How to Delete Apps From iPhone/iPad: Different Ways

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    How to Delete Apps From iPhone/iPad: Different Ways

    Because of the popularity of the iPhone, many apps are related to it in the App Store. Certain apps aid us in communicating to help us live our lives more easily, make us laugh, and more. It is a common problem: how to remove the apps.

    Do you want to remove the app that takes up storage space on the iPhone or tablet? There are several methods that can make those inactive apps disappear. In this article, we will provide you with the easy actions required for iOS 15 and earlier operating system versions to ensure that your device is clutter-free.

    How to Delete Apps on iPhone Different Ways

    Delete Apps from the Home Screen

    On the home screen, press to hold down the symbol of the application you would like to remove. When the context menu appears, tap “Remove App.” Then, tap on ‘Delete App.’

    Click Delete in the confirmation pop-up, and you’re done. This app is removed completely from the iPhone.

    Delete Apps from the App Library

    If the app you’d like to remove isn’t available on your home screen, You can also remove it from the app library. Here’s how.

    how to delete apps
    • Browse into The App Library within your iPhone and search for the app you wish to remove. Next, hold the app’s icon and select “Delete App” by selecting the menu context.
    how to delete apps
    • In the confirmation window, Click Delete once more to remove the application from Your iPhone completely.

    Delete the iPhone apps from the Settings

    Deleting apps from your iPhone is possible using the Settings app. This is useful when you’re checking your iPhone storage history and see an app you don’t will ever use since it can be deleted directly in Settings instead of opening the home screen to uninstall it. This is how you can do it.

    how to delete apps

    Open Settings and tap on ‘General.’ then tap on ‘iPhone Storage.

    how to delete apps

    Scroll down until you locate the app you wish to erase, and then tap it. Then, tap on ‘Delete App.’

    There will be an alert pop-up. Select Delete then the application will be deleted completely from the iPhone.

    How do you delete apps from App Store

    Another method to get rid of apps – utilize an app store. App Store.

    • Open the App Store.
    • Tap your account’s icon in the upper right corner.
    • On the next page, scroll down until you find the application you wish to delete.
    • To remove the application, move your finger to the left of the name until you see an orange section on the right side with Delete inside.
    • After that, press Delete to make the app vanish.

    How do you remove apps from iCloud?

    Be aware that your iPhone might never be the last spot an app is present, or at the very least, it has traces of it. According to Edge, “iCloud Settings on a device can show purchase history [and] be used to control subscriptions and access certain family-sharing options.” Because of these reasons, one could argue that the Apple user might wish to erase the apps they have on their ICloud accounts as well (especially when you see these warning signs that indicate you shouldn’t be relying on the software).

    To stop an app’s backups and then delete the backup information from iCloud, Go to Settings. Select your name at the top and then head to iCloud. Go to Manage Storage. Then, click Backups and select the device you are currently using. There will be an overview of your applications. You can simply toggle the switch down to the left if you’d like to remove one. If you’re looking to delete an older messaging app but want to switch to a new (and more secure) one, check out the secure messaging application you can install on your iPhone.

    How to hide apps on your iPhone without having to delete them

    The option to hide applications from the Home Screen and to store them in the App Library is available only on iOS 14 and above.

    • Find the app you’d like to delete, Then press and hold down on the icon.
    • In the pop-up, select the remove app.
    how to delete apps
    How to Delete Apps From iPhone/iPad: Different Ways 8
    • Then select Remove from the Home Screen. The app will then disappear from the Home Screen and move to the App Library.
    how to delete apps
    How to Delete Apps From iPhone/iPad: Different Ways 9
    how to delete apps
    How to Delete Apps From iPhone/iPad: Different Ways 10
    • To access your App Library move your finger to the right webpage of the Home Screen. Then, use the search bar on the top to locate the app or browse through categories.

    Can you remove the built-in Apple applications from your iPhone and your iPad?

    For a long period, it was impossible to delete all Apple programs off iPhones or tablets, which led to the displeasure of those who prefer alternatives to standard Apple apps, including Google Maps, Firefox Focus, and others. As in iOS 10, most of Apple’s pre-installed applications can now be removed, and if they’re not deleted, however, you can remove them. We’ll talk about how to block applications from your iPhone at the close of this post.

    You’ll be able to follow the instructions below to delete Apple apps and any third-party applications you’ve installed.

    However, some apps like Messages, Photos, Safari, App Store, and Settings aren’t able to be deleted since they are integrated into the system. However, you can modify the default application that is automatically opened in the event that you’re running iOS 14/iPad OS 14 and later.

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