How to edit TikTok videos in 2022: Tips to Edit FAST

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    TikTok has seen a surge in popularity because of the possibility for anyone to be an influencer through its platform. You don’t have to be a professional to make an excellent video or even have a massive following to become famous. You require a smartphone and a name, and then your followers will find you.

    However, content creation must be viewed with caution that Not every video you create will be flawless in the first attempt.

    Editing is a fantastic method to sharpen footage to enhance the quality or make something impossible in just one go. For example, maybe you’d like to make an image where you’re conversing with yourself. With editing, you can achieve this.

    If you’re unsure where, to begin with creating videos with TikTok, This comprehensive guide will help you on how to edit TikTok videos in just a few minutes.

    How to record TikTok video successfully

    1. Make use of the countdown timer

    In the TikTok application, you can set a countdown timer which will provide you with a three 10-second countdown before the camera begins recording.

    By using this function, users can record videos free of hands. The timer can be accessed at the top of the screen by clicking the plus icon located on the lower right of the display.

    2. Utilize filters or templates and effects

    TikTok has a wide range of video effects available within the application, including effects for filters and transition templates and A/R effects.

    Certain features can only be used when recording your video content directly on the app; other features are available for pre-recorded videos.

    3. Create looping videos

    The rate at which videos are completed is one of the most important metrics on the platform. And having viewers view your video over and over is a sign to your TikTok algorithms that the content you have uploaded is interesting (and is likely to be featured on additional For You webpages).

    Therefore, linking the end of your video with the beginning of the video in a continuous loop will aid in keeping your viewers interested and increase its popularity and engagement.

    4. Make sure you have good lighting and good audio

    It’s only a matter of some pieces of cheap equipment to improve the quality of your audio and lighting compared to your phone’s camera and microphone. Good audio and lighting can help your content be more attractive to more viewers, helping you increase your engagement and views.

    edit TikTok videos

    How to edit TikTok videos

    1. Basic Cutting

    Vine in the day. With TikTok, you can edit your video as you shoot. You can begin and stop recording while you are shooting, and the app automatically adds videos to your timeline when you shoot them.

    The red button to record button one time to let it run or hold it and press to create a particular length. Once you’ve completed recording all your videos, you’ll be able to continue editing the clips further.

    2. Audio

    At first, start by looking to the right of the screen to see Sounds. Then, tap it to play the sound. After you’ve selected the song, you want to play, pick the place you’d like it to start playing, and then record it while you play it to make sure your pictures are in sync with it.

    You can also add the voiceover as well as sound effects. (We’ll have a closer review of sound effects later.)

    3. Sound Effects

    In the section called Sounds, You can search for sound effects or create an original sound effect. To find sounds in the Sounds library, type in the name of the word you want to describe (boom or bang, splat, for instance) and the word “sound effect.”

    For adding your own sound effect, press the VoiceOver button on the right-hand edge of your screen. This will be visible when you’re recording your video. Similar to other audio files that you have added, you are able to edit the sound clip to begin whenever you want to and also alter the volume.

    4. Using Transitions

    Once you’ve recorded the footage, you’d like to use, head down into Effects, look towards the bottom, and select the transition. Choose the one you want and determine how you would like to utilize these effects. To add a transition, tap on your timeline, and the effect will be applied to the spot.

    Some examples of transition videos are  

    Find inspiration in transformation challenges

    This trick isn’t so much an actual transition style and is more of an illustration of how to utilize transitions. It is nevertheless worth mentioning due to how well-known they are.

    On TikTok, it is common to see popular challenges that require an arrow to show the prior and post.

    Use jump cuts for normal transitions

    Jump cuts are incredibly simple to master and can be applied to virtually all the other transitions listed below. Jump cuts are simply placing clips one after the other without any effects between them.

    The key to making it seamless is closing the first clip and beginning the second one by placing the object (whether you or an object) in the same location in the frame.

     Finger snap transition

    Finger snaps are a variant of the jump cut in which it snaps your fingers in order to change to the next clip. It is often used with songs that have many beats, so it is possible to align your snaps with the beat.

    Cover your camera for a before and after reveal

    It’s pretty easy to do: to create your transition, you put your hand or a piece of an object towards the camera, making sure you fully cover it. You begin filming using the camera completely covered in the next clip before removing your hand or object.

    Jump transition

    By using the jump cut (pardon this pun), You can make use the jump cut to cut between different scenes, creating the illusion of being transported to another place. However, the transition requires a bit more effort since you’ll need to adjust the camera’s frame and framing movement.

    How to edit TikTok videos from camera roll or TikTok built-in video editing tools?

    The built-in video editing tools of TikTok are basic; however, it doesn’t mean that they’re not capable enough to enhance the videos that you create in 15-60 seconds using TikTok.

    • To start an entirely new video, press the plus symbol found on the bottom of the application’s main screen.
    • Then, click on the “Record” button:

    This is how simple it is to make your own designs on Tiktok.

    Are you looking to add a song sound effect or other audio to the video?

    edit TikTok videos
    •  Click sound on the upper right-hand side of your screen for recording:

    You can also alter the speed of playback and apply effects or filters.

    • After you’ve made the TikTok video, you’ll have the option to include stickers, filters, sounds or voice effects, sounds, or text layers.
    • TikTok’s built-in tool for editing videos to cut your video’s length or adjust how loud the original audio or the soundtrack is.

    These tools alone are enough for most TikTok users.

    For the most effective, captivating TikTok videos, there is the option of using the additional TikTok video editing program to make the TikTok video that has a little more quality or polish.

    5 best video editing Software apart from TikTok

    1. InShot

    edit TikTok videos

    InShot is undisputed the top performer when it comes to editing videos for social networks. The best part is that it’s simple to use using either your iPhone as well as an Android device. In addition to the usual editing tools you’ve grown accustomed to, InShot has an abundance of audio and visual effects and also uploads your songs. However, there is one small drawback: InShot does not come with an in-built music library.

    2. Zoomerang

    edit TikTok videos

    Zoomerang is an easy-to-use and user-friendly video editing application that’s ideal for those who want to begin creating TikTok videos. In the app, users will find useful tutorials and a library with hundreds of effects filters, music, and much more. You can purchase the subscription to enjoy an ad-free experience. However, the free version functions as well.

    3. CapCut

    edit TikTok videos

    CapCut is a completely free editing tool owned by TikTok’s parent company ByteDance. It’s loaded with the necessary editing features that you’ll need (trimming filters, filtering, stabilization, and splitting) and all the features you’ve always wanted to play with (such as zooming and stickers, filters, and a lot more). It also comes with an enormous collection of music at no cost for your videos.

    4. Funimate

    edit TikTok videos

    Funimate is another fantastic application to edit TikTok videos. It’s available for free in the App Store and Google Play, but you’ll be required to pay for more advanced features such as removing watermarks from videos. Funimate watermark.

    The free features include splicing clips and adding music, and putting in a variety of stickers and effects. What makes Funimate different from other video editing applications is the daily challenges it presents. They’re an excellent way to improve your editing experience and become better each day by learning innovative and new ways. Funimate’s challenges are great to spark the imagination.

    5. Videoshop

    edit TikTok videos

    Its Videoshop app is available through the App Store and Google Play. It allows you to include captions, music, and a variety of effects and filters. You can also change the speed of the video. Videoshop is among the top applications for splicing and merging clips from various videos.

    It is also possible to upload your video directly to any major social media platform, making it a bit easier for the digital marketer’s or influencer’s job.

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