How Do You Create a Facebook Shop: Start Selling in Minutes

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    Do you remember the outbreak that saw everybody stay home for two years and become addicted to shopping online? In the year 2020, online shopping and e-commerce were up 3.4 %, and sales from ecommerce are expected to increase  up to $1.6 trillion by 2025 as consumers increase the pace of online shopping. Facebook Shops have a major role to play in all that.

    Meta introduced Facebook Shops in May 2020 and has positioned the shopping site on the internet as a source for small-scale businesses to sell online.

    how to set up a facebook shop

    What Are The Benefits Of A Facebook Store?

    Let’s look at the advantages of setting up facebook shop:

    Zero Investment

    Opening a store on Facebook is not a costly job and requires no investment. The ownership of a Facebook store lets you reach the largest number of people with no expense. In addition, launching a store can include the Facebook pixel to your website that allows you to track your advertising’s effectiveness, user behavior when using Facebook advertisements, and conversion rates. Based on the data you collect, it is possible to remarket your product to the appropriate target market.

    Mobile-friendly Experience

    A Facebook store gives an effortless shopping experience for customers. It lets you display products across any screen, whether an iPhone, tablet, or laptop. You can also arrange your items into various collections. This will increase visibility and will prioritize the top-selling items on Facebook.

    Better Connections

    Nowadays, people aren’t able to trust businesses. They aren’t always convinced of the authenticity or authenticity of brand-related videos. Facebook stories can be used as an organic means of connecting with your target people. Through the help of a Facebook shop, you can show why and how you provide the top products. It is also possible to introduce your employees and let your customers know who is behind the brand.

    Best Insights

    Facebook Feature Insights feature lets online businesses gain insight into important factors like Facebook page views as well as engagements on posts and posts’ clicks, among others.

    Additionally, you can download data and examine the effectiveness of your content. Additionally, you can determine your audience’s demographics. With the aid of Facebook shop, you can:

    How to create a Facebook shop

    Step 1. Start by creating your Commerce account.

    • Simply click on the “Shop” tab on the left-hand, right-hand side of the Facebook home page,
    • Then click “Shop.”Tthen click on the “Go to Commerce Manager” button.
    • You’ll be directed to Commerce Manager on Facebook, the tool for managing orders. There you’ll have to create your company’s information, products, settings, and payouts.

    Step 2. Set up your business’s details

    under “Business Information,” click on the “set up” button. First, enter the name that is public for your company. Then connect your Commerce account to your current Facebook page. Finally, you must connect your account to an account for Business Managers. If you don’t have one, Click “Create a Business Manager Account” and type in your account name as your business manager. It could be the same as the public name of your company or something else. However, the name will not be available to customers. Simply click “Finish set up.”

    Step 3. Add your items as well as shipping options, along with the customer service number

    Under Products and Settings, click on “get started.” First, choose a catalog of products that you can display in your store. If there isn’t an existing catalog, click “Create a New Catalog.” After that, you can select your shipping options and standard, speedy, or rush shipping.

     In the pop-up window that opens for each option, you can enter the estimated delivery date and cost, as well as the costs per additional item and minimum cart value to receive free shipping. Once you’ve recorded this information for each one of the shipping choices, you can click “next.” Add the return policies. Add your return window and customer service email, then click “save.”

    Or you can directly connect your eCommerce site with Facebook 

    Note: We are taking the example of a Shopify store; you can connect any eCommerce store the same way

    Step 4: Connect Your Shopify Store to Your Facebook Page

    Visit the Shopify dashboard, click “Sales Channels,” and click the plus icon to add Facebook as a brand new sales channel.

    facebook shop
    Source: Oberlo

    Once you’ve completed that, click “Connect Account” to connect Shopify to your Facebook account.

    facebook shop
    Source: Oberlo

    Facebook will request that you allow Shopify for Shopify to “manage your Pages and publish as Pages you manage” You must click “OK” to continue.

    After that, make use of the drop-down menu to choose the Facebook page that you would like to set up a Facebook store. Once you’ve made that selection, you can select “Connect Page.”

    facebook shop
    what is a facebook shop Source: Oberlo

    In this step, you’ll be required to read and sign with Facebook’s seller’s terms and Policy. Please read them before selecting “Accept Terms.”

    It can take up to 48 hours to wait for Facebook to check and approve your store. So, in the interim, we’ll go over the steps you’ll take once you’ve received the green signal from Facebook.

    facebook shop
    Source: Oberlo

    After Facebook approves your shop, it must sign up for one of Shopify’s plans and hit “Enable” before it can begin selling on the Facebook store.

    Step 5: Choose Which Products and Collections to Show on Facebook

    Once you’ve connected your Shopify website to your page on Facebook, you’re ready to create your Facebook store.

    For adding products to the products you have in your Facebook store, go to the “Products” tab in your Shopify dashboard, and then select the items you wish to add.

    Then next, click “Actions” to open the menu of actions, then select “Make products available.”

    facebook shop
    Source: Oberlo

    A pop-up window will ask you to select the sales channels you want your items to be advertised on. Select the box on the right side of Facebook and then click “Make products available.”

    facebook shop
    Source: Oberlo

    You can also include collections in your Facebook shop similarly. Click to open the “Collections” tab in the Shopify dashboard and repeat the procedure.

    If you want to change the way the products are displayed within the Facebook store, click your “Publishing” tab under “Facebook” in the sidebar.

    You can also edit, delete, or organize collections of products within the shop on Facebook. Facebook shop.

    facebook shop
    Source: Oberlo

    After you’ve finished, go to your Facebook profile and find a brand-fresh “Shop” tab featuring your items and collections.

    Top Facebook shop examples


    facebook shop
    facebook shop tab

    The cycling brand Rapha is doing a fantastic task using Rapha has done a fantastic job with their Facebook Shop. We particularly love the collection they’ve created and the simplicity of navigation on the top navigation bar.


    facebook shop
    facebook page shop

    Tentree is following a similar approach to Rapha, focusing on simple-to-browse collections and easy, enjoyable titles for their offerings.


    facebook shop
    selling on facebook shop

    Sephora, the popular beauty retailer, Sephora, has used attractive images in some of its photos to help discounted products stand out on Facebook’s Main page.


    facebook shop
    how to sell on facebook shop

    Lululemon makes sure that everything is neat, clear, and clear on its product listing. Clear images that focus on the item (not the details surrounding it) will help increase sales.

    5 Tips for a Successful Facebook Store

    1. Promote discounted products

    The organic reach of posts is extremely low on Facebook and is likely to increase.

    Promoted posts can help people to know about your services and help you get new fans on your page.

    Now, the question is, what kind of posts are supposed to be promoted?

    Jay Behr has explained very clearly.

    2. Encourage social sharing

    Are you looking to make your store more visible and have more exposure? Set up social sharing on your online storefront. This way, people browsing your items can also share them with family and friends on Facebook. This will attract more people who visit your site.

    4. Increase Email Subscribers

    It is recommended to encourage your customers to sign up for newsletter subscribers. This will increase the number of cross-sells and upsells.

    You could create a landing page solely to get their emails.

    A landing page could contain products where you can request their email addresses to download.

    5. Keep the content flow going

    It is possible to improve acquiring new customers by using the previously mentioned strategies. So, increase sales and encourage buyers to purchase more frequently by regularly posting about your product.

    If you are running a Facebook store, that could mean updating descriptions, images, and descriptions. And creating innovative ways to display your products. If you write about the products that you sell, it should be more than just ‘buy now.

    Give something more valuable to your shop customers.

    6. Use Facebook ads

    Facebook provides you with a variety of options for targeting. For example, it is possible to show ads to visitors to your site or your email subscribers.

    Getting people to visit your website can be profitable because they are familiar with your brand and the products and services that you provide.

    Adverts that are shown to subscribers of mailer lists can result in greater engagement.


    It is no longer necessary to have any technical skills to build a personal Facebook store and sell your products to customers who are socializing on Facebook. Facebook is constantly expanding and growing; therefore, it’s important to increase your network and help spread the word about your company.

    Facebook’s website is updated frequently. In order to stay on top of any updates that have been made in the past, you can check the Facebook shop’s help page.

    If you’re an existing business or are a brand new participant in the field of online selling, The objective is to boost your business’s sales and earn revenue.

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