How to get Google Review for your eCommerce Store in 2022

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    With more than 5 billion Google searches occurring daily, including similar products and services to yours, it’s logical to include Google reviews in the marketing toolbox.

    As more Google reviews you’ve got, the better your chances of standing out on the SERPs. Take your review’s value as a competition for popularity against your rivals. However, Google reviews aren’t there just to impress customers; they also help your customers become more knowledgeable. If you have more testimonials, your potential clients can discover about your company, which can help them build confidence and trust in your services.

    What are Google reviews, and why are they important?

    How do you find a restaurant or location close to your home? Go to Google search or Google Maps and type in the name of the restaurant or the kind of food that you enjoy, isn’t it?

    Google delivers results typically amalgamating the distance to your location and the rating local businesses receive on Google. This rating is combined with the reviews people write on Google maps of a specific area.

    google reviews
    What is Google review

    We can all be of one mind; people do review Google reviews. But what’s the reason?

    Google reviews are a valuable source of details about a company’s operations and the experiences of customers who actually had an interaction with that company. But, to be honest, Google reviews matter mostly because people find local businesses, which makes Google the leading review site for local businesses.

    What are the advantages of Google reviews for businesses?

    1. Google Business Reviews Increase Brand Trust

    Transparency is becoming more essential to consumers. The importance (and importance) given to transparency can mostly be attributed to the ease of accessing huge quantities of information about every company. Nowadays, it’s common for a buyer to do some research on businesses before buying products or services. Close to 88% of people have read reviews to assess the reputation of a local company. A significant portion of that research was conducted via Google reviews.

    2. Influence purchasing decision

    Customers are more likely to purchase a product suggested by other customers. In many cases, they rely on others’ opinions on the product to make a purchase decision.

    If, for instance, a prospective customer is searching for an item and finds your product that has received a favorable review from other customers, then he would choose to look into your product instead of the one with fewer or negative reviews.

    Therefore, reviews from customer’s aid in increasing traffic and ultimately increase sales.

    3. Google Business Reviews Increase Online Exposure & Local SEO

    Google’s search algorithm is complex (that’s an exaggeration). However, there’s one thing you can be sure of: Google reviews influence Google local searches. According to Moz, approximately 9 percent of Google’s indexing algorithm relies on reviews like those you’ll find in the company’s Google reviews. These reviews are typically concentrated on review volume, speed, and variety.

    4. Help your SEO efforts

    Search engines will receive regular updates to the content through customer reviews. Therefore, the updated content has a greater likelihood of being ranked higher.

    Additionally, if customers are pleased with your product or service and express their satisfaction by leaving testimonials, Google will reward you with higher rankings as Google likes what customers like!

    How to get more Google Reviews for your eCommerce store

    Now you’re aware of the effects of Google feedback on a business’s reputation and rankings and have a confirmed Business Profile through which to manage these reviews; it’s time to improve reviews. The strategies listed below will help you achieve that.

    1. The first step is to understand the process.

    It takes around a minute for a consumer to leave a Google review. Simple enough, right? But there’s a procedure to achieve it. The client must:

    • Open up Google Maps
    • Find your business
    • Click it to bring open Google Business Profile. Google Business Profile
    • Click down until you reach the Reviews section on your profile.
    • Click to write an article

    2. Create a Google review shortcut link

    Your customers must visit your website to leave a review regardless of the time; therefore, create an easy review link and place it on your site.

    Log into Your Google My Business account, go to the Home tab and then look for your “Get your first review” (or “Get more reviews”) card. Then click “Share review form” and save the link to your clipboard.

    This is what you’ll find:

    google reviews

    3. Shorten your review shortcut

    It’s simple enough to insert the link as a button on your site or hyperlink it using smaller anchor text. However, there are many alternatives to getting Google reviews, and this eye-sore of a string will not perform. It is good to know that there are no cost link shorteners like through which you can reduce and even modify your review link.

    So, now that you have a great and neat review shortcut, it’s time to consider different ways to display the link to your customers to increase the number of Google reviews for the local company you run.

    4. Use QR Codes to Link to Review Pages

    Mobile devices are ubiquitous with the majority of shoppers today. So, almost everyone can scan the QR code and access the page it connects to. Printing a QR code onto your receipts, promotional materials, or other items that customers can see is a great method to direct them to the review page. This will encourage customers to leave reviews after they scan the QR code to find the link.

    5. Coupons

    google ratings and reviews

    The idea of enticing customers to purchase coupons to review your business could be beneficial. Additionally, if you do this is likely to bring the customer back to redeem the coupon, and you will receive an additional conversion!

    In this manner, you get reviews and greater sales!

    6. Review partner sites

    Numerous websites, such as GoodFirms, Clutch, etc., provide review platforms for various items and services. These websites ensure that the reviews aren’t authentic.

    By collaborating with these sites and getting reviews from them, you can increase your store’s credibility. Customers may not be able to trust reviews posted on your website; however, they can trust those who have reviews from Google, Facebook, and review sites like Good firms and Clutch.

    7. Add Calls-to-Action and Popups on Your Website

    People procrastinate. It’s a fact. I’m aware of that. Everyone is aware of that.

    Encourage people to put off their work by having numerous calls-to-actions on your site and even adding a tiny popup that encourages users to write a review. Most likely, you’ve experienced these popups or CTAs at work. They usually say something like, “Are you enjoying the product here? Write us a review!” I know I have them all the time. I open half of the apps I have on my phone and several times throughout every day when I visit sites I use for work.

    8. Make it Easy to Leave a Review

    To get the most reviews, you can Link closest to the form of review as you can; instead of linking your standard GMB page or your website in general, the direct link to the page for reviews. Make sure the user makes as few clicks as possible to access reviews. If they must search across your account or website to find a GMB local site and then go through the site to find where they can write reviews, they’ll be turned away.

    9. Address Negative Reviews Quickly and Personally

    google reviews
    leaving google reviews

    There is a chance that you will get some negative reviews. Two or three stars should be dealt with as they are published, and you should be able to check your reviews often. Be sure not to erase negative reviews. People will notice that you’re doing it, and do not forget. Instead, you should address every negativity in your review’s comments section. Request that the reviewer contacts your department for customer support and collaborate with them to fix things right.

    10. Advertise your Google reviews

    google reviews
    google reviews app

    Have you thought about the possibility that your customers might not even be aware that they’re getting reviews? To communicate the message clearly and loudly.

    The content created by users can be used in a variety of ways, such as on traditional offline marketing such as posters and billboards, ads as well as in social media postings. You present your reviews to show that you care about and appreciate your feedback. Received that is likely to inspire more customers to share their opinions.


    Gathering more Google reviews could mean the difference between the 3.5 – 4.5 star ratings on the internet and is definitely worth the effort. Be aware that if you wish for customers to consider giving your feedback, it’s their task to keep it in the forefront of their minds and make it as simple as you can.

    Make every effort to improve your Google reviews’ awareness and cut down on friction. You’ll be on your way to becoming a winner.

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