How to Edit Instagram Photos in 2022+ Free Editing Tools

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    How to Edit Instagram Photos in 2022+ Free Editing Tools

    Instagram is a great place to get inspired by other people’s creativity. But the photo editing on Instagram tends to be very over-the-top. So it can be difficult to figure out how to edit your pictures before posting them. This blog will show you some tips on how to edit Instagram photos before uploading them on Instagram.

    how to edit Instagram photos

    Strategies that will help take high-quality images:

    • Composition is LIFE
    • Use Grids to help you compose 
    • Be aware of the light conditions of the area around you.
    • The time of day is important… A lot.
    • Get exposure and focus right exactly where you want it to be.

    How to edit Instagram photos like a pro

    1. Start with a quality shot

    Edit Instagram Photo
    How to Edit Instagram Photos in 2022+ Free Editing Tools 10

    Before you begin editing your images to upload to Instagram, You must ensure you’ve got an image of high quality.

    Since the adjustments to the color or exposure can make a picture look better if it’s blurry poor composition, grainy or unfocused.

    2. Use crop & straighten to increase your composition

    Edit Instagram Photo

    The cropping process is by far the most effective way to enhance your photographs.

    It lets you eliminate distractions quickly (say bye to the annoying photobombers). It also helps to draw attention to your subject and add drama to your composition.

    Also, make sure that the horizon of your photograph is straight! This simple technique can transform your pictures from amateur to professional.

    Tips! Crop your photos 1×1 to make square pictures and 4×5 to take portrait photos.

    3. Spot-clean your photo

    Do dust particles in your photos plague you? Use the spot-removing tool within your editing software to get rid of any unwanted spots.

    The same tool to get rid of the stains on your clothing, a pimple on your forehead, or other distracting features.

    If you are looking to get rid of larger objects, such as people, you must purchase more advanced software like Photoshop. Photoshop comes with many tools that can perform the job without leaving visible signs in the background.

    Top of Form

    Bottom of Form

    4. Adjust the white balance

    Edit Instagram Photo
    how to edit Instagram photos after posting

    The most unpleasant thing about fluorescent lighting is that it’s not even a dime! It gives a terrible yellow hue over images and then drains bright shades.

    If you’ve captured a picture inside and want to tone down the yellow tones, you can use the tool for white balance. In addition, it can help you to color-correct the overall tone of your photo.

    Use the sliders to alter the temperature of your photo (think cold and warm hues). Also, you can modify the tint sliders in order to bring more purple or green hues to your photos.

    Are you tired of tweaking your white balance? Editing applications such as Lightroom and Photoshop come with preset modes that which you can select from “daylight” or “cloudy.”

    5. Adjust exposure and contrast

    exposure, your camera accidentally took an image that is either over or underexposed; all can be salvaged! You can utilize the exposure slider of the editor application to correct the brightness or darkness of your photo. When you adjust the exposure, take care not to blow up your photo. You’ll want to avoid large white spots.

    Contrast Another thing you’ll need to tweak is contrast. Contrast lets you experiment with various shades, both light and dark. It is possible to use the slider to smooth out images so that none of the elements stand out or increase in contrast, so that dark hues are more intense and light colors brighter.

    6. Adjust color vibrancy and saturation

    Do you want to create a photo feed full of colorful pops or a grid of pastel shades? Then, utilize the vibrancy and saturation tools to boost or decrease the color intensity in your images.

    However, you shouldn’t get too wild. So much vibrancy and saturation make your pictures appear like they’re not natural. You should alter each slider a little to improve the image in its original form.

    7. Color-correct your photos

    Edit Instagram Photo
    Color-correct your photos

    Keep your tones on your grid even by correcting the color of your images.

    Lightroom Mobile and the desktop version offer greater control over your editing by giving you the ability to alter the hue, luminance, and saturation of every color.

    It’s the easiest method to ensure you employ the same tones for every photo.

    Instagram photo editing tips: above the basic

    If you’re looking to improve your Instagram pictures beyond the norm, it’s best to improve your pictures before you open them on the application.

    Here are some ways to go beyond the minimums to make your photos sparkle.

    Straighten up and concentrate

    You’ve tried your best at the camera stage to create an outstanding composition, however, should your camera not be completely level, or if some stray object has gotten into the shot near the edges, The tools to straighten or crop can help.

    The tool you use is the simplest method to enhance your composition when it’s already too for you to go back and retake the shot. The best guideline? If the horizon of your photograph is straight, you’re golden.

    Use a spot removing tool to clean the image.

    Use this Spot-Removing tool within your preferred editing software to tidy up your photos before getting to the stage of color correction.

    It’s about removing any scattered crumbs from the table in your food photograph or taking a zit off of the model’s face; clearing off those distracting details will make you appear more refined.

    Take a look at the grid.

    Do you want to create grids that have an unmistakable, brand-new look? Make sure your colors are consistent in any way, whether it’s vintage and warm, bright and neon, or lovely in pastel.

    Mix and Match editing tools

    There’s no requirement that you have to use one editing program. If you are a fan of those smooth effects in one app and the cool filters in another, make use of both, and make sure you get your photo perfect before uploading it to Instagram.

    Can You Edit A Picture On Instagram After Posting It?

    You might be browsing the internet to learn how to change Instagram images after posting.

    The bad news is that you aren’t. You only have one chance to put in the correct filter, crop, or alter the photo before going live. Instagram can currently not provide any editing tools to your Instagram images after you have posted them.

    If you’ve accidentally deleted the photo, you love most before uploading a feed of it, your best bet is to erase and re-upload.

    Be sure to copy the caption and copy it before you begin to ensure you don’t lose all of your efforts – – and hashtags!

    What are the benefits of using Instagram photo editing tools?

    Instagram reached the 1 billion users mark in June of 2018. That’s a huge number out of a world population of just seven billion. Additionally, 60 % of Instagram users claim to discover new products via Instagram.

    This means that Instagram is a major method of attracting and maintaining customers. There are currently 25 million commercial users on the platform. The number of accounts is expected to continue climbing.

    5 Best Instagram photo editing tools

    Each of these apps is free–at minimum for the basic features. In addition, the majority of them are accessible for both Android as well as iOS.

    1. VSCO

    Edit Instagram Photo

    The designers at our company love using this software to make quick editing of photos. Here are some reasons:

    The camera built into the app with sophisticated controls lets you perform your magical skills without leaving the application.

    Download the same filters for Adobe Lightroom, so you can edit images on your desktop and get the same result on mobile devices.

    VSCO is accessible for iOS as well as Android.

    2. Snapseed

    Edit Instagram Photo

    Everyone seems to be in love with Snapseed. Google Snapseed is now owning it; the app for editing photos provides you with things like:

    Filters and special effects to help the president appear less tired during the conference where he’s talking.

    Social sharing is a way to share your photos, and you can directly send photos via the application to Instagram and other social networks.

    Tools for editing, such as the basic ones such as rotating and cropping. As well as advanced features for white balance double exposure, blurring of the lens, and tonal contrast.

    Snapseed is available for free on iOS along with Android.

    3. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

    Edit Instagram Photo
    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC has the desktop version, which is well-liked by photographers and designers. There’s also a mobile version for those who are traveling. Make and edit your photographs, then upload them directly to Instagram or other social media networks.

    Advanced editing tools like tonal curves change color, exposure, and contrast.

    The ability to batch edit photos. Edits can be copied across multiple photos to maintain consistency in design.

    Edit a part of the image with your fingers or a stylus. You can also use any other tool you’d like to use.

    Also, you can use a premium option known as Adobe Sensei. It utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically tag your images based on the content within them and the place it was taken. A little creepy, but quite cool.

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC is available for free with basic features for iOS as well as Android. Premium features include the ability to sync to all platforms.

    4. Layout

    Edit Instagram Photo

    The layout is Instagram’s photo application. It’s both a camera and editing application to create collages.

    Start with your photos from the past or create an entirely new picture using the application.


    • Make collages using up to nine pictures so everyone can view your entire week’s lunches all in one spot.
    • Customize collages and layouts.
    • Instantly share your content on Instagram.
    • Edit with Instagram’s filter tools.
    • The layout is free to download for iOS as well as Android.

    5. Square Sized

    Edit Instagram Photo
    Square Sized

    Your images must be square if you plan to post them on Instagram. It’s not ideal. However, it’s the only way to get around it. This app is designed to adjust its size to accommodate Instagram sharing.

    Square Sized imports rectangular photos or videos from Facebook or your mobile and converts them into Instagram-friendly squares. This isn’t just a clever title.

    Apart from the resizing option and the capability to take pictures from the application, In addition, Square Sized allows you to:

    • Create borders for photos with borders.
    • Layer filters such as typography, shapes, and overlays.
    • Create backgrounds.
    • You can share your posts on social media with just a tap.


    For many of us, Instagram is a vital part of our social media presence and today’s business world. It is important to learn as much as you can about social media because it is a way to get your voice heard and bring your business to new potential customers. We hope this blog post has given you some new ideas about how to edit your Instagram photos. If you have any other questions or concerns about using Instagram, please comment. Thank you for reading; we are always excited when one of our posts can provide useful information on a topic like this.

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