How To Create a Poll On Facebook: Know Your Customer in 2022

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    How To Create a Poll On Facebook: Know Your Customer in 2022

    Polls on Facebook can prove fun and instructive. They are entertaining for your customers and often beneficial to you and your company.

    Facebook polls are simple and simple to complete. So, go ahead and use them when you’re considering what other people are thinking.

    It is possible to create an open poll through Facebook to pose a question, modify the responses, and let the users choose the best answer.

    Benefits of using Facebook Polls for your business?

    There is a myriad of reasons you should benefit from Facebook polls. A few of the most significant are:

    • A poll boosts engagement, which is essential for your followers to view more of your content. Keep in mind that it is the case that the Facebook algorithm favors postings that have the highest levels of engagement as well as are relevant to a specific audience. Furthermore, engaging with your audience is one of the only methods to increase the number of views on organic posts on a brand’s account.
    • This technique makes you a brand by encouraging a two-way interaction with the audience through polls. The idea is that polls convey that you are concerned about what your customers believe. For example, many brands offer their products to people and hope they will enjoy them.
    • Collects feedback from customers more interactively and attractively. Particularly, you’ll receive opinions from those who don’t dare to write a glowing review or shout at the customer service.
    • You can seek suggestions from your customers through the ability to receive answers to questions that could help you develop your marketing plan. Just asking questions will get lots of information from people you might not get otherwise.
    • Do market research to better understand your customers. For example, an eatery or food manufacturer may not be aware of how crucial low sugar or salt-free recipes are for their customers without asking.
    • If used correctly, polls can boost lead generation because they show that your service or product comes with benefits or features that people are seeking and asking to reveal it as being superior to it is than if it was not.

    How to create a poll on Facebook

    There are no more days when you could make a Facebook poll directly from the Newsfeed or even your Facebook timeline. Instead, the only way to post a poll is through Facebook Groups, a Facebook Group, a story or an event page, or even on Messenger.

    Facebook Polls in Groups

    Facebook Groups are among the most effective tools for businesses using this social platform. They let you create communities and increase the engagement of your customers.

    While business Pages struggle to reach an organic reach of more than 5percent, Facebook Groups are distinct. The algorithm pushes posts from groups to newsfeeds. This means that you get a higher organic reach without spending money on advertisements.

    Below, we will break down the steps required to create polls within your group. We also provide the actual page and a business page sample.

    Step 1: Go to Your Group

    how to create a poll on facebook
    how to create a facebook poll on a page

    Go to the Facebook Newsfeed on your mobile or desktop, click on the “Groups” icon on the left-hand side menu, and then select the group you want to poll from.

    Step 2: Create a Post

    how to create a poll on facebook
    how to create a poll on facebook

    Click on the “What’s on your mind” section to make a post. After the pop-up appears, navigate into the “Add to your post” section. Then, click the three dots for other options.

    Step 3: Create Your Facebook Poll

    how to create a poll on facebook

    An updated “Add to your post” screen will appear with various options. First, choose “Poll” from the list. This will bring you to the “Create post” pop-up, and you’ll be able to add your options for polls within the “Write something” section.

    Step 4: Publish Your Facebook Poll

    how to create a poll on facebook

    Once you’ve filled in all of your options, click “Poll Options.” Here you’ll have the option of deciding if voters can add options and whether they have the option of voting on more than one choice.

    Once you’re done, click “Post.”

    How to create a poll on Facebook Story?

    Like Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories also supports the same feature of polls. So learning how to make polls for your Facebook page Facebook using the Stories framework could benefit your marketing plan. This is the case if you’re trying to find out how well-known a particular product or service is.

    To add a Facebook Poll to a Facebook Story first, click on the “Add to Story” button, which is located in the upper right corner of your feed. There are various choices like Text music, Text, Boomerang, Mood, and Selfie. As for the writing time for this blog post, the final choice is the option to create a poll.

    The Poll button will enable you to ask a question and later provide two possible answers, with the default text being a basic yes or no answer. The background will use the default colors, which you can alter. It should look like this:

    It is also possible to choose a video or photo to share and then select the option to poll by selecting the icon for stickers. This is a fantastic method to find out the popularity of a video. You are loved by the fans, or if they are awed by the concept you present in the video. If the purpose behind having the Poll is to improve strategies for marketing, then the results could be gold in the making.

    How to create a poll on Facebook Messenger?

    To make an online poll to create a poll on Facebook Messenger, you need to start a group.

    • In the group chat, tap at the “+” icon, then tap on the icon for polls to create an online poll.
    • Your Poll should contain an answer as well as one or more choices.
    • Input your question into the “Question” field and add the options in the “Add options” field.
    • The polls feature permits you to choose only one option; however, it’s recommended to add multiple options.
    • After you’ve completed adding your question and alternatives, tap on “Create Poll” to create an actual poll.
    • The Poll will be sent to the chat room of the group.
    • Participants in the group chat (including you) can vote.
    • If you want to vote, tap on “Vote” and then select the option you would like to vote for.
    • Finally, tap “Submit” to submit the vote.

    How to create a poll on Facebook page on Mobile

    1. Tap the three vertical lines located in the bottom right of Facebook.

    2. Click on Pages, and then your page.

    3. On the right side of the Page, Tap “Publish.”

    4. Scroll down, then tap Poll.

    5. Enter the question you would like to ask.

    6. In the boxes marked with “Option 1” and “Option 2,” Enter the choices for your Poll. You can write as many characters per choice.

    7. When you are at the end of your Poll, you can tap the one week drop-down and select when you would like your Poll to be closed (one day, one week, or Custom).

    8. Tap Share.

    5 Ways to Use Facebook Polls to Grow Your Business

    • Create Different Types of Facebook Polls
    • Ask the Right Questions
    • Collect feedback & understand your audience


    Polls are an essential instrument for any company. They provide instant access to the way your customers feel about you, what they struggle with and challenges, and how you will most effectively resolve their issues.

    When you ask the relevant questions, you can adapt the strategies for marketing to meet the demands of your customers and offer them the things they really need.

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