How to Create a YouTube Channel To Grow Your Brand in 2022

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    YouTube has become a big part of everyone’s life. It is the world’s biggest video-sharing website. After Facebook, it has been the number one website in the world. If you want to become famous, YouTube is the right place to do it. You can upload your videos and become famous. Many YouTubers have been famous because of their videos.

    The importance of YouTube has been increasing over the last decade. People are looking to it as a way to get information and entertainment. As a result, any business that doesn’t have a YouTube channel is at a significant competitive disadvantage.

    If you want to become a YouTuber, you have to create a YouTube channel. But creating a YouTube channel is a difficult task now

    How to create a YouTube channel with five easy steps

    A successful YouTube channel begins with creating an account on a youtube channel. Learn how to create your YouTube account.

    Step 1: Create a Google account  

    If you’re using Gmail, Google Maps, or Google Play, you probably already have an account with a Google login… therefore, move on into the following step.

    Head here to register for brand fresh Google accounts if you’re just starting.

    Create a YouTube Channel
    How to Create a YouTube Channel To Grow Your Brand in 2022 14

    Your name and email address won’t be publicly linked to your company. So don’t be concerned about keeping them on message. This is your way to gain access to the YouTube doors.

    Step 2: Create a YouTube account  

    A Google account is automatically set up with an individual YouTube account when you sign up. However, to use YouTube for business purposes, it is necessary to create a Brand Account.

    Go through Your YouTube page, click Create an Account, and enter the name of the Brand Account you have created. You’re in!

    Create a YouTube Channel
    How to Create a YouTube Channel To Grow Your Brand in 2022 15
    Create a YouTube Channel
    Source- Hootsuite

    When you sign up for an account on YouTube, You can grant different people admin access and change the appearance and name to fit your branding.

    Step 3: Customize your YouTube channel  

    The time is now to make this new social media account your own.

    In your channel dashboard, click Customize channel. Then, navigate through the three tabs are, LayoutBranding, and Basic Information, to input details that will improve your channel’s performance for the best audience search.

    Create a YouTube Channel
    Source- Hootsuite

    When filling out this form, make sure you use specific keywords to aid your account in search results.

    Keywords can refer to the subjects of your channel or your industry, as well as questions you can address with your content or the products you feature.

    Step 4: Upload your first YouTube video  

    Create a YouTube Channel
    Source- Hootsuite

    This is quite an exciting time. You’re just a few steps away from becoming a YouTube creator.

    To make your first video on the world, click the Create button at the top-right corner, and follow the directions.

    Make your YouTube channel discoverable.

    Create a YouTube Channel
    How to Create a YouTube Channel To Grow Your Brand in 2022 16

    The old saying is: If you’ve got incredible videos on YouTube, but no one sees the content… What’s the reason?

    To get more views in addition to subscribers, You’ll need to optimize your YouTube channel and your videos to be discovered. This is a comprehensive guide for advertising the YouTube channel should you wish to get into the details. For now, we’ve got 30 seconds of the rundown:

    Optimize video titles  

    Use clear, concise titles that contain keywords that are Google-friendly. The titles represent the very first things that users look at, but they aid search engines in understanding the purpose of your videos. Therefore, ensure that your titles are engaging and captivating yet explicit and include keywords.

    Optimize your YouTube description  

    It’s crucial to be concise, clear, and concise here, too. Be sure to load your keywords, and include hyperlinks in various playlists.

    Another great trick to employ for video description? Create a “table of contents” with timestamps to aid viewers in finding the information they’re seeking.

    For more detailed tips, take a look at our comprehensive guide on how to write a successful YouTube description.

    Add tags (in moderation)  

    While filling this section with a clickbait tag may be tempting, be sure to add tags that relate to your content. Be sincere, and prioritize the quality of your content over the quantity. Your goal is to connect with people attracted to content that is similar to yours.

    Tags can also assist YouTube’s algorithm in understanding the content you post. Therefore, it is important to add one or two categories to allow the search engine to get your content in front of the appropriate target audience.


    Add a link to the YouTube channel on other social media profiles, your website, and email signatures to let your existing followers know that you’re creating a video empire.

    Understand the algorithm

    If you’ve not done so, this is the perfect time to learn about YouTube’s Youtube algorithm. The AI can determine the search results and recommends the vital “what’s up next” sidebar.

    How do I create a YouTube channel art?

    YouTube channels have channel artwork that is YouTube’s version of the Facebook cover image. Channel art is featured prominently within the YouTube channel, which is why every YouTube channel needs to utilize custom artwork to show your style or your company’s image to the people who view it.

    The perfect sizes for YouTube channel art

    The best way to start with your channel’s artwork is with an optimal size image that can be used across different devices. YouTube recommends uploading one 2560 x 1440 pixels image to get the most effective outcomes.

    • Minimum width: 2048 X 1152 px. The area is known as what is known as the “safe area,” where logos and text will be ensured not to be removed when displayed on various devices.
    • Maximum width: 2560 X 423 px. That means the “safe area” is always visible. The areas to either side of the art of the channel are shown based on the size of the viewers’ browser.
    • File size: minimum of 6MB is recommended.

    Tips and tools to create YouTube channel art

    Create a YouTube Channel
    Source- Buffer

    There was a time when YouTube offered a Channel Art Template to help determine the best design for your channel artwork and how it will appear across different platforms. Here’s a glimpse of the design:

    Using a program such as Figma or Photoshop, it is possible to use the right dimensions that we have mentioned previously to design your channel artwork by hand.

    The quickest method to get started and go with your channel’s art is to sign up for an free image maker, such as Canva and Adobe Spark. These programs come with ready-to-use YouTube templates that you can quickly modify to suit your needs.

    How do you add art to your YouTube channel?

    If you’re only making the YouTube channel, you’ll see the art area on your channel (along with the other channels). To add artwork for your YouTube channel and make any other changes, hit on the Customize Channel button in the upper right.

    Create a YouTube Channel
    Source- Buffer

    After you’ve clicked the link, you’ll be taken to another screen for editing, where you’ll be able to click the various sections of your profile to make adjustments.

    There is a button in blue in the middle that says, “Add channel art.”

    Create a YouTube Channel
    Source- Buffer

    Then, you’ll be presented with an open window giving you the opportunity to upload your own personal channel artwork. If you’d like to take a different route, you may choose to utilize some of YouTube’s templates in”Gallery “Gallery” or choose to upload a picture from Google.

    Create a YouTube Channel
    Source- Buffer

    Adjusting the crop       

    After you’ve uploaded your channel’s artwork, YouTube will show you the way it will appear on desktops, TVs, and on mobile.

    Create a YouTube Channel
    Source- Buffer

    In this stage, you might need to alter the crop level of the photo to ensure that your image is aligned correctly. The cropping tool is accessible by clicking “Adjust the crop.”

    This screen crop is useful for determining the appearance of your designs across different platforms. The transparent area located in the middle of this grid will show you the content to appear on both mobile as well as desktops, while the remainder of the image displays the image to be displayed on TVs.

    Create a YouTube Channel
    Source- Buffer

    When you’re satisfied with how your cover art appears, you can hit “Select,” and your channel artwork will be added to your account and stored.

    Changing your current channel art

    If you have cover art for your channel and want to change it, visit your channel’s homepage. From there, you can move your mouse over the cover art, and you’ll be able to see an edit button in the upper right-hand corner:

    Create a YouTube Channel
    Source- Buffer

    After you’ve clicked this icon, you’ll be able to change the art of your channel.


    With a YouTube channel, you can make a video on your favorite topic and share it with your audience. Businesses are using it to promote their products & services or maintain their brand image. Creating a YouTube Channel is free, and you don’t need to be a professional video maker to create a good video. The most important thing is to be yourself and share your knowledge with others.

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