6 steps to create a winning ‘Featured Offer’ to grow your Amazon Sales

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    Amazon’s Featured Offer is a special deal on new products. This link can be found on product detail pages and includes an Add to Cart button. This button allows customers to add the items into their shopping carts. Amazon calls it the Featured Offer when one of your products appears in a product page. To select the offers that will be featured, there are two steps. Amazon determines which products are eligible to feature based upon criteria that provide great customer experience. Amazon then chooses compelling offers from the pool to be featured.

    This section will focus on the first step: eligibility. Your eligibility for the Featured Offer (FO) does not guarantee inclusion. You can improve your chances of being included in the Featured Offer by doing certain things.

    Featured Offer

    How can I become eligible for Featured Offer?

    Your offers can be included in the FO if you have an Amazon Professional selling Amazon account. Check your account to make sure it is correct and upgrade if needed. Amazon can remove customers from eligibility depending on their account performance and other risk factors. This is to ensure customers have a pleasant shopping experience.

    How can I verify if my items qualify for Featured Offer?

    Check to see if your products qualify for the FO:

    • Check first that the seller is qualified (see above).
    • Navigate to Seller Central, and click on Manage Inventory.
    • After selecting Buy Box Eligible, click Save Changes.
    • In the Buy Box Eligible column, you will see the status of each ASIN.

    How the Featured Offer works

    Customers can click on the FO button at the top of each product detail page to add it to their shopping carts. Amazon allows multiple sellers to offer the exact same product. This is a crucial feature. Multiple sellers could offer the same product, and all may compete for the title Featured Seller. The product must be able to be shipped to the customer. To be eligible for Featured offer placement, sellers must meet performance-based criteria. Sellers can increase their sales with Featured offers.

    How is the Featured offer percentage calculated?

    The percentage of featured offers is the sum total of page views for which your Featured offer has been viewed, divided by page views that you get from products you have listed. Only active items will count. If we are unable to calculate your Featured Offer percentage, a ‘-‘ message will be displayed.

    You can become a Featured offer

    FO are special offers for new products that we display on product detail pages. They include an Add to Cart button, so customers can add them into their shopping carts. This is called a FO when one of your products appears in a product detail page. To select the offers that will be featured, there are two steps. First, we determine which products are eligible to feature using criteria that provide great customer experience. Then, we select compelling offers from the pool to be featured.

    The second step in selection will be discussed in this article. First, make sure that the Featured Offer is available to you and your items. To determine the most attractive offers, we consider many factors, including price, availability, delivery speed, customer service, and delivery speed.

    • Price your products competitively. There are many ways to ensure that your prices remain competitive.
    • Check the Manage Pricing page which displays the Featured Offer.
    • Visit pricing dashboard, to check your real time prices and compare with competitors
    • Offer free shipping or faster shipping. Sellers who offer faster shipping options will be more likely to be featured. Shipping Settings allows to view all options.
    • Amazon offers many ways to measure customer satisfaction.

    To check how your account health is doing, you can go to Account Health. You can view metrics such as Order Defect Ratio, Cancellation Ratio and Late Shipment Rate. To ensure you’re on the right track to become the FO, and earn customer trust and respect, it is essential to monitor all aspects of your account health. Stock is essential. Stock is essential. You won’t get the Featured Offer if you don’t have enough. Keep your inventory up-to-date and make sure you have items that sell quickly. Amazon Selling Coach will provide inventory alerts to notify you when stock is low or out of stock so that you know when it’s time to stock up.

    featured offer
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    How do I check if my offer is Featured in BuyBox?

    Visit the Product Detail Page to see if your ASIN has been added to the FO. A featured offer is a promotion that promotes new products and is displayed on a product detail page. Click the Add to Cart button to add products to customers’ shopping baskets. If your product appears on the product page, you will be the Featured Offer. If your Brand/Seller name appears on the Detail Page’s “Other Sellers”, you are not the FO.

    Only the ASIN level is eligible for a FO. It is possible to get the Featured offer for multiple versions of the product. Each variant has its own ASIN.

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