How to delete Facebook account Permanently in 2022

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    How to delete Facebook account 2022

    Facebook doesn’t allow you to remove the account without difficulty. If you visit Settings, you’ll only see a link to disable your Facebook account but not erase it.

    Why would you want to delete the account? Doesn’t deactivating it suffice? No. Deactivating the Facebook account simply means that you have ceased to use it temporarily. To get rid of Facebook completely, you need to delete the account.

    What is the difference between deleting and deactivating a Facebook account?

    Facebook lets users remove their account or remove the account. This is useful when you don’t want to use Facebook for a long time. When you deactivate your account, no one will be able to view your profile. But, you can make use of Facebook Messenger. Additionally, your profile image will remain visible in chats. It is also possible to use Facebook Login for other apps such as Spotify, Pinterest, and other apps. Additionally, photos, as well as posts and videos, won’t be erased. Finally, users can quickly reactivate their accounts at any time they wish.

    how to delete facebook account
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    Before you delete your account

    • Back up your data if you’d like a copy.
    • Remove permissions for apps.
    • Delete Facebook’s applications from mobile.

    You might consider the idea of a cancellation epitaph to inform your loved ones that you are leaving.

    Removing permissions is a great way to determine which apps rely on the Facebook account. This can be corrected to prevent access issues in the future.

    How to Delete Facebook Account from Chrome Permanently?

    When you delete your account, it’s crucial to note that you won’t be able to restart your account. Your profile, pictures and posts, videos, and all other content you’ve uploaded will be deleted permanently. In addition, it will be impossible to access Messenger and will not behave the ability to log in for other applications. If you’re certain, take these steps to remove your Facebook account:

    • Start the Facebook app, and navigate to the Settings and Privacy section. Then, click on Settings.
    • Click on the Facebook Profile Information and then navigate to the settings for deactivation and deletion.
    how to delete facebook account
    how to delete Facebook account
    • Select Permanently Delete History and then continue to account deletion.
    how to delete facebook account
    How to delete Facebook account Permanently in 2022 5
    • It will prompt you to provide reasons for deleting your account. Select the reason.
    • In the next slide, the company will display all the information which will disappear when you erase it.
    how to delete facebook account
    delete Facebook account link
    • Click Delete Account, type in your password and proceed.

    Facebook generally takes between 90 days to erase the account of its server. However, the firm offers you a 30-day grace period to reinstate your account. Therefore, you can log back into your account in 30 days to end the process of deletion.

    How to delete Facebook account on iPhone

    If you’d prefer to use your iPhone to remove Facebook, it’s also easy. Just go to Settings and Privacy > Settings > Account Ownership and Control > Deactivation and Deletion > Delete Account.

    It is necessary to erase the Facebook application off your iPhone and remove all permissions granted to apps. Also, you’ll need to reset your user’s name and password for all applications that you use Facebook to sign into.

    How to delete Facebook account from your Android application

    1. Install the Facebook application using the Android device.
    2. Tap the icon with three lines (hamburger option).
    3. Tap Settings & Privacy.
    4. Tap Settings.
    5. Tap Account Ownership and Control.
    6. Tap Deactivation and Deletion.
    7. Tap Delete Account.
    8. You can delete your Facebook app to get a better idea.

    How to delete Facebook account without password

    You can’t delete your Facebook account if you don’t remember your password. Instead, you must utilize Facebook’s “Forgot my password” function on Facebook to reset your password. Once you’ve received the new password, you’ll be able to log in and delete your account.


    It’s not an easy decision since the removal of Facebook is almost permanent, and you’ll eventually be able to get rid of Messenger as well. Also, the Facebook-owned Instagram Instagram gathers lots of your data, too, and you’ll need to remove it.

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