How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently in 2022         

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    Nowadays, we share a lot of our data through social media. But, perhaps, it’s a little too many. While removing your account from social media platforms can seem extreme, we understand why people might think of it. If you’re in this boat, here’s how to delete Instagram account, disable it in iPhone, Android and much more

    Should you delete your Instagram account or disable it?

    It’s not that difficult to remove your Instagram account; however, some points are worth mentioning. First, there are two ways to make an Instagram account disappear. It can be deleted temporarily or permanently. The primary distinction is that the deletion of your account will delete all of your Instagram photos and videos permanently. If you don’t, it’ll render your account inaccessible; however, the stored content will remain available should you choose to return.

    How to Permanently Delete Your Instagram Account

    After you backup your data, You can then proceed to delete your account. Instagram provides two options to users. One option is to remove your account and all the information, while the second option is a temporary alternative.

    Permanently eliminating your Instagram account is possible only with a browser. However, you can do this on  your mobile browsers. When your account disappears for good, Instagram makes your account temporarily inaccessible until 30 days. Therefore, you could reactivate it if you decide to change your mind. Here’s the procedure to completely delete the Instagram account you have created: Instagram account:

    Delete Instagram Account
    • Choose a reason to delete by selecting the option.
    Delete Instagram Account
    • Tap or click the “Delete” button to confirm your choice.
    Delete Instagram Account

    How to disable an Instagram account temporarily. 

    If you just want to take some time off from Instagram or do not want to make a rash decision, disable your account rather than deleting it. The process of disabling you from Instagram logs you out and makes your profile unreadable. If the people you follow are concerned, they might also have deleted your account. However, this technique lets you reinstate your account at any point after it is temporarily disabled by returning to your account. Take these steps to deactivate your account:

    Delete Instagram Account

    1. Visit via a browser.

    2. Input your Instagram account details to sign in to Instagram.

    3. Tap on the username and select ” Edit Profile.”

    4. Click ” Temporarily disable my account” and then select one reason.

    5. Enter your Instagram password once more, select ” Temporarily Disable Account,” and click ” OK” to confirm.

    How to delete an Instagram account on iPhone permanently  

    Delete Instagram Account

    1. Start by visiting “Instagram” on your iPhone and tap the Profile icon at the lower right of your screen.

    2. Select the “Settings icon” on the page for your profile and then scroll to select ” Help Center.”

    3. Click on “Basics” and click “Getting Started.”

    4. Select “Delete Your Account” from the menu options.

    5: Select “How do I delete my account?” and click the link “go to this page.”

    6: Enter your Instagram account details, and then select why you’d like to remove your Instagram account.

    7: Enter your Instagram password, click “Permanently deactivate my account,” and tap “OK” to confirm. After that, your Instagram accounts will then be deleted from your iPhone.

    How to delete Instagram account on android step-by-step

    1. Log in to your Instagram account. 
    2. Tap profile logo.
    3. Select the top-right Menu( 3-line) option.
    4. Then click Settings.
    5. Click on the “Help” option and click Help Center.
    6. Select Chrome or any other browser.
    7. Choose the Manage your Account option.
    8. Click on the ‘ Delete Your Account.’
    9. Click “How do I delete my account.”
    10. Now click “Delete your account page.”
    11. Select your Chrome browser and sign in to your ID.
    12. Select the “Not Now” option.
    13. Choose the reason you are the account deletion in the drop-down menu.
    14. Verify your password to your account and then tap “Permanently deleted my account.”
    15. Choose ” OK.”

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