How to Access iCloud Photos From Apple, Windows or Android Device

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    How to Access iCloud Photos From Apple, Windows or Android Device

    iCloud is a cloud-based service that lets users share files between their devices. Sometimes, you’ll need to upload images onto the iCloud service to save your iPhone pictures to the cloud storage. At other times you might need to transfer photos from iCloud photos onto your iPhone for them to be transferred back onto your phone.

    If you have the exact Apple ID and password used by the iCloud account on your iPhone, It’s quite simple to download images from iCloud onto your device. However, if not, the process is difficult, but it’s nonetheless possible to transfer iCloud images onto your iPhone. Read on for more information.

    How to access and view iCloud photos on an iPhone or iPad  

    how to access icloud photos
    1. Open the Photos app.
    2. You should see every photo taken with or with your iPhone or iPad and saved to iCloud.
    3. Tap Albums in the menu at the bottom to browse through your photos.

    Access iCloud Photo Library on Mac

    Here are a few steps to use iCloud without iPhone via your Mac laptop or computer.

    1. Go to “System Preferences” on your Mac desktop

    2. In the System Preferences menu, click on iCloud and select the ” Photo ” box.”

    3. To verify whether Photo Stream is on, switch on Options and ensure it’s turned on in conjunction with “iCloud Photo Library,” “My Photo Stream,” and “iCloud Photo Sharing.”

    how to access icloud photos

    So long as your iOS device is connected to Wi-Fi and has enough storage space in iCloud, photos will automatically be transferred to a Mac computer.

    How to access iCloud photos on android device

    • Start one of your most-loved browser applications using an Android phone.
    • Visit the “” website.
    • Log in to iCloud using an Apple Account, username, and password.
    how to access icloud photos
    Source: Javatpoint
    • If you’re logging into iCloud with a brand-new Android smartphone, tap “Trust” whenever a screen appears. Being prompted by your Apple ID linked to your device.
    how to access icloud photos
    Source: Javatpoint
    • Then, input the verification number that has been sent to the device linked to your Apple ID.
    • If you have lost your Apple device and want to log in to iCloud, You can do this using Locate My iPhone on your Android device to bypass the two-factor authentication process.
    how to access icloud photos
    Source: Javatpoint
    • From your Apple iCloud ( homepage, click “Photos” from the Photos section, where you will be able to access all or any photos. However, if your cloud storage is full, you might not be able to view all pictures stored on Apple devices.

    Access iCloud Photos from Windows

    If you wish to use iCloud Photos on a Windows device, initially first download and then install iCloud on Windows on the computer. After that, you’ll be able to set up iCloud Photos for the device: Windows 10 or 11 device:

    • Open iCloud for Windows.
    • Alongside Photos, Select options.
    • Choose the iCloud Photo Library and then select done.
    • Select Apply.

    To view your photos on iCloud Photos on Windows 10 and 11, open File Explorer and choose iCloud Photos. Then, in the detail tab, Windows divides iCloud Photos into three categories:

    how to access icloud photos
    • Downloads These are photos that you took using the iPhone or iPad. The files will download automatically onto your computer.
    • Uploads Here, you can upload images onto your Apple devices.
    • Shared The folder will give access to all photos you share with the iCloud cloud.

    How do you delete photos from iCloud?

    1. When you log in to iCloud, After logging in, choose the pictures you’d like to remove.

    To erase more than one item at a time, press your Command key and choose the items you’d like to erase.

    2. Once the photos are selected, click on the trash can icon in the upper right-hand corner.

    If an item is removed from Your iCloud Photos, you will see it removed from all devices!

    3. You’ll get an oblique window that will display the number of items you want to remove. Select “Delete” to confirm your selection or cancel to modify your choices.

    4. If an item is accidentally deleted, it can retrieve it using the Recently Deleted section, which is located on the side navigation beneath Library.

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