How To Find IP Address on Windows, MAC or Any Website

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    How To Find IP Address on Windows, MAC or Any Website

    The IP address is a unique number used to identify a device connected to the internet or a local network. IP is the abbreviation for “Internet Protocol,” which is the set of rules for the format of data transmitted through the internet or local network.

    In essence, IP addresses serve as the key identifiers that allow data to be exchanged across networks. They contain location information and allow devices to be used to communicate. The internet requires distinguishing between different routers, computers, and websites. IP addresses are an effective method to do this and are an essential element of how the internet operates.

    Find Your Internet/Public IP Address

    how to find ip address
    Source: PCMag

    There will be a time that you require which IP address your router is assigned to you by the ISP. This is especially useful for applications such as voice-over IP calls, the remote software.

    Also, you’ll find a lot of information regarding you that is associated with the IP address, including the ISP’s name and your general geographical location (called GeoIP). This is because ISPs offer a wide range of IP addresses. So finding your provider’s address and general geographical location based on IP addresses is as easy as looking up a public list.

    The most straightforward way to find the public IP address of your router is to type “what is my IP?” on the internet using a search engine.

    If you use Google, it’s the only thing you’ll see. However, there are a lot of websites online that can give you the same similar thing. They think that simply when you visit the website, your router has sent a request to the site, revealing your IP address. Websites such as and IPLocation all go further in displaying the name of the ISP you use, the city you live in, as well as maps.

    How to find IP address in CMD

    You can find your IP address local to your computer using your Windows Command Prompt tool. It will display the IPv4 address as well as your IPv6 number. Here’s how you can find your IP address by using CMD:


    Go to the Start menu and press the command to start the Command Prompt.

    Enter the command ipconfig within the Command Prompt and then press enter. The program will provide an array of information that includes your IP address.

    How to find your local IP address on a Mac

    • Go to your Apple menu and then select System Preferences.
    • Open the View menu and choose Network or Network in the System Preferences window.
    • Select the network connection you want to connect from the menu to the left.
    • Your local IP address will be displayed if you connect those using an Ethernet and a USB connection.
    • If you connect to Wi-Fi, you’ll see your IP address displayed in the connection status.

    How to find a website’s IP address

    Use Lookup Services like WHOIS


    WHOIS is an application that queries databases containing online resource registration details. It’s used to discover its IP address, website, and other data.

    But I’d suggest using alternative methods first since providing the IP address information is not always possible.

    To determine an IP address for a site’s server, you must visit a website that provides WHOIS database response and query services. For instance,

    Look up an IP address for the site you would like to retrieve.

    Interestingly, even if a website is down or not accessible, WHOIS will still give you the IP address since it saves IP addresses permanently in databases. In contrast, the Ping command will not locate a site’s IP address when it’s unavailable.

    Other than WHOIS, You can also go to websites such as if you are looking for the IP address for your website.

    How to find IP address of mobile number

    It is not possible to are not able to obtain an IP address using the call number. The number used by an individual is the number that a particular company assigns to be able to take and return calls from the same numbers. Because of this, it is the case that the addresses and phone numbers aren’t connected at all. The major distinction between an IP number and an actual cellphone number is that the IP address never changes, but the mobile number does not. Therefore, it is impossible to determine the IP number of an individual phone using your mobile phone number.

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