How TikTok Algorithm Works in 2022: Hacks To Beat TikTok Algorithm

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    With over one billion people, TikTok is an extremely valuable platform for marketers and content creators. Most people use it because of its entertaining videos in bite-sized sizes. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use the app to showcase your service or product.

    You can take it as a model for other brands. From trendy names like ZARA to fast-food eateries such as Chipotle Many have joined the TikTok bandwagon.

    It’s good to know that TikTok does not remain silent about how its algorithm functions. This means that you can use its algorithm and reach out to many people.

    Let’s discuss this algorithm: understanding the TikTok algorithm what it is about, how it functions, and the best way to modify it

    Why small & large businesses or brands should use TikTok in 2022

    The process of putting together a complete strategy for every social platform and monitoring the results, and then adjusting performance is a significant task. As a result, many brands have been hesitant to incorporate TikTok in their current social strategies. Still, as you can see from the TikTok statistics, there is plenty of potential for the platform to bring in the business owners who use it.

    Top TikTok stats that every business needs to be aware of:

    TikTok active monthly customers: There are 1 billion active monthly TikTok users. TikTok.

    The number of app installs: TikTok has been downloaded over 3 billion times and has the highest number of non-game application installs in 6 months from 2021. It had 383 million downloads between January through June 2021.

    Overtaking competition: In 2021, TikTok was the seventh-ranked social media application. However, its success in beating Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, and Reddit for monthly active users is remarkable, considering it only came out in 2016.

    Engagement rate: with a duration of 10.85 minutes, TikTok has been ranked as the best Social Media platform to engage users. This is twice the amount of Pinterest, which is the second position at 5.06 minutes.

    With the growth rate in the U.S., TikTok had a 787.86 % increase in users and a 1157.76 % increase in the number of users it has worldwide.

    What Is the TikTok Algorithm?

    A TikTok algorithm is an algorithm that recommends the type of videos you can display on the For You page.

    There are no two people who will be able to see the same videos for the For You page, and the content you view may alter over time depending on your personal preferences in viewing and your present mental state.

    Factors that affect the TikTok Algorithm

    So, how does TikTok decide what videos to suggest? Based on TikTok has several elements that the algorithm takes into account:

    User Interactions

    It is said that the TikTok algorithm is very similar to an Instagram algorithm in that it emphasizes the way users interact with the platform. It examines how you behave on the platform to figure out what you may like about the platform. It looks at key signals of data such as:

    • Videos you like
    • Videos you share
    • Accounts that you follow
    • Content you create
    • Comments you make
    • Videos that you can add to your favorite videos
    • Creators you hide
    • Videos that you flag with the tag “not interested.”

    To help narrow down your desires, TikTok also considers how much of the video you saw. The fact that a video is watched in entire length is a clear indication that the user is interested in the content, which means that it has more significance when it comes to the TikTok algorithm. In addition, the algorithm favors creators with content that you are regularly engaged with compared to those you like but tend to browse past.

    Video Information

    Apart from your activities, TikTok factors in the details on the video in order to pinpoint the subject and decide which topics you’re interested in. Therefore, it usually looks at specifics like:

    Captions to find any keywords that can be used to inform the algorithm about what the content’s topic is.

    Hashtags to classify the content and/or inform the algorithm about the video’s content.

    Audio like sounds and songs that help identify the most popular audio content to serve it to a wider public

    Device and Account Settings

    TikTok also takes your account and device preferences into account, but not on the same scale as the activity of users and video information. It considers these variables in order to improve performance and not as recommendation signals for content since users do not explicitly state preference preferences. Some of the account and device settings TikTok examines include:

    • Type of device
    • Country-style setting
    • Language preference

    Can Anyone Go Viral On TikTok?

    This is among the things that appeal to users using TikTok. It doesn’t require millions of users to produce the latest content, which means even a brand new user can become a viral sensation.

    Follower count isn’t an indicator of rank for the TikTok algorithm. TikTok does not also give more exposure to accounts with prior videos that have performed well.

    TikTok people with a large following will indeed have a greater likelihood of making it viral since more people will be able to view their videos whenever they post them. This means they will receive more views, shares, and engagement from the beginning.

    But a fantastic TikTok video posted by accounts with no followers could be the most popular that is posted on this platform. Don’t be concerned, even if you’re new to TikTok or you’ve yet to build a following. Getting to For You’s For You page is more about producing great content than having lots of followers.

    Thing that are not important to TikTok algorithm

    A few variables don’t affect how the TikTok algorithm rates your content. They include:

    • Follower count
    • No matter if you’ve previously had high-quality videos

    How do you beat the Tiktok algorithm in 2022?

    Post when your targeted audience is most active.

    It is important to publish when your followers are at their most engaged and active. If you don’t have an audience, you could be left behind by algorithms. If you upload during active times, you have greater chances for your post to get shared, commented upon, and liked. This will result in more views and followers.

    Use Relevant Hashtags

    TikTok Algorithm
    Source- Influencer Marketing Hub

    Hashtags used on TikTok aid in categorizing content and make it easier for users to find content.

    It’s crucial to make use of relevant hashtags. Consider hashtags as keywords — they will tell the TikTok algorithm the content you’re posting about.

    For example, if you’re an Instagram marketing consultant, you may use hashtags like #instagramtips, #smmtips, or #socialmediamarketing.

    The hashtags in the list basically tell the algorithm, “Hey, TikTok, look at this!” Our account provides tips and techniques for managers of social media. We invite you to show our videos to these users.”

    Connect and interact with other TikTok users

    Social media and networking are particularly important. Be sure to leave comments and comment on others’ postings.

    Be authentic and make sure you’re passionate about the subject you address. If you’re not sincere in your conversations, it could backfire and cause you to lose fans.

    You’ll get taken care of when you’re receiving comments and shares on the “For You ” page.

    Allow viewers to participate in your videos.

    Get catchy in the comments.

    Remember when we said that the higher engagement you get on your video, the greater chance you will get an increase in FYPs? A second tip for using your TikTok algorithm to build an environment that encourages.

    One method to accomplish this is to interact with people within the discussion section.

    Begin by asking a question when you have posted your content. Respond to comments you receive in order to start an exchange. Don’t post vague responses constantly. Instead of using an emoji, make meaningful comments.

    Don’t be scared to re-upload

    If you upload the video you think is a true knee slapper, but it fails to perform well…either the video isn’t funny, or you posted it on the wrong day of the day. There isn’t a magical hour that determines whether or not your post will be successful. If you get the first few people to view your post, are enthralled by the video, and take an interest in it, that can help spread it to many more people. Don’t let it deter you when your knee slapper fails to achieve the popularity you’d wanted to see.

    Make Shorter Videos

    TikTok has gradually increased limits on video over the past few years. Initial 15 seconds. Next, one minute. Then it was three minutes. Then it’s now extending the video by 10 minutes.

    Although this can provide more opportunities for storytelling and imagination, it’s clear that 10 minutes is an incredibly long time, particularly when it comes to a platform where speed is essential.

    TikTok is a social media platform that rewards users for their time. The TikTok algorithm rewards the thoroughly watched content; therefore, aiming for a quick 15-30 seconds is a great starting point.

    Start a new series

    Similar to having a powerful intro/caption, a good series can not only encourage viewers to go through your entire video but will inspire them to watch more of your videos! When you begin a series, consider demonstrating the process of something from beginning to finish in the span of a few sections.

    Due to the way TikTok is designed if you come across an image that you have posted on the For You Page but you do not want to save, love, or follow it, it is almost impossible to locate it once more among your other posts. Therefore, starting a series viewers would like to follow until the end encourages users to keep following your profile to keep up-to-date.

    Final Thoughts

    To summarize, to sum up, using this TikTok algorithm 2022 will take you one step closer to being a success with the application.

    A few great methods to accomplish this are by using trending and audios hashtags. Also, you can begin a series or offer challenges and contests on Instagram.

    Don’t forget to shoot horizontally and in good light to draw the most attention.

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