How to Create the Best Content Strategy For Your Amazon FBA Business

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    So you’ve decided to launch an Amazon FBA business, pretty exciting and a little nerve-racking at the same time. A content strategy can help sellers bridge the gap between creating an on and off of Amazon presence. Yet so much energy goes into the first stages of launch, sellers often fall short in creating content strategies that help generate that coveted brand awareness.

    We’ll outline the essentials of a great content strategy to help you grow your content presence and business.

    Why Do Amazon Sellers Tend To Undervalue Content?

    Content can be undervalued mainly due to a few key factors:

    1. Time – When building an Amazon business, you are quite literally working in the trenches to start. As an Amazon FBA business expands, brand owners often maintain their careers and juggle personal and family obligations. Content creation seems to be the last task on a seller’s to-do list.
    1. Confusion – With so many experts weighing in, it’s hard to determine what content strategy, if any, is a relevant direction in today’s climate. To Pinterest or not to Pinterest, use 30 hashtags or not, blog or not to blog, what is truly the best approach?
    1. Cost – Cost is always a factor in any business decision, and with the emphasis placed heavily on product development, content is usually an afterthought. By this time, budgets have been eaten up and content is almost non-existent on the to-do list.

    What is a Content Strategy, and Why is it Essential?

    A content strategy is planning, creating, and executing a content plan of action and distribution.

    Content helps sellers understand audiences, boosts a sense of community and provides value-packed information to that community. The added value is that these results can inspire your audience to take action and purchase your product(s) or tell their friends and family about your brand.

    A content strategy is essential because it helps map out a consistent plan of action while dispersing important and engaging content to your audience. It’s your game plan, and how you stay a tune and relevant to the needs and interests of your audience.

    Amazon FBA Business
    How to Create the Best Content Strategy For Your Amazon FBA Business 3

    5 Step Content Strategy

    1. Goal Setting

    Probably one of the more overlooked areas of content. Ask yourself this primary question:

    • What are your goals? Be as specific as possible so the result is crystal clear. While your content strategy may evolve as you start to distribute content, having clear goals will help you maintain focus.
    1. Target Audience

    When you begin your Amazon brand building, you hopefully took steps to build out your buyer avatar.

    • Define demographics such as age, sex, interests, marital status, and employment. Target as close as possible to a specific person. The more precise you are in defining a buyer avatar, the more understanding you will have about your potential shoppers and shopping habits.
    1. Content Channels & Distribution

    Which channels make sense for your brand?

    Each social and content platform may not be relevant for every brand. Narrow in on what types of content make sense and decide how to distribute that content.

    Ex: If you’re selling a subscription-based product, perhaps a weekly or monthly email newsletter makes sense.

    Content Source Ideas

    • Blog
    • Amazon Posts
    • Newsletters
    • Podcast Transcripts
    • Email
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Facebook

    What is important to remember is that not unlike Amazon, you are looking to solve your audience’s pain points via the various content channels you integrate into your strategy. 

    Research your competitors, stay on top of trends and provide valuable information that will be remembered.

    1. Content Calendar

    Once you have mapped out your goals, target audience, and content channels, it’s a good idea to create a content calendar to house each content deliverable. 

    Ex: If you are posting weekly blogs, create a calendar that houses the dates for submission, editing, and delivery, alongside topic ideas, final headlines, keywords, etc. Being organized with content will prove a more consistent result.

    Nowadays, there are many social content calendars you can purchase for a minimal fee. Later allows users to batch social media content all at once and house multiple daily posts for auto-posting within the calendar.

    This probably sounds like a lot of work, precisely why people hire out content strategies and content in general. But, you don’t necessarily need to break the bank when you first start, and creating a few key areas to focus on will undoubtedly prove more beneficial than no content at all. Start small and expand over time.

    How to Create the Best Content Strategy For Your Amazon FBA Business 4

    3 Amazon Specific Content Providers You Need to Check Out

    It’s a wise idea to develop a content strategy before you launch on Amazon.

    Creating content in advance can help drum up some enthusiasm and interest in your brand and products.

    1. Marknology – In any phase of your Amazon journey, you’ll need stand-out advertising to hold up against your competition. Marknolohy offers effective advertising combined with brand management to help you achieve success. Try out Marknologys skilled and effective advertising to get your Amazon business to the next level.
    • Copy by Christina – Looking for blog posts, podcast transcribing, social posts, and more? A skilled copywriter can go a long way in your content creation strategy. Christina’s focus is true sales copy, engaging and high-quality blog posts, and social media that resonates with specific audiences. Try her services; you won’t be disappointed.
    • Marketing by Emma – Do you need a captivating Amazon listing that converts? Marketing by Emma is a staple to the Amazon listing creation scene. With engaging Amazon listings that evict action in buyers, Emma’s coveted slogan, “Turn Browsers into Buyers,” is precisely how she and her team execute your Amazon listing to help you reach new heights. Head on over to her website to book your Amazon listing now.

    Last Words

    When developing an effective content strategy best practice is to create a plan that entails value, consistency, and clear goals. If you are task saturated, working with a content marketing company or copywriter can help you build a strategy that best suits your needs.

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