How to Make a Effective Sales Pitch + Examples + Free Templates

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    Sales pitches are more than snoozing phone calls or unjustified emails. A successful pitch can make the buyer’s life easier by introducing them to solutions and products that solve the most pressing issues.

    How do you increase the effectiveness of your marketing pitch? In this article, we’ll share the secrets to ensure your sales pitch is flawless by answering almost all concerns

    What Is a Sales Pitch?

    A well-packaged sales presentation should be well-crafted following a sales pitch. In general, salespeople are given just two or so minutes to present the benefits their company will bring to the prospective customer. In certain situations it’s also referred to in the context of elevator pitches because it is a time-bound process it is the opportunity to convince the prospect to do your business of yours.

    The attention people pay in today’s technologically driven world is ever-decreasing. Therefore, salespeople do not have the luxury of a long presentation designed to sell an item or service. The public does not have the time to listen to lengthy sales pitches. When giving an hour-long sales pitch, you need to rethink your strategy.

    A successful sales pitch has to convey the desired message concisely. If the pitch you are presenting is well-thought-out and you’re on the right track to making profitable sales. The initial few minutes of a business meeting determine the direction your conversations will follow. Use this sales pitch to convince your prospect about the quality of the product or service you offer.

    If you’re selling something, a sales pitch will be an opportunity to shake any doubts a potential buyer has regarding the product. This is where you inform them that they will benefit from the benefits they can expect should they decide to purchase the product you’re selling.

    The 5-step sales pitch structure

    No matter what the circumstance, regardless of the pitch, no matter what the situation, the following guidelines can be used for any pitch


    Be a leader in the face of the challenges your target audience is currently facing, and prove your claims with evidence. For example, suppose an insurance company employs you. You could share a statistic such as “Insurtech has risen 45 percent over the past five years, impacting how smaller insurance agencies do business.”


    Explain what must be done for your customer to meet the hurdle.

    Value Proposition

    Define the ways the product you offer could aid the prospective customer to solve the issue they face and help them achieve their objectives. Give particular benefits and advantages, not only the features.

    Social evidence

    Utilize social evidence by giving testimonials, references, and customer testimonials that illustrate how your service or product has been a success for similar businesses.

    Engaging questions and CTA

    Keep the conversation going by asking a question open to interpretation. Then, you can move your prospect to the next step by introducing an explicit call to action (CTA), for example, “Let me know if you are interested, and we can talk on the phone later this week.” Don’t consider these steps an agenda, but instead as the framework of the story you’ll create for your clients. Use this framework to turn your pitch into an engaging real-life story.

    How to Make a Sales Pitch

    1. Keep it short.

    The sales presentation is not your typical presentation. There’s no need for PowerPoint slides. There won’t be complimentary refreshments at a table in a boardroom. But, most importantly, you’re not likely to be able to keep your customers’ attention and patience for long, at the very least, until they’re convinced of your product.

    2. Make it clear.

    This is connected to the previous one. It’s impossible to ramble or speak about anything that doesn’t support the message you’re trying to communicate. So your pitch should be concise and concise. It must be able to resonate with your audience instantly. That’s why you should speak with intention and with clarity.

    If you’re pitching your product, it is important to make sure that you have clearly explained how it will address your potential customer’s problems and give them an accurate picture of how their daily routine can be improved if they choose to purchase.

    3. Define who your customers are.

    Take into consideration the image you’re planning to create with your message. Provide your audience with a perspective of the people who are purchasing the product you offer or offering. They want to know you have a profitable and engaged customer base in mind of your customers. Be specific about people who might be interested in your product, and communicate why people are attracted to them.

    4. Define the problem they’re having.

    Explain why your client base wants your services. Your customer base is as valuable as the issues they face. Help them solve a problem they constantly have to face. For example, if you’re pitching an Excel spreadsheet program for accountants that has features Excel cannot provide, you could talk about the difficulty of maintaining a book without Excel’s exclusive capabilities.

    5. Tell us how your product can meet your customers’ needs.

    This is where you can begin to take it all home. You’ve determined the person you’re selling to. You’ve established the reasons that you’re selling them. Now, you must determine why they’d want to buy from you. What are you able to offer that is superior to your competitors?

    As we mentioned earlier, you must clearly describe how your product can meet your customers’ requirements. Then, following the accounting example, you can discuss how your unique data visualization features can make busywork easier.

    6. Define what success with your product could be like.

    Demonstrate the benefits of your solution on a larger scale. In the case we’ve used, it’s possible to discuss how accountants who utilize the software have more time to spend with their clients or enjoy time with family members. Demonstrate how your product will make the lives of your clients easier overall.

    The ideal pitch will be a concise summary of your business’s services, how they accomplish it, and to whom. This isn’t just required for sales representatives. Everyone in your organization including the CEO and sales managers, should master your sales pitch from memory.


    Example 1: Booking Steve Wozniak as a keynote speaker

    sales pitch

    This pitch aimed at those looking for a renowned keynote-taker for an event will get straight to the point by revealing who the keynote speaker will be and how they gained fame.

    The film continues to highlight Steve Wozniak’s numerous accomplishments, making him appear to be highly qualified to address any event you are organizing.

    The pitch also focuses on Wozniak’s speaking skills in his presentation, calling them “unforgettable” and “full of expert insight” across many different subjects.

    It also speaks directly to an academic audience by mentioning the potential of Wozniak to inspire students in STEM areas.

    Example 2: Oat-ly Drink Barista Edition

    sales pitch

    Oat-ly, as a brand, is well-known for its distinctive style and voice. In a conversational tone, this pitch to sell Oat-ly’s Barista Edition Oat Drink aims to establish a rapport with its customers right from the beginning while assuming the reader is actually a barista.

    Although it’s possible to think that this is a risky choice in the sales copy, which could cause a lot of discomfort to the audience, it’s actually a good method of promoting the advantages of the product as an oat drink that foams.

    Example 3: Numbers and data are extremely powerful

    sales pitch ideas

    It’s been said before, and you’ll probably get it all over again Do your homework. This includes forecasts of the future and that’s exactly the kind of thing the prospective customers or investors might be most interested in after all.

    The pitch was based on solid data and numbers and you can realize the benefits of putting as much information prior to the timeframe aren’t you? Consider your product and its benefits for your potential customers and the competition you’ll be competing with.

    Example 4: Solve relatable problems

    video sales pitch

    Engage your audience by making your message as relatable as you can, whether to them as buyers or their clients. This could mean focussing on a well-known issue or a specific issue (or fascination) that you have discovered in your study of the potential and the company you’re considering. Information and figures regarding the company you’re targeting can help with this.

    Example 5: 2 Sentence pitch

    sales pitch

    Can you sum up your offer in just one or two sentences? Adam Goldstein can. The co-founder and CEO of the travel-deal site Hipmunk were having trouble securing funding for his venture. He approached the Chief Executive Officer at United Airlines with the following two-sentence pitch.

    The CEO contacted Goldstein after just 15 minutes. Hipmunk was able to obtain over $55 million in funding from investors.

    Summary: You need a single-word message ready to capture those fleeting moments of chance (like the chance to meet someone in the airport line or an extended tweet).

    Example 6: Elevator pitch created by G2Crowd

    G2Crowd is an online platform that allows users of the software to share their opinions about the product.

    sales pitch

    Even though it’s shorter than 20 seconds it effectively conveys the G2 platform’s goal and also the question it solves for users of the software.

    Example 7: The email pitch by Ryan Robinson

    sales pitch

    Ryan Robinson, a content marketing specialist, often makes contact with businesses to pitch his services. Before he makes an offer, Ryan search for any valuable item to present to the potential client, like Twitter shares; in his pitch, he describes what he did to help the receiver.

    In the final analysis, Robinson received a $10,000/m retainer following the email:

    Free sales pitch templates

    Pitch template 1.

    sales pitch

    Pitch template 2.

    sales pitch

    The name is derived from the notion that you ought to be able to access the same amount of time that it takes to travel through an elevator (it’s approximately 21 seconds, which is the standard NYC elevator journey). A great elevator pitch communicates the product you are selling and the way it functions.

    Pitch template 3: Email sales pitch

    sales pitch

    A sales pitch in email provides a concise explanation of the primary aspects of your solution or service targeted at a particular customer.

    Effective sales pitches provide the viewer with the necessary information to convince them to buy something or set up an appointment. It’s brief professional, professional, and personalized.

    Pitch template 4: Follow-up sales pitch

    sales pitch

    Why are you required to make this presentation? After the first presentation, it is important to do an additional sales follow-up in order to encourage the prospective client to act.

    There are many ways to conduct sales follow-ups The two most well-known methods are by phone and via email.

    Try launching your first personalized email to potential customers from a welcome email to follow-ups with The GetProspect Sequences(link) tool using the templates listed above. See the if that sales-pitch example as well as the one you provide first are a good match for your product using A/B tests that we offer included in the tool.

    Pitch template 5. Social media pitch template

    Social media pitches describe your business, the services or products you provide, your strengths, and the advantages of working with your company. It could include a few small examples of work that has been successful with clients from other companies and their comments.

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