How to Add Text in TikTok Videos in 2022

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    TikTok users spend on average 52 minutes a day using the app. That amounts to 18,980 minutes per year! And the number is only growing.

    If you’re a TikTok user who’s not familiar with the app’s features and doesn’t know how to include captions or text  TikTok videos, today is your lucky day.

    This blog will walk you through step-by-step instructions on adding words to your TikTok video. By the time you’ve finished reading the blog, you’ll know how to make your video stand out.

    How to Add Text to TikTok?

    The ability to add text adding Text to TikTok can be something that you can edit after you’ve uploaded or recorded the video to TikTok. The social media application lets you add captions or text in different fonts, backgrounds, and hues. The steps to add Text to TikTok are as the following:

    Step 1. Record  or Upload the Video on TikTok:

    add text

    Start the TikTok app on your smartphone and upload or record the video. After you’ve filmed the video, click Next;

    Step 2. Add Text to the Video:

    Once you are in the editing stage, click on the “Text” button, and create any video caption. You can alter the font and the color of the text in editing. Click”Done” or the “Done” button and proceed to the next stage;

    Step 3. Now Post your Video on TikTok:

    When you’ve edited your video, click Next to upload it to TikTok. Create an appropriate description for the video, and then post the video.

    Edit text added to TikTok

    If you’d like to remove text, alter text, rectify an error in spelling, or perhaps just wish to enhance or modify the text, it can be done with the easy steps below.

    Step 1:

    add text
    Step 1:

    Click the screen to read the message.

    Step 2:

    add text
    Step 2:

    Choose “Edit” from the pop-up menu.

    Step 3:

    Edit your text, or fix spelling mistakes by typing. If you would like to change the color of the text, simply choose one right over the keyboard. You can select the desired text color by pressing the “A” button, which is located to the left just above the keyboard.

    Alter text alignment by pressing the button next to the “A” and choosing your preferred font from numerous font styles.

    add text
    Step 3:

    Step 4:

    Press “Done” on the top-right corner of the screen after completing the editing. You can then save any edits you’ve made.

    add text
    Step 4:

    How do you insert Text on TikTok and then make it disappear

    TikTok allows you to choose precisely the time your message will be displayed. The only restriction is that it must be visible for at least one full second. For choosing the duration of your message, all you have been able to follow are these instructions:

    • Click on your Text.
    • Choose Set Duration.
    • Move the red box across the timeline at the bottom to select the time you’d like for the message to be displayed.
    • After you’ve finished then, tap the checkmark on the lower left.

    How to add more than one line of text on your TikTok

    Sometimes just an individual line doesn’t suffice. Make sure you follow the steps mentioned above to add your first caption to your video. Then, follow these directions to learn how to add additional captions to your videos with this TikTok editor:

    • Once you have added the first line of text in your clip, click the Text button.
    • Create a new caption line.
    • Choose the font and color.
    • Click Done.

    5 Benefits of Using Text on TikTok

    1. Create more appealing thumbnails

    The addition of texts to text on your TikTok thumbnail is a straightforward and effective way to draw more users, and not just does it enhance the quality of your TikTok but also provides an excitement level for the user.

    2. Inclusivity

    Utilizing text in the captions of your TikTok videos is a fantastic method to make your videos more inclusive. Not only will including TikTok video captions assist people who don’t have sound, and it will also help people with hearing impairments.

    Accessibility is essential in the modern world of technology, especially for those who suffer from hearing and visual impairments.

    It’s an easy and efficient method of creating an inviting and inclusive TikTok profile.

    3. Text-to-speech

    Adding the option of adding text in your TikTok allows you to choose to use text-to-speech. This is an extremely useful feature for those who don’t need voice-overs or prefer to be completely silent when uploading your videos.

    4. Storytelling

    add text
    Source: Later

    Adding text and setting your own durations will help you to tell a story. Many viewers enjoy videos with no sound, so putting the option of text in your TikTok is a great way to get your viewers’ interest.

    “First I employ the text to create the issue or draw the attention of. I generally address people’s fears and worries right off the beginning. Step through the steps, I address the issue,” explains Sawyer.

    Whatever the content, regardless of the format, the text in your video must always in telling a story.

    “Imagine your perfect viewer is sitting and watching your video with the sound off, what text can you put and what story can you tell that will convince them to turn their sound on?”

    5. Increase in Views and Engagement

    add text
    Source: Later

    Text is a fantastic way to grab attention and get viewers to see your entire video! You’ll entice your viewers if you add text that gives context and even a hint of mystery.

    When people go to your TikTok profile, they’ll see all of the TikTok thumbnails of your videos. They are more likely to click on the video if they can see the subject matter.


    It is crucial to include text in the video clip regardless of whether you plan to share your video clip on TikTok or another platform. Adding text to your video will make it more appealing to the viewers. You are now aware of every way to add text to the TikTok video.

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