How To Clear Instagram Cache from Any Device in 2023

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    How To Clear Instagram Cache from Any Device in 2023

    Scrolling through Instagram is second nature to many people, and they do not realize the ease or speed at which the videos and images load on smartphones. This is due to apps like Instagram storing cache data and saving them on smartphones each time a user logs into the application. While the existence of Instagram cache is vital since it helps upload and access media and posts faster and with less hassle, it also takes up space to the point that smartphones cannot use space. This causes slower performance of devices and a lack of space to store media and files that come from different sources.

    In this post, we will learn how to delete the Instagram cache for iPhone and Android phones and on a PC.

    What is Instagram cache?

    The cache can be described as nothing more than your phone’s memory for the temporary storage of information.

    For those unfamiliar with cache, its primary goal is to boost your phone’s speed when you use recurrent apps or web pages.

    The cache can also decrease how much data you use while using your device. But, the accumulation of cache may make your phone slower, so it is recommended to delete it.

    Instagram saves each search you perform within your Search or Explore sections to speed up the speed of your app.

    Information about your most popular accounts or hashtags is stored to improve your interaction on Instagram.

    how to clear Instagram cache using iPhone

    The only way to clean up the Instagram app’s cache from an iPhone is to delete the app and restart the application.

    • Find the Instagram icon of the app on your Home screen or within your App Library.
    • Press and hold your finger on the Instagram icon until you see a menu
    • Tap to remove the app or the minus symbol at the upper-left corner of the icon.
    how to clear instagram cache
    Source: Businessinsider
    • You must confirm that you would like to remove the application.

    Then you can install Instagram again and log in to your account.

    How to clear Instagram cache on android

    1. Start Your Android device and go to Settings. It will display the icon of a cog.

    2. Click for notifications and apps. Certain devices might have different names; however, you’ll need to access the application manager.

    how to clear instagram cache
    Source: WikiHow

    It is also possible to restart applications or remove apps from Android.

    3. Click App info. It will also display the number of apps you are currently using.

    how to clear instagram cache
    Source: WikiHow

    4. Scroll down until you select “Instagram.” The camera will appear as an icon with a pink-purple background.

    • You must know your Instagram login details before cleaning your account cache.
    • You might be removed from the site during this procedure.

    5. Click Storage and Cache. You’ll check the amount of cache and data in your gadget.

    how to clear instagram cache
    Source: WikiHow

    6. Select to clear the cache. This will appear under the trashcan icon.

    After the cache has been cleared and cleared, you will see zero bytes around the information.

    7. Launch Instagram. You’ll be asked to create or log into your existing account.

    8. Login using your credentials. The cache is cleared.

    How to clear Instagram cache on pc

    I have mentioned before that Mac isn’t the best in terms of functionality. Windows offers a wide array of tools that aid in the management of the system. However, at the moment, they cannot clean the Instagram cache.

    But unlike Mac, Windows doesn’t need a third-party application to delete Instagram’s cache. Instead, it’s all you need is an internet browser. The app is, after all, an Instagram Windows app connected to your browser.

    Here are the steps you can take to clean the Instagram cache:

    1. If you are using a computer, start the browser.
    2. Visit Instagram and sign in using your Instagram credentials.
    3. On the main Instagram page, go to the icon of your profile which will look like an image of a person.
    4. Select the gear icon.
    5. Go to Privacy and Security > View Account Data.
    6. In the section Search History section, click the View All option.
    7. Next, click the Clear Search History button. If you’re asked for confirmation Choose Yes, I’m sure.

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