How to Convert YouTube to MP3

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    With so many musicians and content creators premiering their latest work on YouTube, the site has become the first port of call for many of us who want to hear the latest music and media. 

    However, our favorite videos may get taken down by their creators, or we might not have a reliable internet connection to enjoy these videos when we want to. This is where a YouTube converter for Mac and PC comes in useful. These let you rip videos and audio straight from YouTube to your preferred file size and format, allowing you to access these files locally whenever you like. 

    Converting YouTube videos to MP3 also helps you save disk space by only downloading the audio portion of a video, thereby greatly reducing the file size. 

    With a YouTube converter for Mac and Windows like Airy, you can use the service’s browser integration to easily download unlimited videos as MP3 files with a few simple steps.

    Steps to Convert YouTube to MP3 with Airy

    1. In your browser, navigate to the YouTube video you want to download and copy and the video’s URL to your clipboard.
    2. Tab over to Airy and paste the URL into the text bar.
    3. Choose MP3 as your download format. All MP3s are downloaded at high-quality 256KBS.
    4. Click the red Download button, and that’s it. The video will be converted and delivered to your downloads folder ready to go as an MP3.

    You can even use Airy to download full playlists so you can get full albums from YouTube and listen to your favorite music without ads on any of your devices. Plus, Airy is also adept at downloading full videos at up to 8K Ultra HD if you want to download visual media.

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