3 steps to successfully create a promotion on Amazon

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    Understand the process to Create a Promotion on Amazon. Marketing promotions are very important tool to grow sales. There are a lot of different promotions you can use to grow your amazon sales. Some promotional methods are so powerful that they can double or even triple the number of purchases made on your products!

    Promoting your products on Amazon is a great way to increase sales. If you have tried other marketing strategies and nothing has worked, this post will provide tips for creating a promotion on Amazon that will increase your chance of success. Learn about the different types of promotions, how they work, and what you need to do in order to make one happen!

    A promo code is just one of the many ways you can promote your product or service on Amazon. You could also offer discounts, free shipping, or even “buy one get one free” offers for your customers. When you create a promotion on Amazon, these are some of the things to keep in mind:

    – How much do I want to spend per customer? This is an important question because it will help determine how many people need to buy from you before the campaign becomes profitable and you start to see some sales. How many customers will each promotion bring in? How much do I need to spend per customer (for advertising, prizes or other incentives)?

    – Do my products appeal specifically to buyers who are using Prime memberships with Amazon?

    – How does this promotion fit in with the seasonality of my product or service? How can I make it fit in seamlessly with the rest of my marketing strategy to draw attention and appeal to customers?

    – How do you want your promotion to appear on Amazon’s search engine results page (SERP)? Do you want multiple offers that will show up when someone searches for a term, or just one offer at time as they scroll down the page? How do you want it to appear on mobile devices?

    – How will I measure success for my promotion (page views, sales conversions, or other metrics)?

    – When should this campaign start and end so that we can give customers enough time to know about it and make a purchase before the offer expires?

    Create a Promotion

    If you have an existing promotion that you want to use as a model for a new promotion, you can clone or edit that promotion.

    For a list of promotion types, see Understanding Promotions: Types of Promotions.

    Choose the type of promotion you would like to run

    In your seller account, under Advertising, click Promotions. In the Create a Promotion tab, click the Create button for the promotion type you want to offer.Note: Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) orders are excluded from Free-Delivery promotions.

    After you select the type of promotion you’d like to create, specify the conditions for your promotion:

    create a promotion
    3 steps to successfully create a promotion on Amazon 2

    Step 1: Select conditions

    1. In the Buyer purchases drop-down list, choose the purchase threshold that will qualify your buyer for the promotion.
    2. In the Purchased Items drop-down list:
      • To create a new list, click Create a new product selection. (For more information, see Product Selection Lists for Promotions.)
      • Choose Select another to select a list that is not included in the drop-down list.
      • Select Entire catalog to select every item in your inventory.
    3. In the Buyer gets drop-down list, choose one of the options that appear for your type of promotion.
    4. Choose a product option in the Applies to: drop-down list.
    5. Set Advanced Options

    Step 2: Schedule your promotion

    Set a date range for your promotion in the Step 2: Scheduling box.

    1. Set the Start Date and time. The start date and time must be at least 4 hours in the future.
    2. Set the End Date and time.
    3. Set identifiers for your promotion by creating an Internal Description and Tracking ID. The tracking ID does not appear when buyers redeem a promotion offer. It exists for your use only.

    Step 3: Additional options

    In this section you can create a claim code or message for your promotion (which is optional). Otherwise, follow the remaining steps below.

    1. Click Review to check the information you entered about your promotion. To make any changes, click Back.
    2. Click Submit to finish creating a promotion.

    Promotions are an excellent way of increasing your chance of success when it comes to selling products. Learn about the different types, how they work, and what you need to do in order to create one that will be successful! Promoting your products on Amazon’s website is easy with these tips. Before creating promotion, Know Your Target Audience – Figure out who your target audience is before creating a promotion because it will help determine which type of offer is most beneficial.

    Learn the step by step process to create a promotion on Amazon by watching this video:

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