget. Combining natural content and paid advertisements are among the most effective ways we’ve seen to reach out to individuals who might be interested in the product and services but might not have heard of your company or aren’t aware that you’re using Instagram.

    12. Post More Video Content

    Video is extremely entertaining and is distinct in the sea of the endless images that fill the crowded Instagram feeds. We encourage posting more videos, particularly content that doesn’t depend on audio. How-to videos are very popular on Instagram. Captions are essential to reach users who don’t want to listen to music while scrolling (and there are plenty of these). Also, captions are beneficial in terms of accessibility. This is a hallmark of influential brands and influencers creating content for more than just sales.

    13. Use Instagram Stories


    Instagram Stories are among Instagram’s trending marketing strategies that keep growing in popularity. They provide influencers and brands an opportunity to be more honest and authentic. It is not necessary to have the production of videos for this awe-inspiring Instagram content. You can also highlight Stories you would like to be available for longer than the normal 24 hours. This is particularly helpful if you are constantly answering the same questions from followers or would like to highlight content created by users or promote promotions. Danish comic Sofie Hagen makes use of story Highlights to good effects, such as FAQs, welcoming highlights, as well as other things

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