Find my IP Address: Free tips to hide your IP Address

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    Internet and network networks do not determine the identity of computer systems (of all sizes, including your phone) with the name you choose to give them. Instead, computers are more interested in numbers. The numbers they use for identification are referred to as IP addresses.

    “IP”  stands for “internet protocol,” which is part of the Transmission Control Protocol/internet protocol (TPC/IP). It’s all referred to as IP for short, and TCP/IP is a language used to communicate by most networks.

    If you are looking at your computer(s), there are a variety of IP addresses to consider. One of them is how your computer connects to the internet, which is an IP address associated with the router. The IP address is typically given to your router by the internet service provider (ISP), and the router, in turn, manages all the data coming from your computer onto the web. Therefore, even if a site receives requests via an IP address on the router, it can transfer the data to or from the computer. (That’s why it’s referred to as a router.)

    What is an IP Address?

    An IP address can be described as an array of numbers separated by periods. IP addresses are described as an array of four numbers. An example might be Each number within the set could vary from 0 to 255. Thus, the complete IP address range extends from up to

    IP addresses are not randomly generated. Instead, they are generated mathematically and distributed through the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), an IANA department of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). ICANN is a non-profit organization founded by the United States in 1998 to aid in the protection that the web has and to allow access to it to everyone. When registering a domain online, the process is through a registrar of domain names, who are charged a fee to ICANN to secure the domain.

    How to find your IP address that is private Android

    ip address
    Source- Highspeedinternet

    If you own a Samsung phone, skip to the next section. If not, the instructions below are for standard Android.

    1:Expand to the Quick Settings menu at the top of the screen and click on the gear symbol.

    2: Tap on Wi-Fi.

    3. Tap the gear symbol beside the Wi-Fi connection you are currently using.

    4 Tap Advanced.

    The number you’re looking for is listed in the section as an IP address.

    How can you locate your IP address on private iOS and iPadOS

    ip address
    Source- Highspeedinternet

    Step 1. Open Setting on your iPhone

    Step 2: Tap Wi-Fi.

    Step 3. Click on the Wi-Fi connection you are currently using.

    The number you’re looking for is next to the IP address.

    How do you find your private IP address on Windows?

    The most effective method of finding how to find your IP address in Windows is by using an IPCONFIG command. To get this done, take these steps:

    1. Select the Start icon, and then select Windows Power Shell in the menu for Power Users.

    2. Enter” IPCONFIG” into the Windows PowerShell window and press the Enter key. It will show all information about the Windows IP configuration information.

    3. The number you’re looking for is next to the IPv4 address in the above illustration.

    How do you find your private IP address on macOS?

    ip address
    Source- Highspeedinternet

    Step 1:  Hit the Apple icon, then select System Preferences. Alternately, select the System Preferences icon in the dock.

    Step 2: Select Network.

    Step 3. Select the network you want to use, and click Advanced at the bottom of the page.

    Step 4. Choose the TCP/IP tab.

    The number you’re looking for appears below the IPv4 IP address, as you can see above.

    Why should I hide my IP address?

    Your IP address can be used to identify you online. In our data-driven society, the activity you conduct online is extremely important. Therefore, it’s essential to conceal your IP address, so you’re able to gain control of your privacy online. In addition to other personal information, the IP address can reveal your buying and shopping patterns as well as your physical geographical location. So why conceal your IP address? There’s a lot to gain and nothing to lose.

    Methods to hide your IP Address

    Let’s look at three options to conceal the IP address of your computer. Each has its mix of security, privacy, and utility.

    Use a VPN

    A VPN is an intermediary server that secures your internet connection and conceals your computer’s IP address. A VPN secures the entire internet traffic you use, not just in your browser but other applications, and then forwards the traffic to the destination. They’re a sought-after privacy solution, and, as such, there’s a huge incentive for VPN companies to develop devices that are as simple for users as they’re secure.

    What is a VPN that conceals the IP address of your computer?

    If you’re using a VPN for Windows or any other platform, your IP address gets hidden since your internet traffic is routed via the VPN server. So when your data — such as websites visited, apps downloaded online as well as downloads, uploads and so on. When it reaches the destination, it is done so through the protection of a “virtual” IP address assigned by the VPN.

    Only one person can view your IP address, which is Your VPN company. This is why you must choose a reliable VPN service that will not keep track of your activities.


    Yes, IP addresses are not as valuable as Social Security numbers, but it’s worth knowing the significance of an IP address and how to hide an IP address should you wish to.

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    1. To discover your IP address, navigate to your device’s settings menu. On Windows, type “cmd” in the search bar, then enter “ipconfig” in the command prompt. For Mac users, open “System Preferences,” select cable service provider “Network,” and find the active connection. Your IP address will be displayed as “IPv4 Address” or “Router.

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